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Reputation is everything in hospitality industry, bad reviews can harm the revenue tremendously. Providing a pest-free stay for your guest is our top main highest priority.

Reviews Are The New Standard, Prevent Bad Pest Reviews

Hotels, Resorts and Service Apartments

No one will venture into new hotels, resorts and visit places without their trusted guidebook before browsing the internet. A positive review in a blog or a positive comment is all it takes to safeguard your business reputation for years. In this era, everybody is constantly reviewing and testimonials are an important element for decision making. A lot of reputable online sites have made it easy to rate your most recent stay.

Besides enjoying the beautiful scenery, staying in a good accommodation is one of the things guest looks forward to. Having pest activity during their stay will result to a bad guest experiences review online. As hotel owners, customer service and property managers in the hotel industry, you do not want that to happen. Guest reviews can sometimes be brutal exposing of rude staff, no wi fi or hot water not working.

While it remains a good practice to have hotel staff members keeping the whole premise squeaky clean. Crucially important to engage Innovative Hotel Pest Control services to avoid guest from bringing bed bugs home.

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Hotels, Resorts and Service Apartments in Singapore

Innovative Pest Management Solutions for Common Hotel Problems

Our licensed and certified pest control specialists will propose a hospitality program with your services in mind. You will receive an assessment reports monthly to eliminate any risk of damages from pest. With this program, we guarantee the result of a pest free environment for your business, your brand, and ultimately your guests. Above all, the good news is that our pest control company can be custom made a services program that you need.

Common Problems Faced During An Infestation

Health Risks Pests Poses to Guests and Tenants

Whether you manage hotels, resorts, service apartments or any other businesses where you accommodate guests overnight. You need to be well aware of the potential health risks pests may pose. Pests can cause various health problems for your guests in many different type of ways. They can bite your guests or tenant and transmit diseases directly hence pest problem is something you cannot ignore.

Hotels are a primary target for pest, including bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents and ants. They will scatter their droppings, which accidentally got ingest by getting into a guests food or by a curious child. They may build nests in the ventilation system, spreading airborne-diseases affecting your guests and tenant. That is why pest management for hotels in Singapore and other hospitality businesses is so important.

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Pest Partnership You Can Trust

We are the most reputable in the pest industry. When you partner with us, you can expect:

We find solutions that have the upmost respects for the environment. 

Technical expertise, result orientated and excellent client service that always exceed expectations.

Reliable responsive service built on over a decades of knowledge, experience and professionalism.

Updated with the advance technology to prevent and monitor pest activity. 

NEA qualified and BizSafe certified company in Singapore.

Guest Satisfaction is Our Priority

Protect Your Business Reputation

Video of bedbugs in a hotel got on social media or a travellers review website can be devastating. The sighting of rodents in the restaurant kitchen area can be disastrous for hotel management. Bringing home bedbugs after hotel stay or bed bug bites are not common complaints that you can recover from quickly. It causes a significantly damage to your business reputation, leading to earlier check outs and lesser bookings.

Reducing in revenue, lowers employee morale and put guests are risk of food-borne illnesses and diseases. Innovative Pest Management custom made plan will help check pests out of your property permanently. 

Integrated Pest Management Solutions

Hotels, Resorts, Service Apartments Pest Control

The target for pest management programs in the hospitality industry is to make the property inhospitable to pests. A single pest encounter in a rooms or restaurant can lead to serious brand damage and major loss in revenue. Your guests deserve a pest-free experience, care free to unwind from all the daily stress.

Our team of specialists will tailor-made a pest control program not only utilising Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques. We practices to protect your patrons, employees, and visitors, by eliminating current infestations, and prevents future pest activity.

FAQs for Hotels, Resorts and Service Apartments

Frequently Asked Questions

The most obvious reason is guests will not stay in an accommodation that is unsanitary and pest infested. A pest problem in any business industry will damage reputation and reduce revenue.

Bed bugs are one of the most commonly seen pests in hotels, resorts and service apartments. It can be rather tough to avoid bringing back bedbugs from an infested accommodation. In fact, most bed bug infestation in residential homes are from travelling or accommodation stay. Rats, cockroaches and ants are also present because of the easy access to food in the kitchen.

Prior to the treatment, hotels will need to isolate any potentially bed bugs infested rooms. This requires sealing of any doors and windows to ensure that no guests stay in the rooms until treated. Essential to treat the entire affected hotel room(s) instead of simply disposing of infested mattress(es). Some furniture will require treatment sealed in plastic bags or garbage bag until the Bed Bugs are dead.

Small objects will need to be treat with extreme heat or hot steam to permanently eradicate them. If needed, a pest control service may need to use chemicals or other pesticides.

Yes we do provide a free inspection. If you cannot locate the service or unsure of the pest species, you can reach out to us by call, email or text. We will drop by your place to do a free inspection on-site. Our experienced and qualified team of specialists can then give you a quotation.

In a building with multiple shared facilities and common areas, our specialists can find pests during inspection. Here is the specific location to pay attention to for pest infestation signs.

  • Common guest area
  • Restaurant kitchen
  • Dining area
  • Retail shops
  • Vending machines
  • Sports and recreation
  • Outdoor garden
  • Reception lobby
  • Carparks
  • Pool

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