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August 27, 2018
Cockroach pest control

How to get rid of cockroach

HOW TO GET RID OF COCKROACH Cockroaches are one of the most common home pests. Three common cockroaches in Singapore are the German cockroach, Brown Banded cockroach and American cockroach. Cockroaches enter your premises in search of food, water and shelter. Once they have infested an area, they can multiply quickly,
August 27, 2018
Bed bug cycle

4 Steps to get rid of bed bug

4 Steps to get rid of bed bug Bed bug can be your worst nightmare. It is like the Walking Dead. The Zombies just keep coming again and again even after you have kill them. Same goes with bed bug, you think you have found them all and eliminate them,
July 20, 2018
commercial pest control

Cockroach control for your building

Cockroach Control for your building As written in It is possible to control a roach infestation. However, many steps need to be in placed. Obviously, you must hire a good pest control company to get the roaches infestation under control. These are what a good pest control company will
June 12, 2018
rats infestation in singapore

Oh Rats

Rodent scourge is on the rise, and seeing rats in the day is a sure sign of infestation: Experts by : Ng Huiwen They live around us, thriving on the scraps of food left lying around in homes and shopping malls, typically in the dark of the night. But in
June 12, 2018
Rat control in singapore

Rats infestation in Singapore

1,000 more rat burrows detected in Singapore Over 85 per cent found in housing estates by town councils Noor Ashikin Abdul Rahman Marian Govin Jun 02, 2016 06:00 am Some 1,000 more rat burrows were detected last year in public areas compared with 2014, said the National Environment Agency. The
May 29, 2018
Bed bug service

Bed Bug Treatment- Helping those in need

Some essential things in life are important such as health, family and friends.  We have been fortunate to work together with NKF. Since 2015, we have been providing free bed bug sessions to those who have been living with bed bugs in their home. Most of them are going through
May 27, 2018
Termite Singapore

4 Reasons why Termite Baiting is more effective for Subterranean Termite

Why Termite Baiting is more effective for subterranean termite We have tried many different ways to treat a subterranean termite infestation. Some of the termite control measure that we have tried include spraying liquid termiticide, dusting, foaming and termite baiting systems. While treating a drywood termite infestations and any termite
May 27, 2018
Germany cockroach infestation

Cockroach infestation in Singapore

  Telephone receivers, wall sockets and fridge door seals are but a few of the unusual hot spots cockroaches can be found. Pest control companies told The Straits Times that they are ideal breeding grounds as they are dark and humid places, with easy access to food and water. The
May 27, 2018
Pest control for restaurant

4 Tips before getting your F&B Pest Control Contract

1. Don’t wait till your renovation is over to start getting the required document or contract Pest control contract is one of the requirement in order for you to get your F&B license. Plan early, get a few quotations, look for one that provide the best value ( not the