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Residential Pest Control Services in Singapore For Your Home

We understand the importance of maintaining a pest-free environment in your residential home. Other than our comprehensive monthly pest control services, we also provide a one off pest removal services. Our NEA certified specialist will conducts a thorough inspections to locate and identify any pest infestation. We will provide an eco friendly treatments method to eliminate pest infestations, protecting your home, health and safety of your family.

Our priority is to provide you the best and most reliable pest control service possible. We will prevent pest from recurring and to be there for you if any pest arises. We will target pests issues with precise and effective pest control solution strategies. Our specialists proactive approach will ensures you that your home will be pest proof from any unwanted guest.

Pest Control For Pre Move In

A deep cleaning, disinfection services is highly recommend for your new home before pest specialist comes. Having the house clean will remove cobwebs, dusts particles, insect nests, and more. It will be ideal prior the pest control treatment plan, making it more effective and efficient. And it requires time for the pest solutions to set in to the surfaces of your new home.

Pest Control for Apartment

Apartment building controlling of pest and prevention can be difficult as there are too many people sharing the same facilities. With years of experience, pest prevention strategies have proven to be an extremely effective solution. When Pest Management services, landlords and tenants work closely as a team to prevent pests and pest extermination services. 

Pest Control For Landed Property

Pests are extremely dangerous not only to your home but also towards your health. For example, termites can compromise the infrastructure of your home while mosquitoes are carriers of dengue and various diseases. It is crucial that you engage general pest control services today to protect your huge investment from any pest invasion.

Anti-Termite Control Treatment

Anti-Termite treatment is a process applied to prevent termites from damaging wood material in properties. Termite infestations can inflict a significant damage to your home or business if left untreated. The treatment contains ingredients that will keep termites out, a barrier to prevent them from entering the building.

Frequent Asked Question For Home Services


Innovative Pest Management is a pest control companies in Singapore that uses only eco friendly products for residential home. It is not harmful to babies, young children nor pets.

To rid of mosquitoes in your home, you can use insecticides or set up mosquito traps. It is important to eliminate any standing water in your home or garden as this is where mosquitoes lay their eggs.

First, eliminate any food and water sources that may be attracting them. Next, seal any cracks or openings where flies may be entering your home. Additionally, you can use fly traps or sprays to catch or repel the flies. Lastly, make sure to keep your doors and windows shut to prevent flies from coming inside.

You can try find their entry point, that ants use to enter and spray insecticide. You can also seal any cracks to stop them from nesting. If the problem continues, it is best to seek help from our pest control services as reviews have shown positive outcomes.

Some species of ants, such as carpenter ants, can cause damage to wooden structures by tunnelling through them. It is important to identify and eliminate an infestation before it causes significant damage.

To rid of rodents in your home, you can use traps, lay traps along their potential runways against the wall. It is also important to seal any cracks or openings in your home to prevent rodents from entering. If the problem persist, it is best to engage a reputable pest control company.

If you find a dead rodent in your home, it is important to wear gloves before handling it. Cover the dead rodent with the damp cloth and pick it up to place it into a plastic bag. Make sure you securely seal it before you dispose of it in the trash outside your house.

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