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Ant control and regular inspection for your residential home and commercial property should be in your to do list. Though they may not be alarming but they can turn into an infestation problem quickly. They can cause nuisance and invade to contaminate your food and for certain species to even bite you. Ants will eat almost anything, from sweets to food crumbs and it is equally important to maintain cleanliness.

If you leave crumbs or jam on the counter, ants will come thanks to their exceptional sense of smell. It takes only one ant to find the source of the sweet scent, it will create a scent path leading the rest of the colony to the food source. As a result, it will lead to an ants invasion, especially for carpenter ants and sugar ants. Another key component ants need to thrive for survival is water.

Not only do they drink water for survival, they will bring it back to their colony to store for later. As a result, leaking taps, flowering plants, toilets and pet water bowls are common areas to ants infestation areas. Innovative ants control service is effective, safe use of eco-friendly product to exterminate any type of ants infestation. The methods the ant killer in Singapore provides are applicable for homes, businesses like cafes, offices, factories, and warehouses.

Best to act quickly to kill ants infestation and control the situation before matters escalate. Various test and proven ways are available to approach for solution with an ant pest control in Singapore. Ultimately Innovative Ants Control Services is the best choice to rid of ants problems permanently.

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Basic Ants Control Tips

Moreover there are plenty of reasons why your property is attracting ants. Therefore, you should be mindful of the following to prevent ants from infesting.

First Try These Remedies

Do-It-Yourself Ants Control Remedy

Try exploring do-it-yourself remedies, if you are facing a small scale of ants infestation. This is a commonly explore among many, and some of these methods may work especially if your problem is not serious. Some home remedies include:


A solution of half and half vinegar and water helps repel ants. You can simply use the ant mixture to spray on surfaces like the floors, tables and countertops. If you prefer a concentrated mixture, you can also use vinegar as it is.

Hot Water

This is probably the cheapest home remedy for ants. All you need to do is pour boiling water on the ant nests, ant trails or ant colonies. However, take note that this is not enough to exterminate the whole colony.


Similar to the rats, most of the ants species dislike the smell of peppercorn. By sprinkling red or black pepper around hotspots can be an effective ant deterrent.


Aside from pepper, ants also dislike the odour of peppermint. Plant some of these in your garden to repel ants naturally and at the same time it gives you a fresh smell.

Food Source

Ensure that food is store in tight containers to stop ants from accessing it. Avoid leaving leftovers in the sink overnight or out in the open exposed. To dispose of your pet food from the tray after feeding time to avoid ants.

While there is nothing wrong about trying these home remedies, people usually apply the treatment wrong. For instance, using anti-ant gel at the wrong location or for the wrong type of ants. Perhaps even using an anti-ant killer spray to eliminate the ants. These solutions will only kill the one you see and not solve your ant issue in the long run. 

Thus, often the result for a do-it-yourself ants treatment is less than satisfactory. From a low ants infestations, it will turn into a high ants infestation quickly. Two common mistakes are prone to happen while doing a do-it-yourself ant remedy. First is, not understanding the feeding habits of the ants species.

And second, the identification of the type of ant species. Different types of ants need different treatment. For some species of ant, gel baits can be effective while for others, a liquid insecticide is better. Engage Innovative Pest Control services for your ants infestation problem and matters will be solve effectively.

Learn About Ants Treatment

Ant Control Treatment

One of the most popular pest control services, is the ant exterminator in Singapore package. Especially for homeowners, understand that ant eradication is possible. Seeing them frequently in a specific area, you may have a serious ant problem that needs specialists assistance. From what we have experienced, homes with young kids are more prone to having ants issues.

Children frequently create a mess while eating, which effortlessly lures ants even from the tiniest crumbs. Our first step for ants control program is identifying the ants before finding their nest and harbourage area. We will start by following their trails that worker ants lay down along their established routes to and from a food source.

Our specialists will find the nests of the colony which are often in cracks or crevices. Treating the nest and harbouring area with the proper solution will end the infestation. Specialists will apply the right ant treatment applications to combat the ants infestation problem permanently. 

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  • Oriental Ice Bistro
    We have been engaging their services for the past 7 years. All their staffs are detailed oriented and meticulous in their routine servicing. Premise remain pest free and in good hands. Special mention to our routine service engineer Mohamad Shah Haikal is hardworking, very detailed and professional. Looking forward to many years of cooperation ahead and reasonable pricing.
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    I highly recommend Innovative Pest and I have done so to many people who have also now used them and are also happy. When we were doing a renovation a few years ago, some termite activity was seen. So I began to look around for a pest company. Some were slow to respond or didn't reply at all. A "brand name" company responded but their solution was not appropriate and their pricing was ridiculous, would have cost 2 or 3 times the price. Fazly was very prompt in replying, fast in coming down to do an assessment and also recommended the correct treatment, which required drilling into the foundation to inject anti-termite chemicals. (more…)
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  • Wani Dd
    I would like to give my compliment to Mr. Yap Chye Koon, explain to him about what our company facing. And during the visit, he makes us understand better. And also told him that we are faced bad service from different company. So told him that we expect a good outcome. And yes, thanks Mr. Yap for really marks your words. I would like to give a compliment to your Technician Muhd Riduan Bin Yacoub. He has done a good job. My director loves the way he did for the cockroach flush out treatment. And all of us a satisfied. So far, we don't see any more crawling creature. We hope for the monthly servicing the technician will be good as Mr. Muhd Riduan.
    Wani Dd
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  • Yun Lim
    Adi from Innovative Pest Management was professional, and he was patient and detailed when explaining the pest issues and proposed remedy. He effectively addressed the infestation, prioritised customer satisfaction with prompt responses and transparent communication. Would highly recommend Adi from Innovative Pest to anyone looking for pest control solutions.
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  • P Liang
    Reached out to Innovative Pest Control for booklice issue and was linked up with Mr Yap. He was very knowledgeable, prompt and helpful - he even managed to squeeze me in his schedule quickly to inspect my house while I was overseas. He even followed up with an update after and responded to all my concerns. He also gave me advice on what I can do to reduce the booklice at home. Very honest and reassuring. I had another pest issue (ants) after where his colleague, Danial came down to assist. He was very nice and polite as well. Did what he needed to do to eliminate the pests and also took into account that I had very young children at home so he was extra careful not to spray/apply gel around the easily accessible areas. Thank you Mr Yap and Danial! You both are really genuine and kind! I would highly recommend engaging them if you are dealing with any pest issue - it's fast and effective! (I tried to control on my own but wasted time and money). Thank you once again!
    P Liang
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    I had a great experience with Yap. He was accommodating and pleasant, very willing to listen and propose reasonable solutions. He had a wealth of knowledge and was willing to share. Would highly recommend to all.
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