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What is cockroach control?

What is cockroach control?

Cockroach control is a combination of cockroach identification, treatment, prevention, controlling measure and eradication. This process require a pest management program to stop current cockroach infestation and prevent any future infestation.

What is cockroach identification?

As there are many types of cockroach that could be infesting your home or business, identifying them allow us to tackle the cockroach infestation by their behaviour, diet and breeding pattern.

Why is cockroach identification important?

Different type of cockroaches require different treatments and they harbour at different locations. This shortens the treatment and allow us get to the root of the problem. For example, an American Cockroach normally comes from the sewerage system which is link to a floor trap, manhole or rubbish chute. Identify them allow us to act on where they most likely will harbour. 

What is cockroach treatment?

Cockroach treatment comprises of gel baits, granular baits, spraying and even ULV misting. Three important factors to decide on what treatment is suitable. The first one is to know what type of cockroaches that you are facing, the second one will be the infestation level and lastly will be the location. For the heavily infested situation, we can know how many treatments are needed to control the infestation and for the location, is it a restaurant where consumers will be able to see the cockroach infestation or if it is at your home, where you have the elderly or young kids. All these factors play a part in choosing the right cockroach treatment.

Why is cockroach treatment important?

As they start breeding very fast, there will never be just one cockroach. Cockroach treatment will ensure that the cockroach infestation will be deal with and prevent any future infestation with regular pest control maintenance.

What is cockroach prevention?

Cockroach prevention is a regular pest management program that is targetted at potential harbouring areas. Using granular baits, residual spraying and monitoring stations, we are able to prevent any future infestation.

Why is cockroach prevention important?

Cockroaches are nocturnal and most times homeowners won’t be able to know that they are having an infestation. For business owners, before they realise that they have an infestation, their business might be affected. Having a cockroach prevention program ensure the premise can be treated fast before the situation gets out of hand.

Is cockroach eradication possible?

This is possible with a good pest management program and good housekeeping standard. We guaranteed cockroach eradication will be done within 2 months from the start of the project.

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