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Ants Control

Ants Control

Ant control in singapore- Innovative Pest Management

Ants control program is simple yet effective. At Innovative Pest Management, we adopt our four steps to getting rid of ant infestation. This can apply to your home, be it an apartment or landed home. Or your business, from a café, office, factories to even a warehouse.

Basic Ants control tips

For indoor, inspect along the carpet edges, doors, windows, and all areas of the kitchen or pantry. The easiest way to find a trail to the nest is to watch where the ants are going after reaching the food source. Seal up all gaps, cracks, and crevices to end passages into the home. Clean around entry points with a detergent.  This will remove the chemical trail pheromone.

For outdoor, inspect around foundation walls, areas of vegetation, and mulch. Check under any item that is on the ground. Some ant nests are well hidden. Follow the trail to find the nest.

Do-it-yourself ants control remedy

Most times, when faced with an ant infestation, do-it-yourself ant control remedies are explored first. Often the result is less than satisfactory. From a low ants infestations, most homes will face with a high ants infestation.
There are two common mistakes with do-it-yourself ant control remedies. One, not understanding the feeding habits of the ants. And two, the identification of the types of ants. Different type of ants needs different treatment. For some, gel baits can be effective whereas, for others, liquid insecticide is better. Seeking professional help is still recommended. Your ant infestation is being dealt with e in the shortest time possible.

Getting an ant control program

The first step in ants control is finding their nest and harbourage area. Start by following their trails. Ants lay down a chemical pheromone trail along their established routes to and from a food source. For most cases, nests are often found in crack or crevice. Treating the nest and harbouring area will end the infestation.


Proper inspection, both indoor and outdoor, allows us to understand the infestation level. We will zero in on the root of the problem and target the main harbouring area.


Identifying the types of ants allow us to use the appropriate treatment needed to control the infestation.



  • Gel baits
  • Granular baits
  • Baits station

Liquid insecticide

  • Residual Insecticide
  • Direct elimination


  • Sealing of the cracks and crevices