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Termite Baiting

Termite Baiting

Check out the video above: The difference between a soldier subterranean termite and a worker subterranean termite. Look closely. The one with an orange/red colour head is the soldier termites. The rest are the workers termites that has been affected by the bait. Notice that they are pearl white in colour.

Our termite baiting system can protect and eradicate any subterranean termite infestation. This system allowed the termites to feed on the baits and share it with the rest of the colony. As a result of this, significant decrease can be seen. Eradication will follow soon after.

How does the Termite Baiting System work?

What termites are after is the cellulose. An organic fiber plentiful in wood and other plants such as grass. Cardboard and paper also contain cellulose since they are made from wood. This provide them the nutrients to survive.
By using compressed cellulose formulated baits. We are able to attract the termite to feed on the baits instead. This will allow us to track their existence and activities. Even in the presence of competing wood found on your property. The bait has a slow-acting substance that allows the termites to feed travel back to their nest and share. This is a very important factor in eradicating the colony.

Termite In Ground and Above Ground Stations

Termite Above Ground

Termite Above Ground station is install in the path of active termite trail. The likelihood of the termite feeding on the baits cartridge is higher this way. There is not a need to wait for the termite to find the bait cartridge. It is important to cover the bait cartridge to ensure that their feeding is not disrupted.

Termite In Ground

The idea of installing an In Ground station is to track termite infestation. First of all, an untreated wood will act as a lure in the station.
Consequntly, a termite baiting system will be placed in the station should there be any active activity. This process takes a longer time as it will take time for the termite to find the station. This is the reason why this system help to track for for any termite activity.

Why Innovative Pest Termite Baiting Program?

Our Termite Baiting program consist of three important factors. Control, eradicate and maintaining a termite-free condition on the customer’s property. Therefore, our program include ongoing inspection, monitoring and re-baiting as needed.
Our Termite Baiting Program last for a least of year. The first part of the package is to eradicate the current termite infestation. Before finally arranging scheduled inspections for the remaining part of the package. This will give you a piece of mind, knowing that your termite infestation is taken care of.

Innovative Pest Management only use the best product in the market to solve your termite problem


Xterm™ bait which is a product of Sumitomo Chemical Co. Ltd is one of the most effective termite baiting system in th emarket today.

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Exterminex™ is a product from Australia. We have been using them with much success. We like that it is especially good at luring the termite out.

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