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A queen Termite can produce 20,000 eggs a day. Don’t wait till the infestation gets worse.

Termite (Isoptera)

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In Singapore, 3 species of termites are recognise to be highly social insects living in colonies. Roughly, there are about 2,500 species, mainly found in tropical regions in north America. They have "castes" with queens, worker and soldiers and these do different job in the colony. Only the reproductive termites have wing and it shed soon after they have flown away to mate and found a new colony.

Termites feed on wood, decaying wood to a point the damage wood can compromises the safety of mankind. Although sometimes mistaken for ants, they differ in dietary preference and feed off the cellulose in wood. Their daily activities are hard to detect from the surface, making it impossible to prevent. They carefully create mud trails towards the wooden structure to overtime destroy it.

Wood materials that come in contact with the soil provide a perfect point of entry for them. They cause damages and impact a huge loss on property. Hence, the signs of termite are not be neglect or remedy with DIY methods.

For a successful Professional Termite Control, Termite Specialist, Termite Pest Control Services and Termite Baiting Treatment. We must first understand their behaviour which varies depending on the species. Get a Professional Pest Control Services is your best bet to rid of your termite problem permanently.

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Lifecycle, Diet & All

Termite Characteristic

They are social insects that lives in nest colony spread throughout the entire world. The nesting sites can be underground, in mounds, in wood structures, or in your homes. Dirt, soil and plant are usually use to construct their nest.

Learn About The Termite Caste

Termites Colony

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Signs of Termite Infestation

Understand the signs and do not take them lightly as the damages can cost you a bomb and might even compromise safety. Hiring a pest control company to do a regular inspection for your property.

Signs of Subterranean Termite

Signs of Drywood Termite

These are the types of Termites commonly found in Singapore

Types Of Termites

Subterranean Termites

Length 1-10mm. Creamy white to dark brown/ black with long, narrow and oval body, seldom seen as they live mostly below ground.

Drywood Termites

Length 1-12mm. Straight antennae, beige white to darker brown/black with shed veiny wings during swarming. Long, narrow and oval body, often seen wings shed as indication of the search to form a new colony.

Dampwood Termites

Length 1-15mm. Tiny to small, pale, often white insects: head relatively large and round on soft, narrow body. Sometimes called white ants for superficial resemblance to ants, but they are unrelated.


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