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Pest Control For Apartment

Pest Control For Apartment, Condominium and HDB home

Residential pest control

Residential pest control services with is safe and effective. Using eco friendly products to protect your home, we prevent and eliminate any pest from infestating your home. 

Why do you need a pest control program for your home?

It is important to protect yourself and your family. Pest carry harmful bacteria and diseases. Proper housekeeping is important but pest can still find their way to your home.

What kind of pest package should you take?

We have a wide range of pest control packages and  we can easily tailor to your need.

Some of our pest packages include :

IVPest Residential Basic Monthly Package ( For home with current infestation )
Cover ants and cockroach control

IVPest Residential Basic Bi-monthly Package ( For home without any infestation )
Cover ants and cockroach control

Can I do Pre-move in Treatment?

Our pre-move in is one of the most popular package. After investing so much for a house, the last thing you want is to share it with these buggers.
Read more on what is done during a pre move in treatment.