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Pest Control For Landed Property

Pest Control for your Landed Property houses

Pest control for landed property

Why do you need to a pest control program for your house?

There are many reasons why this is important for you and your family.

  1. Protecting your family against any form of infectious diseases and illnesses. Pest carry harmful bacteria. Staying in a landed property expose you to a wide range of pests that could harm you and your family well being.

2. Property damages

Buying any property in Singapore is a huge investment. What more when it is your home. Keeping your home away from pest and especially termite will save you more money in the future. Termite damages has cost homeowner billions of dollar world wide. Prevention is the best form of defence.

Some of the popular pest package include;

Anti Termite Corrective Treatment
Bi-Monthly Termite Inspection
In-Ground Stations for termite detection

How does the Pest Control for Landed Property work?

Each home is different. We always start of with an inspection. This allow us to find the root of your pest problems or/and find out potential pest problems that you might face.

If you are already facing a pest problem:

  • Finding the cause of the pest such as entry points, how the infestation that was brought in and implement a pest package to solve your pest issue.
  • Customise a maintanance program to prevent any future infestation.

If you have not had any pest problem:

  • Implementing a prevention and maintance package.Considering external factors such as area where you stay at, nearby drain or canal, any nearby construction done and surrounding of your home.

Why does Pest Control for Landed Property work?

Our monthly treatment allow us to familiarise ourselves with your property. We are trained and understand the signs of a pest infestation. This will result in preventing the infestation to grow out of hand.