Termite Baiting

We guarantee result in the shortest time possible. We identify what type of termite and proceed with the best termite solution in the market.

The Process of Termite Baiting Treatment

Advance® Termite Bait Stations in Singapore

The first generation of termite baiting systems managing a pioneer concept to termite pest control services in Singapore. Our specialists approach to control termite colonies proves to be more effective and less invasive. A significant change long term, cost efficient and best method to termite control for residential homes and commercial businesses. Depending on the service, if you require a termite prevention, bait station or treatment for an active infestation problem.

We can assure you that our specialists are well train to provide you with the best solution to keep termites gone permanently. Our termite treatment program are customise specifically for your property unique needs. We take pride providing our clients with the most reliable termite baiting systems that guarantees results to repelling termites. The station not only helps to control termite infestation problem.

It serves as a dual function to protect and repel against future termites from infesting your premises. It has formulation of compounds to entirely kill the termite colonies, especially the termite queen. Various reasons why this method of treatment is in the top-tier for pest control company. Advance® Termite Bait Station is the ultimate top choice for protection against termite in Singapore.

Engage Innovative Pest Control Singapore services for a termite exterminator to keep you safe with our groundbreaking termite treatment.

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Understanding the Process of Termite Baiting Treatment

What is an Advance® Termite Baiting Station?

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Termite Baits

Termites are lure by the cellulose, an organic fibre plentiful in wood and other plants such as grass, cardboard and paper. This provides them with the nutrients to survive. By using compressed cellulose formulated baits we will be able to attract termites to feed on the baits instead. This will allow us to track their existence and activities.

Termite bait has a slow-acting substance that does not kill it immediately. It allows the affected termites to travel back and feed this food source to their nest. This is a crucially important factor and fastest termite colony eradication. Chemical treatment termite baits used are environmentally friendly and create a non-disruptive hazard to the environment.

Termite baits such as Xterm termite bait uses Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). Disrupting the breeding and lifecycle of the termite colony causing a significant decrease in population. And due time, solving the infestation problem permanently .

Termite Baits Station

The bait station is clean, tamper resistant and safely placed away from children and pets. The fewer activities around the stations the better it is. Professional termite control in Singapore may not all have the same approach to resolve termite problem. Innovative Pest Management is able to pinpoint exactly where to place the stations for a successful termite control solutions.

Termite Baiting For Subterranean Termite

Termite bait is a popular choice for subterranean termite control in Singapore. The only type of termite species that this baiting station serves. We also offer other methods such as  Anti-Termite Corrective Treatment, Anti Termite Soil Treatment for termite preventive measures.

Protection Against Termite Infestations

How does the Advance® Termite Baiting Station works?

Termite bait station are place approximately every 9 to 10 feet around the perimeter of your property. The bait consist of a cellulose substance mix with an insecticide that will lure worker termites. The type of treatment works instantly with the content of the bait being 10 times more appetising to termites than wood. The content in the bait keeps termites from maturing that will eventually lead to death.

Specialists will provide an ongoing service to ensure that the termite baiting station is well-maintain. Termite baiting station functions as a luring treatment, colony elimination treatment and a progress monitoring tool. Perfectly suitable for both the indoors and outdoors space.

Termite In-Ground and Above-Ground Station

Ways of Install the In-Ground and Above-Ground Termite Station

Termite baiting in Singapore can take place both indoor and outdoor using In-Ground and Above-Ground station. Not only can you find subterranean infestation on a landed property, they are capable of infesting on higher floors. Our termite baiting station can protect and eradicate any subterranean termites, drywood termites and dampwood termites infestation.

The station allows termites to feed on the baits and share within the rest of the colony. As a result, we can see a significant decrease and defence against termites, and eradication will follow soon after.

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Termite In-Ground Station

The idea of installing an In-Ground station is to monitor for any termite infestation. An untreated wood will be place in the station. Advance® termite baiting stations will be place around the property, about 2 to 3 meters apart. An inspection will be schedule every three months to check for the termite status.

Termite Above-Ground Station

Both In-Ground and Above-Ground serves round-the-clock 24 hours a day monitoring station. Termite Above-Ground station will be install in the path of an active termite trail. Termites are more likely to feed on the baits station, rather than the wood. 

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  • Oriental Ice Bistro
    We have been engaging their services for the past 7 years. All their staffs are detailed oriented and meticulous in their routine servicing. Premise remain pest free and in good hands. Special mention to our routine service engineer Mohamad Shah Haikal is hardworking, very detailed and professional. Looking forward to many years of cooperation ahead and reasonable pricing.
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    I highly recommend Innovative Pest and I have done so to many people who have also now used them and are also happy. When we were doing a renovation a few years ago, some termite activity was seen. So I began to look around for a pest company. Some were slow to respond or didn't reply at all. A "brand name" company responded but their solution was not appropriate and their pricing was ridiculous, would have cost 2 or 3 times the price. Fazly was very prompt in replying, fast in coming down to do an assessment and also recommended the correct treatment, which required drilling into the foundation to inject anti-termite chemicals. (more…)
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  • Wani Dd
    I would like to give my compliment to Mr. Yap Chye Koon, explain to him about what our company facing. And during the visit, he makes us understand better. And also told him that we are faced bad service from different company. So told him that we expect a good outcome. And yes, thanks Mr. Yap for really marks your words. I would like to give a compliment to your Technician Muhd Riduan Bin Yacoub. He has done a good job. My director loves the way he did for the cockroach flush out treatment. And all of us a satisfied. So far, we don't see any more crawling creature. We hope for the monthly servicing the technician will be good as Mr. Muhd Riduan.
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    Adi from Innovative Pest Management was professional, and he was patient and detailed when explaining the pest issues and proposed remedy. He effectively addressed the infestation, prioritised customer satisfaction with prompt responses and transparent communication. Would highly recommend Adi from Innovative Pest to anyone looking for pest control solutions.
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    Reached out to Innovative Pest Control for booklice issue and was linked up with Mr Yap. He was very knowledgeable, prompt and helpful - he even managed to squeeze me in his schedule quickly to inspect my house while I was overseas. He even followed up with an update after and responded to all my concerns. He also gave me advice on what I can do to reduce the booklice at home. Very honest and reassuring. I had another pest issue (ants) after where his colleague, Danial came down to assist. He was very nice and polite as well. Did what he needed to do to eliminate the pests and also took into account that I had very young children at home so he was extra careful not to spray/apply gel around the easily accessible areas. Thank you Mr Yap and Danial! You both are really genuine and kind! I would highly recommend engaging them if you are dealing with any pest issue - it's fast and effective! (I tried to control on my own but wasted time and money). Thank you once again!
    P Liang
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    I had a great experience with Yap. He was accommodating and pleasant, very willing to listen and propose reasonable solutions. He had a wealth of knowledge and was willing to share. Would highly recommend to all.
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