Pest Control For Apartment,
Condominium and HDB Homes

Without the proper methods of handling a pest infestation the problem may never go away. Innovative Pest Management guarantee result in the shortest time possible.

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Apartment, Condominium and HDB Homes

Similarly, Apartments Condominiums and HDB housings are prone to common pests infestation from Cockroaches, Ants, Bed Bugs, Rodents and more. These various type of of pests can find their way into your unit and spread rapidly. Not only pest infestation a nuisance, they can spread quickly and inflict costly damage to properties. They can contaminate your food and living space, putting you and your families health at risk.

It is hard work to prevent pests in Apartments, Condo Units and HDB homes. With units so close in proximity, an infestation problem can quickly spread to others in the building. Without help from a trained Specialist, handling pest at this large scale can be a never-ending struggle. When this happens, hiring Innovative

Pest Control Services in Singapore is important.

Our highly trained Pest Control Experts have years of experience dealing with many different type of pests infestation problems. We strategies techniques, focus on preventing pest problems using the latest advance technology. We offer Apartment Pest Control Services and Residential Pest Control Services that is eco-friendly, safe for children and pets.

Tailor our Pest Control Condo Services and Pest Control HDB in Singapore to fit the needs of each building

Common Pest Issues for Apartments, Condominiums and HDB Homes

An outbreak in one unit can turn into a complicated wide infestation much faster than you can imagine. There are three type of pest recurring infestation problems that homes face such as Bed Bugs, Cockroaches, and Rodents. These pests are tough to control, any infestations must be handle by Professional Pest Control. The Specialist at Innovative Pest Control understand the severity of Pest problems in Apartments, Condos and HDB Homes.

We plan a Pest Treatment Plan to protect you and your family from the current Pest problem and prevent recurring issues.

What to Expect from a Specialist

Pest Control Inspection for Apartments, Condominiums and HDB Homes

The best method to keep your home safe from attracting pests is to work with a reputable Pest Control services. When you engage Innovative Pest Control, you will expect this Inspection procedure:

  • A thorough inspection of your home using advance technology such as the Thermal Imaging, Heat Temperature, Borescopes and etc.
  • Identification of the pest species, pinpoint its exact nesting ground and find their entry point.
  • Advise a suitable Pest Control Plan that meets the requirements and regulations of your home.
  • Seal off any existing or potential entry points and apply any other exclusion efforts to get the infestation problem under control.
  • We will make repeat visits to keep pests out of your home permanently.

It can be an overwhelming task to attempt to control your own pest in a home. Whether you are the homeowner, property manager, or renting tenant, Professional Pest Control assistance is an essential service. It is crucial to keep your home protected against common pest problems to ensure no other neighbouring residents are at risk.

From a single treatments to package prevention services, Innovative Pest Control can assure your home is pest-free all year long.

Frequent Asked Question For Apartment, Condominium and HDB Homes


It is important to protect your and your family as Pests carry harmful bacteria and diseases. Although proper housekeeping can prevent pest problems from arising, they can still manage to find their way into your homes.

Various types of pests can infest Apartments, Condos, or HDB Homes as they search for food and shelter. The most common pests found are Ants, Cockroaches, and Rodents. Termites, Bed Bugs, and Mosquitoes are serious pests that can harm health and cause expensive damages.

Our Pre Move-In Treatment is one of our most popular packages. After investing so much purchasing a home, the last thing you want to do is sharing it with these uninvited guests. I highly recommend hiring a Pest Control Company in Singapore like Innovative Pest Management.

We are expert in various treatments from Mosquito Control, Termite Control, Rodent Control and more! If you are interested to know more about our Pre Move-In Treatment, please click here.

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