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Bed Bug Control

Bed bug Control

Bed bug control

To get your bed bug control going, it is important to understand what are the signs to look out for and how to identify them. Start by looking for their dropping. This can give you a clear sign of the level of infestation that you are facing. Some of the dropping will be clustered together. It is safe to say these areas with the clustered dropping are their harborage areas.
As bed bug will need to take time to travel to get to the next blood meal, they will choose to harbour near host. This is the reason why we can always find them on our mattress and bed frame. They will then move further away to the side table, dresser, wire trunking and cupboard.

Do-it-yourself bed bug remedy

There are plenty of off-the-shelves pesticide to kill the bed bug. Though this might kill any live presence, this hardly solve your bed bug issues. The target is to stop them from multiplying. Finding the bed bug eggs is key to solving your bed bug infestation. The bed bug eggs are well-concealed. This can be a challenging task for you. Hiring a pest control expert like us would still represent a smarter move.

Basic bed bug control tips

First step: Placed all your clothes that you suspect that is infested with bed bugs in a black trash bag. Seal the bag. Include all pillowcases, blankets, bed sheet. Wash them in hot water of 60 Celsius.
Second step: Separate the mattress from the bed frame. Sun the mattress for 2-3 hours together with the pillow.
Third step: Turn the bed frame upside down and look for dropping or eggs. Remove the eggs
Try to keep your home free from unwanted boxes or even furniture. This will limit the number of harbouring places for the bed bugs.

Getting a bed bug control program

Our bed bug control treatment has two different methods. One with chemical and the other without. Both are equally effective and will be able to eradicate the bed bug infestation. Depending on the infestation level, you might need three to four sessions to completely eradicate the bed bug infestation. Each session must be done within 7-10 days apart to break the egg cycle.


We always start off with thorough inspection. This is to understand where is their main harbouring areas are and to familiarise ourselves with your premise. A good inspection is key in exterminating the bed bugs.

Method 1: Misting Treatment


  • Liquid insecticide

Spraying all the harbouring area to leave a residual effect.

  • Misting

This fumigation like treatment will ensure that all areas in your home are lightly coated with the residual once the chemical is dry up. This will enable the bed bug to be in contact with the chemical when there are looking for their next meal.

Method 2: Steaming

Another popular method is by steaming. The steamer carry heat to the affected areas and thus killing the eggs and any live presence. This process is eco friendly as there isn’t any chemical involved. However, it will take a longer time to thoroughly complete the bed bug treatment.