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Residential Project & MCST

Management Corporation Strata Title is a term to specify the managing body for condominium and residential project in Singapore. MCST manages a real estate or condo which has different owners and share public facilities. When Management Corporation contract manages a new condominium project, such project is name with a strata title application plan. Due of the manner authorities have design private housing projects in Singapore, there is a must for MCST.

With MCST managing agent in place, executive condos can manage pest infestations problems and home improvement better. MCSTs manages all facilities shared by the multiple property owners. Their duties range from maintaining to expanding the public facilities within the guidelines for licence application. Besides reasonable price, convenient location, a factors new homeowner looks for when buying a home is a good environment.

A clean and pest free environment, especially for those who have young children. Pests such as cockroaches, rodents, bedbugs, and others in your home can harm your family's health. Therefore, pest infestations problems are not permissible for residential contractors or MCST. It can cause a major turn off to potential owners and tarnish the credibility of the building.

Innovative Pest Management have highly trained specialists with years of experience to solving pests problems. Our IPM approach guarantees positive results and a pest proof environment in accordance with the rules and regulations.

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The Importance of MCST and How it Affects Common Property

The role of MCST ranges from maintaining, managing daily cleaning and ensuring safety of the mix use development facilities. Failing to comply, may lead to a case in the Strata Titles Boards (STB) once an applicant files a report. Hence having a proactive MCST managing your property is one of the criteria new home owners research into. New homeowners not only research for list of new launch condos that are in central business district or prime districts.

Areas with new launch condo development such as Sentosa, Bukit Timah, Bukit Panjang, Ang Mo Kio or Pasir Ris. High rise resale condos with amenities, near MRT stations, shopping malls, secondary or primary schools are definitely in demand. Managing body of a project is one of the consideration they put into before securing an asset. The services MCST provides will cover property appreciation as well as the community development.

Fairly easy to see if the MCST to the project is doing well from the quality of services it renders. Some do little to nothing to contribute to the service, providing a safe and secure environment to the occupant. Those offering excellent services will put in effort to fix up your estate problems even before an issue arises. MSCT plays a major important role in pest control services for residential and condominiums in Singapore.

We provide an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solution for a long term prevention against unwanted pest. We offer safe pest control methods for your home, kids, and pets. These methods are also environmentally friendly.

Customised Pest Management Program cater to Your Requirements

Pest Control Services for Residential and Condominiums Projects

Pests have been creating an issue in significant areas in Singapore for years now. The accumulation of garbage and trash will leads to the sighting of pests, such as rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes and ants. Improper dispose of trash can become a breeding ground for pests and cause them to multiply near food sources. Some residential and condominiums projects in Singapore lacks the protection to prevent pest problems with thought of saving money. 

Pest poses various threats to the infrastructure of the building, leaving residence vulnerable to contracting various type of diseases. Over recent years, there have been a significant increase of complaints regarding pests infestation problems to pest control companies. Mostly coming from residential and condominium areas, which is a good indication of project putting in effort ensuring safety. MSCT have a major impact by the manner pest infestation problems are deal with and precautionary measures taken.

Engaging us will help to target and ensure to prevent pest issues even in the future. We offer a range of pest control services to target and prevent pest infestation in MCST projects. Get a specialists pest control services to maintain a safe and healthy living environment in your condominium project.

FAQs for Residential, Condominium Project & MCST

Frequently Asked Questions

Pests will not only drive away potential property buyers. They can also drive away tenants and owners who are currently residing too. Pests can damage your the property structure, costing thousands in repairs.

Hire our pest services before a project starts, this will guarantee that a proper preventive program is in place. Specialists will check for pests and suggest ways to prevent and decrease pest problems during construction. Inspecting materials and pre-treating for termites will be helpful for the project. Meanwhile, to avoid pests in already built properties, you can avoid planting trees and shrubs that can attract pests.

Encourage your residents to apply best sanitation practices and to report any sight of pest in the premise.

Living in a condo is exciting because you can enjoy privacy without intrusion. However, like most residential homes in Singapore, condominiums are no exception to pest infestation. Cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, flies, and rodents live in condominiums, and you should take note of it.

We take your pest issue and deal with them in the shortest time possible. Our pest control specialists are well-verse in the right treatment methods for any types of pest. Our services include:

  • Implementing a Risk Management chart for you and your business
  • Providing proper audit documents for ISO
  • Training your staffs on housekeeping habits and pest signs for preventing pests
  • Giving monthly reports that highlights current and potential pest issues
  • Generating web-based service report with images, location, and level of pest infestation for any new infestation found
  • Compiling all reports for ground staffs and higher management

  • We have a dedicated team always ready to lessen the downtime should any pest re-infestation occur
  • When we build a partnership, we ensure the job is execute without disrupting your workflow.
  • We have Risk Management (RM) champion on board, BCA certify and a 1 million public liability insurance.
  • All our staffs have not only received training as NEA licensed technicians, but we have also sent them to various courses. Such as work at height, working in a confined space and many relevant courses.

Yes, preventing flying pests entirely may not be possible but you can take several preventive measures to minimise them. Here are some effective ways to successfully prevent pests from infesting your pool:

  • Regularly Maintaining the Pool : Maintaining proper pool hygiene is an important key ingredient in preventing pests. Skimming the pool regularly to remove leaves on the surface and debris that will attract flying insects. Cleaning of the pool filters will ensure filtration and circulation movement, it reduce the presence of dead pests.
  • Using Pool Covers: Covering your pool when it is not being use will be an effective way to prevent pests from entering the pool. The fitted pool cover will create a barrier, keeping pests and dry leaves out and reducing the luring factor the pool has to offer.
  • Proper Surrounding Landscaping: Ensure that the landscaping surrounding the swimming pool is well-maintain. Trimming trees, branches, and plants helps to prevent from overhanging or dropping dried leaves. Clear any decay plants that serves as a food source for pests.
  • Clear Standing Water: Eliminate standing water near the pool side area, such as empty vases or puddles of water. Water provides an ideal breeding ground for various type mosquitoes that can lead into a dengue red zone in unmanaged. By removing the sources, you can reduce the number of pests harbouring around your pool.
  • Proper Outdoor Lighting: Consider changing white lights to yellow or sodium vapour light to flying insects during the night.
  • Correct Chemical Treatments: Use the correct chemical treatments to maintain proper swimming pool sanitation. Chlorine and pool sanitisers help to prevent pests and inhibit their breeding.
  • Consult a Specialist: If you are facing persistent pest infestation problems in your pool despite taking preventive measures. We can assist with the situation by correctly identify the specific pest species causing the problem. And provide targeted pest treatments or recommend ways to address the pest problem effectively.

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