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Pest Control Services For Warehouse, industrial

So much work needs to be done to maintain productivities. So much movement going on.  Goods are taken out of a warehouse, people moving in and out, production line needs to maintain and many more. Operationally, nothing should go wrong. So normally pest is the last thing on your mind. This is not always the case. The truth is, pest cost more downtime to your business. It can damage your inventories, get you in trouble with the NEA, disrupt operation work and pose health and safety hazard to you and your staffs.

What do you get when you appoint Innovative Pest Management as your preferred pest control partner?

We take your pest issue and deal with them in the shortest time possible.

  • Implement a Risk Management chart for you and your business
  • Provide proper audit documents for Iso and
  • Train your staffs on housekeeping habits and pest signs
  • Monthly reports highlighting current and potential pest issues
  • Generate web-based service report with images, location and level of pest infestation for any new infestation found
  • Compiling all reports for ground staffs and higher management

Why should you appoint Innovative Pest Management as your preferred pest control partner?

  • We have a dedicated team always ready to lessen the downtime should any pest re-infestation occur
  • When we become your pest control partner, we ensure the job is done without disrupting your workflow.
  • We have Risk Management ( RM ) champion on board, BCA certify and a 1 million public liability insurance.
  • All our staffs are not only trained NEA licensed technicians but have been sent to course such as work at height, working in a confined space and many relevant courses