Termite Baiting

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Understanding the Process of Termite Baiting Treatment

What is an Advanced Termite Baiting System?

Termite Baiting is a Termite Treatment where baits are used to feed the Termite colony an eradication Baiting System. Termite Baits are placed into a refillable bait station then placed at the termite infested area where the activities for termites damage and foraging are high. When this baiting procedures are done, it is called an Advanced Termite Baiting System.

Termite Baits

What Termites are after is the cellulose, an organic fibre plentiful in wood and other plants such as grass, cardboard and paper. This provides them the nutrients to survive. By using compressed cellulose formulated baits we will be able to attract Termites to feed on the baits instead. This will allow us to track their existence and activities.

Termite bait has a slow-acting substance that does not kill it immediately. It allows the affected Termites to travel back and feed this food source to their nest. This is a very important factor and fastest termite colony eradication. Chemical Treatment Termite baits used are environmentally friendly and create a non-disruptive hazard to the environment.

Some Termite Baits such as Xterm Termite Bait has Insect Growth Regulator ( IGR ) that are used to disrupt the breeding cycle of a termite colony.

Termite Baits Station

The Bait Station is clean, tamper resistant and safely placed away from children and pets. The fewer activities around the stations the better it is. Termite Expert Pest Control Companies like us are able to pinpoint exactly where to place the stations.

Just to give another common example, rodent control treatment work similarly. A rodent bait is placed in a rodent station to entice rats, mice and rodent to start feeding on it

Termite Baiting For Subterranean Termite

Termite bait in Singapore is a popular choice to eradicate Subterranean Termite. It is the only species that this baiting can be used for. Other methods such as soil treatment are for Termite Prevention methods. You may click here to learn more about The Subterranean Termite.

Why Termite Baiting is Successful

How Does Termite Baiting Work?

Termite Baiting act as a luring treatment, colony elimination treatment and monitoring tool, suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Luring Treatment

We are all aware that Subterranean Termite uses Termite Trails or Mud Tube to manoeuvre around. There has been instances where Mud Tube are empty with no Termite activities, they are called “Abandoned Trails”.

It is hard to actually believe this, seeing the termite presence is better than not. It might be too late once you realised that all along they were “eating up” your wooden flooring. This is why luring them out of “abandoned trails” is important. Do note that luring treatment can only be done when there are signs of Subterranean Termite infestation.

Colony Elimination

The target here is to get the Worker Termites to bring the baits to feed the colony to, in order to get a success termite control treatment, 2 things need to happen. One, the baits need to reach the queen to stop her from producing further. Two, the Workers gets affected by the bait and stops bringing food source to sustain resulting a collapse in the colony.


Monitoring works both as a treatment and prevention. Our Pest Control Specialist will check on the Bait Station to gauge the level of infestation. The ratio between the Soldier and Workers Termite need to be monitored. Once more Soldier Termites are visible than the Worker Termite, the colony will not be able to sustain itself.

For the prevention, which is done at the external part of the property, an in-ground station will be used to check for any future infestation. The In-Ground stations need to be inspected every three months together with the rest of the property. I will elaborate further on the In-Ground and above Ground Station below.

Ways of Installing the Termite Station

Termite In Ground and Above Ground Station

Termite baiting in Singapore can take place both indoor and outdoor using In-Ground and Above Ground Station. Subterranean infestation not only can be found on a landed property, but it could also be found in an apartment on the top floor.

Our Termite Baiting System can protect and eradicate any Subterranean Termites, Drywood Termites and Dampwood Termites infestation. The system allows Termites to feed on the baits and share with the the colony. As a result, significant decrease and defence against termites can be seen and eradication will follow soon after.

Termite In Ground Station

The idea of installing an In-Ground Station is to monitor for any termite infestation. An untreated wood will be placed in the station. Advanced Termite Baiting System are deployed into the pre dug cavities surrounding the perimeter of the property approximately 2-3 metres apart. A Termite inspection will be scheduled every three months to check for any termite infestation.

This also enables a-round-the-clock 24 hours day monitoring station.

Termite Above Ground Station

Termite Above Ground station is installed in the path of an active Termite Trail. The likelihood of Termites feeding on the baits is higher this way.

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