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Protect your site from termite infestation by taking proactive steps to keep these destructive pests away. Prevent property damage and reduce the risk of your building collapsing in the future.

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Construction site can be extremely stressful without proper planning, regularly inspection and control measures. Prior to construction projects, you need to do a lot of things like obtaining permits, ordering materials and manpower. Getting a pest control company might be the least priority when in fact, construction sites have many potential risks. One of them is mosquito breeding, without a construction site mosquito control, fines can reach up to thousand of dollars.

With various location to hide, breed, shelter, to easy access to food and water during construction process. Construction sites work environment provide a perfect location for numerous types of pests to thrive. Pest infestations can destroy the project structure, damage materials, and pose unnecessary health and safety risks for your workers.

A pest issue can jeopardise the entire project, driving costs to go up drastically. In the worst cases, work can stopped, causing delays that are expensive and wasteful of resources. You can prevent this from happening by engaging Innovative Pest Management. We offer pest control treatment for buildings that will help you control any pest problems.

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How to Integrate Pest Control into Building and Construction Site in Singapore?

New construction can disturb pests from their natural habitat, forcing them to search for a new home. An area that provides shelter, water, and food, all the necessity for their survival. If their new home is your building premises, it will lead to major problems. Not only are pests unpleasant, they can pose serious risk to health and safety of your residents. 

Cockroaches reproduce rapidly and can spread diseases by contaminating food, and even cause allergy reaction. Rats and mice carry several diseases and known to cause structural damage within the premises. Rodents chew on anything like wood, wires, and materials during construction. They gnaw to build nests and find food which is dangerous for working at height construction workers.

The subterranean termites, famously known for causing massive structural damage if left undetected without any termite treatment. Termite infestation happens all too frequently and a common issue to construction sites, hence their nick name, “silent destroyer.”

FAQs for Building and Construction Site

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Equipments are everywhere, tools maybe lying around with wood debris are all over the place. Unfinished buildings have a lot of unsealed entrances which makes it easy for pests to enter. Pests can damage materials and make workers sick, leading to project delays.

Insulation materials in construction sites commonly attract rats and mice, providing an ideal nesting ground. You can encounter termites or carpenter ant that will attack wood material which will damage supporting structures or fixtures. Debris and standing water can also lure other insects like mosquitoes.

Construction site contains numerous potential breeding areas. NEA officers will regularly conduct random spot check to look for mosquito breeding in areas such as:

  • Empty containers and building wastes, shed, and site offices
  • Construction building materials, canvas, equipment, and machinery equipment
  • Standing water or pool of water on the ground
  • Pool of water on the concrete floors of all levels and basements grounds
  • Storage drums and containers
  • Bulky wastage containers
  • Waterway or Trenches
  • Lift wells
  • Safety barriers
  • Rooftops and water supply tanks
  • Treatment plants

The project site will be instruct and issue with a Stop Work Order, to rectify matters. With Integrated Pest Management solution approach, our pest control service specialist can solve the problem in a timely manner.

National Environment Agency updates active dengue cluster area on a daily basis. You can click here to have the latest information to stay vigilant.

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