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Termite Baiting

Termite Baiting

Termite baiting in Singapore

What is termite baiting?

Termite baiting is a treatment where baits are used to feed the termite colony. Termite baits are placed in a refillable bait station. The station is then placed at the termite infested area where the activities for termites foraging is high. When this baiting procedures are done, it is called a termite baiting system.

Termite Baits

What termites are after is the cellulose. An organic fibre plentiful in wood and other plants such as grass. Cardboard and paper also contain cellulose since they are made from wood. This provides them the nutrients to survive.

By using compressed cellulose formulated baits. We are able to attract the termite to feed on the baits instead. This will allow us to track their existence and activities. Even in the presence of competing wood found on your property. The bait has a slow-acting substance that allows the termites to feed travel back to their nest and share. This is a very important factor in eradicating the colony. Termite baits that are used by us are environmentally friendly and create a non-disruptive low hazard environment. 

Termite Bait Station

The bait station is clean, tamper resistant and can be safely placed away from children and pets. The fewer activities around these stations the better it is. This is the reason why termite expert like us are able to pinpoint exactly where to place the stations. Just to give another common example, rodent control treatment work similarly. A rodent bait is placed in a rodent station to entice rats, mice and rodent to start feeding on it. 

Termite Species

Termite bait in Singapore is a popular choice to eradicate subterranean termite. It is the only termite species that baiting can be used for. Other methods such as soil treatment are only a prevention termite methods. It is important to know that certain time of the year, termite swarming will occur. Learn more on Subterranean termite here.

Check out the video above: Termite treatment Singapore. The difference between a soldier subterranean termite and a worker subterranean termite. Look closely. The one with an orange/red colour head is the soldier termites. The rest are the workers termites that has been affected by the bait. Notice that they are pearl white in colour.

How does the Termite Baiting work?

Termite baiting can act as a luring treatment, colony elimination treatment and a monitoring tool. It can be used both indoor and outdoor. Let break it down further to make you understand. 

Luring treatment

We are all aware that Subterranean termite uses termite trails or mud tube to move around. They are many instances where the mud tube are empty and no termite activities are found. These mud tubes are called an “abandoned trail”. Could the termites have moved to another area? Could they leave your property? Very unlikely. Though it is hard to actually believe this, seeing the termite presence is better than not seeing them. It might be too late once you realised that all along they are “eating up” your wooden flooring. This is why luring them out at these “abandoned trails” is important. Do note that luring treatment can only be done when there are signs of subterranean termite infestation is found. 

Colony Elimination

The target here is to get the worker termite to bring the baits to the colony to feed. In order to get a success termite control treatment, 2 things need to happen. One, the baits need to reach the queen to stop her from producing. Two, the workers need to be affected with the bait to stop it from bringing food for the colony to sustain. When both this happens, the whole colony will be collapsed. 


Monitoring works both as a treatment and a prevention. During the treatment, pest control technicians will check on the bait station to gauge the level of infestation left. The ratio between the soldier termite and workers termite need to be monitored. Once more soldier termites are visible than the worker termite, the colony will not be able to sustain itself. For the prevention, which is done at the external part of the property, an in-ground station will be used to check for any future infestation. These in ground stations need to be inspected every 3 months together with the rest of the property. I will elaborate further on the in-ground and above ground station below. 

Termite In Ground and Above Ground Stations

Termite baiting in Singapore can take place both indoor and outdoor using in ground and above ground station. Subterranean infestation not only can be found on a landed property, but it could also be found in an apartment on the top floor. This is where both the in ground and above ground comes into play. 

Termite Above Ground

Termite Above Ground station is installed in the path of active termite trail. The likelihood of the termite feeding on the baits is higher this way. 

Termite In Ground

The idea of installing an In ground station is to monitor any termite infestation. An untreated wood will be placed in the station. Baits stations are deployed around the perimeter of the property about 2-3 metre apart, thus ensuring an advanced termite baiting system is in place for your property. A termite inspection will be scheduled every three months to check for any termite infestation. This also enables a-round-the-clock 24 hours day monitoring station. 

Our termite baiting system can protect and eradicate any subterranean termite infestation. This system allowed the termites to feed on the baits and share it with the rest of the colony. As a result of this, significant decrease can be seen. Eradication will follow soon after.

Why Innovative Pest Termite Baiting Program?

We offered various pest control service. Our Termite Baiting program consists of three important factors. Control, eradicate and maintaining a termite-free condition on the customer’s property. Therefore, our program includes ongoing inspection, monitoring and re-baiting as needed.

Our Termite Baiting Program lasts for a least of year. The first part of the package is to eradicate the current termite infestation. Before finally arranging scheduled inspections for the remaining part of the package. This will give you a piece of mind, knowing that your termite infestation is taken care of.

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