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Avoid provoking insects that can sting and let the specialists handle it. Most species will sting if beehive or queen is under threat.


Learn More About Bees

Bees are flying insects that are extremely important for humankind and closely related to ants, wasps, and hornets. About 20,000 species of bees exist on the earth. Every continent apart from the Antarctica have bees populations. Bee in all over the world plays are important pollinators to flowers and vegetables.

List of some of the food they pollinate for us are blueberries, cherries, apples, nuts, cranberries, avocado, cucumber. Without their existence, our crops would be much smaller in size and of poor quality. Pollination is a crucial part for the life cycle of most plants. Insects, birds and the wind take or collect pollen found in between flowering plants.

This means they can make seeds after reproducing to keep their line alive. Pest control company have various safe ways to manage and rid of bees including infestation. Hiring experts for bee hive removal is the best way to permanently solve your pest problem.

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Learn to Know When you Will Need Bees Control Services

Signs of Bee Infestation

Although infestations do not often happen in the island, there is still a possibility for it to happen. Their stings can cause an allergic reaction and the buzzing sounds can also be irritating.

Watch out for these signs:

Residual Stain

Beehives are remarkable and can survive in surprising places. When honey bees species produce and store honey, they can leave dark patches on ceiling walls. Contact Professional Bee Pest Control Services when you see the bees nesting or sign is the best solution. This can attract other unwanted pests.


Depending on the species, they live in colonies and can grow quite large in United States North America. Some may have as many as one hundred thousand members. The guard defend nest entrance of the hive from intruders. Stay indoors and away as they might sting if threatened.


Social worker bees require more space and will nest in sites with a variety of cavities. From abandoned rodent burrows and hollow logs to more creative spots such as compost bins and barbecue grills. In cooler climates, worker and queen honey bees live and build wax combs in open air hives and use their bodies to heat the nests. Please do not attempt to remove it with bee repellant or DIY methods as the result could be fatal.

Bee Sting

When felt threatened, honeybees will sting and dies immediately after. Most species have a barbless stinger that can be multiple times. We highly recommend a visit the nearest doctor when stung for further professional assistance.

These are the types of Bees commonly found in Singapore

Types Of Bees

Bumble Bees

Fat furry bumblebee, black but thorax a striking tawny orange, brown or reddish, and tail tip bright white. Length 15-20mm, wingspan 25-35mm.

Carpenter Bees

Incredibly massive, shining blue-black bee. Large, heavy, and stout. Body all-shinning, inky blue-black. Large wings iridescent blue-black with legs black and stout. Length 35mm, wingspan 65mm.

Malayan Bees

This species apis have long-oval, rather stout flying insect. Brown or black, marked with bands of lighter chestnut, red or orange-yellow abdomen. Light covering of short hairs, often in bands. Often confused with fat, fluffy, brightly marked bumblebees.

Honey Bees

The genus apis are long-oval, but a rather stout flying insect. Brown or black, marked with bands of lighter chestnut, red, or orange-yellow across the abdomen. A light covering of short hairs, often in bands. Length 12-15mm, wingspan 25-30mm.

Sweat Bees

Stout and moderately hairy bees with abdomen or thorax often wholly lighter colour. Dark brown, but variously tufted with bands of brown or metallic with yellow markings. Wings cleared, legs of yellow hairs. Length 4-9mm, wingspan 20mm.


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