Wild Life Control

Pest Control for Wild life

Singapore has quite a number of common wild life animal. We include some of them as part of our pest control treatment. These jobs are normally a one- off treatment and we deal with them with urgency. There is a possibility of finding a python in your home, however, the probability is very low. Pest control for wild life can be very dangerous and we advised getting only trained pest control expert like us to deal with them.

Snake Control Services

Snake Control

There are a wide range of snakes that can be found in Singapore. Most of us know how a python and a cobra look like and how deadly they can be. But there are many more snakes such as a paradise tree snake that is quite common. Don’t take your chance on them. They can be a highly venomous snake for all you know. 

Basic tips

  • If you are unsure, what snake it is. Remember the colour of the snake. Let us know when you call us
  • Keep a lookout on where the snake was last seen, however, do not stay too close to them!
  • Call for help immediately
Bee job services in singapore

Bee and Hornet Control

Treatment for bees are normally done in the early morning or late in the evening. Bees leave their hive during the day in search for food. You could potentially see them swarming around. Don’t be alarm.

Basic Tips

  • Let us know how high the hive is
  • Don’t go near the hive or touch it