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  • Mosquito Control Treatment
    Mosquito Control for your premise
    One of the smallest pests in the world yet the deadliest is the unassuming Mosquito. Touted as the biggest predators of mankind, mosquitos have killed more people than any other animal in the world. This is because […]
  • Anti termite treatment- post construction
    Guide for Anti Termite Treatment In Singapore
    Before a company can purchase or distribute any pesticide in the Singapore, other than certain minimum risk pesticides. EPMA must review to determine that it will not pose unreasonable risks to human health or the environment. […]
  • Residential pest control
    How to prevent pest in your home
    How to prevent pest in your home Keep your house clean Ants, cockroaches, and rodents are basically scavengers. They hunt and eat food remains or food crumbs left in practically any part of the house. Food debris […]
  • Pest control for restaurant
    4 Tips before getting your F&B Pest Control Contract
    Pest control contract is one of the requirement in order for you to get your F&B license. Plan early, get a few quotations, look for one that provide the best value ( not the cheapest )
  • 8 Natural Insect Repelling Mosquitoes Ingredients
    8 Natural Insect Repelling Mosquitoes Ingredients
    Homemade repellents may help fend off Mosquitoes. Some natural ingredients may not be the best Mosquito repellent solution and might cause irritation for sensitive skin. Some people that are more vulnerable to Mosquito bites due to […]
  • Identifying the Aedes Aegypti Mosquito
    There are approximately 3,600 species of Mosquito and the word “Mosquito” is originated from Spanish that means “little fly”. They have narrowed segment body, a set of wings, pair of halter, six mildly hair legs, and […]
  • Fact about Mosquito
    Learn More About Aedes Mosquitoes
    With help from an integrated control management against population of Mosquito species. We take into account its ecology and the public health concerning the disease transmission. An integrated control management requires the involvement of National Environment […]
  • Prevent Mosquito Bites and Breeding
    The Expert Guide to Prevent Mosquito Bites and Breeding
    Known as the biggest hunters of humankind, Mosquitos have killed more people than any other animals in the world. They are the number 1 carrier of Mosquito borne diseases like Malaria, dengue, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, and chikungunya. […]
  • Defence Against Mosquitoes
    Defence Against Mosquitoes in Singapore
    Every type of Mosquito species need water to start their breeding process. So to exterminate and population control usually requires removal or regular treatment of standing water. Insecticide spray helps to kill adult Mosquitoes from breeding. […]
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