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Pest Control for hotels, Resorts & Service Apartment

What will separate you from your competitor are your reviews. With so many platforms for booking a hotel stay or staycation, potential hotel guests will look at your reviews to make a decision. There are many pest infestation that could bring your business and occupancy rates will down. Your rooms, common areas and most importantly your restaurant need to be pest free.

Why do you need a good pest control company like us?

Innovative Pest Management has taken on projects with a heavy pest infestations and excel in it with flying colours. We succeeded due to many reasons

  • Early detection
  • Fast response for any pest infestation found to prevent the rooms being left unoccupied long
  • Training the staffs and setting up a pest risk management plan

What can a good pest control company like us do?

Good Communication and reporting

  • Monthly reports highlighting current and potential pest issues
  • Generate web-based service report with images, location and level of pest infestation for any new infestation found
  • Educating staffs on signs of any pest infestation
  • Highlighting housekeeping issues
  • Compiling all reports for ground staffs and higher management