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Ants Control

Seeing an Ant or two in your property may not be alarming but they can turn into an infestation problem quickly. They can cause nuisance, as they invade your food and even bite you. It is best to quickly get rid of the Ants infestation problem.

Our Ants Control service is very effective. It is safe and we use only eco-friendly product to exterminate any ant infestation. You can learn more about our three steps methods for killing Ants below.

It is a tested and proven way to Ant Pest Control in Singapore. This can be applied to your homes, be it apartment or landed houses. We can also help treat issues for your business, from a café, office, factories to even a warehouse!

Ultimately Innovative Pest Control Services is the best Ants Control in Singapore to get rid of Ants problems permanently.

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Basic Ants Control Tips

There are many reasons as to why your property is attracting Ants. Therefore, you should be mindful of the following to prevent ants from infesting:

Try These Out First

Do-It-Yourself Ants Control Remedy

Firstly try exploring Do-It-Yourself Ant Control remedies, when you are facing an Ant infestation. This is a common habit among many people, and it will work especially if your problem is not serious. Some home remedies include:

Vinegar Spray

A solution of 50% vinegar and 50% water helps repel ants. You can simply use the Ant spray mixture on surface like the floors, tables and countertops. If you prefer a stronger mixture, you can also use vinegar as is.

Hot Water

This is probably the cheapest home remedy for Ants. All you need to do is pour boiling water on the Ant nests, Ant trails or Ant colonies. However, take note that this is not enough to exterminate the whole colony.


Similar to the rats, most of the Ants species dislike the smell of peppercorn. By sprinkling red or black pepper around hotspots can be an effective Ant deterrent.


Aside from pepper, Ants also dislike the odour of peppermint. Plant some of these in your garden to repel Ants and at the same time it gives you a fresh smell.

Food Source

Ensure that food is stored in tight containers to stop Ants from getting to it. Avoid leaving leftovers in the sink overnight or out in the open exposed. To dispose of your pet food from the tray after feeding time to avoid Ants.

While there’s nothing wrong about trying these home remedies, people usually apply the treatment wrong. For instance, using Anti-Ant gel at the wrong location or for the wrong type of Ants. Perhaps even using an Anti-Ant killer spray to eliminate the ants.

These solutions will only kill the one you see. This will not solve your Ant issue in the long run. Thus, often the result for a DIY Ants treatment is less than satisfactory. From low ants infestations, it will turn into a high ants infestation.

There are two common mistakes done while doing a Do-It-Yourself Ant control remedy. First is, not understanding the feeding habits of the Ants. And second, the identification of the Ant species. Different types of Ants need different treatment.

For some species of Ant, gel baits can be effective. Meanwhile for others, a liquid insecticide is better. By engaging Innovative Pest Control Singapore is recommended for your Ants infestation problem. It will be dealt within the shortest time possible.

Learn About Ant Treatment

Ant Control Treatment

Ants Control is one of the most popular Pest Control Ant exterminator in Singapore package. Especially for homeowners, understand that Ant eradication is possible. They will find that the moment Ants start infesting in the rooms, they are facing serious pest issues.

From what we have experienced, homes with young kids are more prone to having Ants issues. The reasons are quite obvious that kids make a mess while eating. The smallest crumbs can attract these ants.

Our first step for Ant Control program is identifying the Ants before finding their nest and harbourage area. We will start by following their trails. Worker Ants lay down a chemical pheromone trail along their established routes to and from a food source. For most cases, nests are often found in crack or crevice.

Treating the nest and harbouring area will end the infestation. Once all these are established, we will apply the right Ant treatment applications to combat the Ants.

Check out the video of a ghost ants infestation feeding on our highly recommended eco-friendly ant gel

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