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Anti Bacterial Treatment

Anti Bacterial Treatment

HFMD Anti Bacterial Treatment- Innovative Pest Management

Germs are everywhere. 80% of infections are spread through touching surfaces that are full of germs. Or by germs particles from a sneeze, cough or even a touch. One type of germ is Bacteria. Bacteria can remain active on most surfaces for several days. When u touch the surface, it will be transmitted to your hands. You use your hand to rub your eyes, your nose, to eat.  You will infect yourself and others around you when this happen.

Innovative Pest Management provides Anti Bacterial treatment. It is recommended  for homes, restaurants, childcare centres and even offices. With the rise of various virus such as HFMD disease in child care and food poisoning in restaurants. The Anti Bacterial treatment gives you an added protection against these virus.

HFMD anti bacterial certification for your school

A certification of completion will be given out once the treatment is done. This will help instill confidence that your school is taking all the neccesaary steps to ensure that HFMD breakout is keep to a minimal.

Getting an anti bacterial treatment


Residual Treatment

Using an eco friendly Virucidal Disinfectant that is highly recommended. We conduct water based misting which produces fine clouds of water particles hence able to cover surfaces thus leaving a protective layer against viruses, bacteria and fungi.