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Besides keeping the work area clean, one of the most essential requirement to maintaining an office is pest services. With Singapore warm and humid weather, it increases the chances of pests infestation in the building. If your colleague suffers from a pest problems, high possibility the pests issue will get to you and the rest of the department. Office pantry often provide a variety of food sources for numerous type of pest species.

Pests are attract to particles from food and drinks spills, unwashed dishes, and leftover food. Pantry areas in the office like under the sink and cupboard provide warmth, ideal location to build nests or lay eggs. This can lead to a major pest infestation problem in no time. Unfortunately, even the most well design of an office space is not spare from a pest infestations.

Most pests prefers a destination that provides warmth, food, water, and a safe dark place to breed and multiply. A preferred choice for common pests such as rodents, bed bugs, ants, cockroaches and flies to invade the office space. Having pests in the office can make employees less productive and uncomfortable for customers. This result to a drastic decrease in productivity, constant short in manpower, higher medical costs and loss in revenue.

Innovative Pest Control services for offices in Singapore apply an Integrated Pest Management approach. Our commercial pest control experts focus on pest extermination treatment plan, pest prevention and guarantees results. We will eliminate all the possible pest attractants leading into your office building premises.

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Pests Control Prevention for Office Buildings

Have a reputable pest control company regularly inspecting the office building spaces. The specialists will be equipment to identify any pests hiding spots, safely eliminate and controlling the pest problem. Ensuring a precautionary measures are in place to prevent any future infestations to reoccur.

Implementing effective pest management measures is fairly crucial for employee peace of mind. Below are some expert tips to help you proactively manage pests in your office building:

Conduct a regular routine inspections to identify pest common hiding spaces. Keep a lookout for signs of pest activity, entry way and potential breeding areas in and around the premises.

Maintain the cleanliness of the common spaces, pantry, toilets, and storeroom. Eliminate any potential food and water sources for pests.

Practice disposing of trash regularly, and keep waste bin area clean any food crumbs and drink spills.

Store food leftovers in airtight seal containers or in the pantry refrigerator and clean up spills immediately.

Declutter to reduce the potential habitat for nesting and hiding areas for unwanted pests.

Train employees on the pest prevention measures, specifically the proper way to dispose of food waste. And have the staff report of any signs or sighting of pest or infestations.

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Keeping a pest free environment in a work place setting and taking care of your employees health and safety is important. Pest are carrier of various harmful diseases. Additionally, a pest problem can affect your employees productivity.

The common pests are rodents, ants, cockroach, bed bugs and flies are the usual culprit invaders in office setting. Since toilets are use more often in offices, pipes and faucets may wear down quickly. Leaks can serve as a water source for rats, cockroaches and many other pest species. Moreover the storage room for documents are materials serving purpose to rats, cockroaches and booklice.

The pantry is design to accommodate all employee to have their meals during break. Leftover food in the pantry attract unwanted pest. Employees bringing small pillows or stuff toys from home can also introduce bed bugs into the office furnitures. The toilet is one of the most common area to locate pest for the water source and dampness it provides.

We are a trustworthy, professional partner, we can provide our license and/ or certificate by NEA authorities.

We have specialist that have acquire more than 2 decades of experience. Qualified specialists that will be able to solve your pest problem quickly and efficiently. You may inquire about their training and certifications.

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