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To permanently rid of a bed bug infestation is never an easy tasks, there are steps to follow to control the problem.

Bed Bug

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Bed bugs are a common pest problem in Singapore. These nocturnal insects, also known as bed bug cimex lectularius, inhabit tropical areas. They feed on blood and are small, fast, and expert hiders, making extermination tricky.

They crawl between nearby places and can enter homes through personal belongings, bags, or by clinging onto clothes or plastic bags. They move by crawling between close places and can enter homes through personal items or bags. They can also attach themselves to clothes or plastic bags. Bed bugs have three body segments, including the head, thorax, and abdomen, as well as two antennae and six legs.

Similar to mosquitoes bites, drawn to us because they can detect the carbon dioxide we breathe out when we sleep. They find our skin with their antennae and bite us to feed on our blood. While they can also feed on other animals, humans are their preferred choice. Most people are not sure what causes bed bugs and what's the best method of approach to remedy the problem.

Dealing with a bed bug problem requires intensive treatment. Getting a Professional Pest Control Services is your best bet to rid of your bed bug problem permanently.

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Bed Bug Characteristic

Returning home from a trip without knowing you had a pest hitch hiking a ride and left with an infestation? Knowing where to look for them and how they look is crucial in identifying and controlling. Avoid mistaking other pests for bed bugs is important, so accurate identification is key. Common culprits that are often mistaken for them include fleas, ticks, booklice, and baby cockroaches.

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Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs reproduce rapidly, leading to large populations. Comprehending their breeding habits and egg-laying patterns is essential. Seal cracks to avoid these pest from hiding in the false wall and spreading throughout the property.

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Within the perimeter of the bed, seams and mattress box spring. They hide in cracks and corners on the bed frame and headboard. In the hotel room you can find bed bugs in bed sheets, chairs and sofas, between cushion pillows and in the curtains. You can find them in drawers, electrical outlets, and under wallpaper corners.


The rusty red stains on bedsheets are cause by killed bed bugs when they get squash. These pests leave clear marks along the side of door frames and power sockets, especially near areas where they feed on blood. Additionally, tiny blood stains on bedsheets, upholstered furniture, pillowcases, and even pyjamas are signs of a bedbug infestation.


Their dropping are dark coloured spots approximately this size • and they may bleed on the fabric like a marker would. When cleaning and changing of bedsheet, keep a look for these signs on the fabric. Their waste is typically dark reddish brown, rust or even black colour stain.


Similar to other insects, bedbugs emit a musty-sweet odour called "alarm pheromones" when they are disturbed. While some people may compare this scent to berries, it can become unpleasant at higher concentrations.


They typically lay eggs on rough surfaces, often within cracks and crevices. These eggs measure about 1mm in size and are easily visible with the naked eye. As the nymphs grow larger, they shed light yellow eggshells.

Bed Bug Bite Treatment

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When bed bugs bite, you may see a series of bites in a zigzag pattern, usually consisting of 3 to 5 bites. The most common areas to get bites are neck, thighs, calves, arms, and back. These bites similar to flea bites can cause severe allergic reactions and will appear as itchy red bumps. You can apply anti itch cream if you do not have an allergy reaction from the bite.

Bed bugs tend to bite in a straight line or in small clusters, but this does not necessarily mean you have an infestation. Identifying the signs of bed bugs correctly is the most effective way to determine if you have a problem. Hire a pest control company for their expert advice.


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