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Pest Control for School, Child Care, Kindergarden,Learning Centre and More

Pest Control Service for childcare

Create a pest free environment for our future generation. Pest brings along all the harmful bacteria and germs to your premise. We onlyuse chemical that is safe for you. 

Why do you need a pest control program for your premise?

  • Minimize the risk of any secondary infection
  • Health and safety hazard prevention for patients and staffs
  • Reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAI )

What Innovative Pest Management do for your premise?

  • Early detection for any pest infestation
  • Executing a constituency plan for any pest outbreak
  • Maintain, control and eradicate any pest infestation

With the rise of HFMD, child care needs to have an added protection against such virus. Nowadays, parents are more concern with such issues and having an anti bacterial treatment will give more confidence to parents to enrol their children in your centre. Click on the button to know more.