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Innovative Pest Management is a full service pest control company. We provide high quality, eco-friendly, safe and innovative solutions to various type pest control for industrial property.

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Pests are unpleasant in warehouse and unsanitary, their faecal matter, smear stains, and chewing marks. They ruin goods, compromises packaging, contaminates raw goods in cold storage buildings. It can leads to a huge loss of supply goods and revenue if pest infestation is on a large scale. Even small pests can inflict damages to equipment.

Rodents can bite into electrical wiring redundant power, and building structures and put employees expose to harmful diseases. Pests commonly found in warehouses includes rodents, mice cockroaches, ants, and in some cases termites. Running a warehouse, factory or any industrial office building, takes multiple steps to ensure daily operations runs smoothly. A single pest problem in any type in the facility can quickly obstruct your day-to-day progress.

Unfortunately, pests are normally prone in buildings like stored product facilities, bread factory in Singapore or even plants. Infestations can lead to shutdowns for property owner, reduce revenue and fail quality assurance. Essential to work with Innovative Pest Management service specialists, we are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. We provide commercial pest control program to maintain a pest free environment for property.

We understand the unique approach it takes for a successful pest control services in Singapore. Our specialists will work with you closely to keep pests away from your facility permanently.

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Integrated Pest Management Solutions Methods

The Importance of Warehouses, Factories & Industrial Pest Control Management

Warehouses are large in size, making it all the more important to hire an experience pest control specialist. Most building includes research and development office space, loading docks, parking lots, computer servers security systems and more. Part of the building are use for storage of raw materials goods that common pest problems usually arise.

A warehouse pest management program can help prevent the following pests year round:

Innovative Pest Management Pest Control Process

Pest Control For Warehouses, Factories & Industrial in Singapore

Keep pests out of industrial buildings can be extremely difficult without the help of pest specialists. Pest infestation issues can worsen rather quickly, so it is crucial to hire a trusted pest control company service. Our team will work with you to provide a comprehensive, safe, and effective pest control solutions. To keep your warehouse, factory or any industrial building pest free.

Our specialists will work with you and customise an industrial pest control services suit to your building needs. Here are some of the steps in our plan include:

Thorough inspection of the building property interior and exterior surrounding grounds.

Identification of pest severity and the precautionary measures to include surrounding the problem.

Pest control program solution that is custom made specifically for your needs and adhering to the regulations.

Pest prevention requires proper sealing of entry way an exclusion efforts to control main sources of the infestation.

Regular schedule visits from our specialist committed to exceed your expectations to keep your building property pest-free.

FAQs for Warehouses, Factories & Industrial

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike pest control for residential homes, terminating pest in any types of industrial buildings is more challenging. One reason is that the storage facilities or manufacturing building is much bigger. This means a wide range of other pest infestation is possible. With machinery and equipment present in warehouses and factories, specialist will ensure precautionary measures are in place.

By using Innovative Pest Management, you can be confident that our IPM approach will keep your place free of pests.

Warehouses, factories & industrial, especially food factory can attract various pests. Even with a dock and insulate overhead doors. The building structure typically provides multiple entry points to for pest access. Food processing factories store ingredients that will lure pests in search for food, water and shelter.

Meanwhile, warehouses provide a lot of carton boxes that can be use as a shelter or hiding place.

Pest Control Management is an essential requirement for the safety of bakery. Pests like rats, mice, cockroaches, and other pest should not be present in any food and beverages service establishment. Not only will they contaminate ingredients, they are carrier or various harmful diseases. It can inflict a health risk for consumers.

Pest control specialists will service fortnightly for medium to low infestation cases and protect and maintain pest program. There maybe cases that regular pest treatments are necessary because of various reasons, or severe infestation issues. For example, dengue clusters, additional mosquito prevention measures will be in place to safeguard against dengue. Perhaps, nearby construction forces pests such as rats to relocate, our specialists will ensure a preventionary measure is ready.

Start protecting your property early and detecting pest issues at an early will be beneficial. This can assure you that infestation does not turn severe and matters can be rectify. Engaging pest control specialists services can start with a basic protection and maintenance with regular inspection of the property. But if you notice clear signs of pests infestations, do not hesitate to seek and engage our specialists assistance.

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