Pest Control for Residential Project & MCST

Innovative Pest Management guarantee result in the shortest time possible. We are dedicated to ensuring that pest issues are being controlled or eradicated.

Rodent infestation & Mosquito Breeding Can Be Prevented

Residential Project & MCST

Aside from a reasonable price and convenient location, one of the factors a new homeowner looks for is a good environment. The area should be clean and pest free, especially for those who have children! Why? Because any types pests โ€“ whether it be cockroach, rodent, bed bugs, ants or other insects that will exist in your property can affect the health of a loved one.
That is why pest infestations are a big no for residential contractors and Management Corporation Strata Title or MSCT โ€“ the managing body of properties like condominiums. Pest issues can turn off potential owners and tarnish the credibility of the
building. And while over-the-counter solutions can help, it is always better to seek the expert advice of pest control companies. Here at Innovative Pest Management, we have highly trained technicians with years of experience when it comes to solving pests problems. Moreover, our use of eco friendly products ensures that our customer service is top notch!

Frequent Asked Question For Residential Project & MCST


Why is important for residential projects and MCST to get pest control?

Pests will not only drive away potential property buyers. They can also drive away tenants and owners who are currently residing too! Additionally, pests can cause physical damage to the property itself, which can result to a huge amount of money being lost.

How can I prevent pests from entering or invading my residential

Hiring professional pest control services even before beginning a project is a must so you can guarantee that a proper preventive program is in place. Experts will be able to assess the area for pest activity, and advice you on what you can do to avoid or lessen pests during the construction period. A thorough inspection of the materials that will be used for the project will also be helpful, as well as pre-treating for termites. Meanwhile, for properties that are already built, you can avoid pests by
avoiding planting trees and shrubs that can attract pests. Encourage your residents to apply best sanitation practices and to report any sight of pest in the premise.

What services does Innovative Pest Management offer?

We take your pest issue and deal with them in the shortest time possible. Our pest control experts are knowledgeable when it comes to the right treatment methods for any types of pest. Our services include:

  • Implementing a Risk Management chart for you and your business
  • Providing proper audit documents for ISO
  • Training your staffs on housekeeping habits and pest signs for preventing pests
  • Giving monthly reports that highlights current and potential pest issues
  • Generating web-based service report with images, location, and level of
    pest infestation for any new infestation found
  • Compiling all reports for ground staffs and higher management

Why should I choose Innovative Pest Management?

  • We have a dedicated team always ready to lessen the downtime should any pest re-infestation occur
  • When we become your pest control partner, we ensure the job is done without disrupting your workflow.
  • We have Risk Management (RM) champion on board, BCA certify and a 1 million public liability insurance.
  • All our staffs are not only trained NEA licensed technician but has been sent to course such as work at height, working in a confined space and many relevant courses.

What Can You Expect

Why Choose Us

Dedicated Point of Contact

Your own personal admin will be handling your scheduling, feedback and pest related issue.

Dedicated On-The-Ground Pest Supervisor

Your own pest supervisor will be handling any re-infestation pest issue.

Quality Check

Our operation manager will be heading to your premises for quality control check during the duration of your contract.

Call Back

Same day call back without any charges. For urgent matters, we will be in under 2 hours. That is our commitment.

Document Related Issue

All soft copy service report is updated in a dedicated server while a hardcopy will be filed up and placed in your premise. We have the know how to help you in any kind of licensing, from SFA Food Stall, to AVA catering, to passing an Audit and even shipyard and vessel pest clearance.

Pest Identification & House Keeping

Our local technician will be on hand to provide training on pest identification and the housekeeping status in order for your premise to be pest free.


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