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Mosquito control is a combination of both mosquito treatment and mosquito prevention. It is one of the most popular pest services in Singapore. Understand how mosquito works will ensure that you are one step ahead. Learn the various mosquito treatment and control measures. With Aedes mosquito and Zika virus, it is a good time to be protected against the mosquito.

Mosquito Control Tips

  • Eliminating any standing water or stagnant water.
  • Use mosquito netting or screens on the windows
  • Clean the water in flower pots plates often
  • Do not leave any cans, bottles or containers that could potentially collect water and be a breeding site

Do-it-yourself mosquito control

Getting an anti-mosquito device seems like a good plan. Or even some plants that will repel those mosquitoes away. There are some who will find any bug spray to kill them. We do encourage you to do this as part of an added prevention measure. However, do note that the most important aspect of mosquito treatment is preventing any breeding spots and treating them. Once the source is eliminated or prevented, the mosquito population will be controlled. Contact us now.

Getting a mosquito control program

Educating our clients on potential breeding spots is an important prevention measure for our treatment. Once this is done together with a proper mosquito control treatment, only can we see a significant improvement in the mosquito infestation.


Proper inspection, both indoor and outdoor, for any breeding and potential mosquito breeding spots. 


By finding the larva, we can easily identify what type of mosquito and take the necessary action to solve your mosquito problem.


Mosquito Larviciding

Larviciding is the process of treating the larvae found in breeding sites with the use of insecticide. Some insecticides are a direct kill treatment to the mosquito larvae while they are some that have an in-growth regulator that prevent the larva from growing. Both treatments have their pro and cons.

Very often, people don’t understand the importance of this treatment. It does not have lots of white smoke ( fogging ) so people tend to think that the treatment is not done correctly. What we should understand with mosquito larviciding is that mosquito breeding habitats are treated.

Mosquito Fogging

Using a thermal fogger to get rid of adult mosquito. Typically this the most popular treatment for mosquito control. However, different situations require different types of mosquito treatment. Mosquito fogging is a space treatment that gives little or non-residual effect. For sure, it will bring down the mosquito population. But studies have shown that pest adapts to the environment and changes. If you include that with any pest survival instinct, mosquitoes will be well aware that a mosquito fogging is going to take place. They could simply fly out to neighboring areas before coming back when the white smoke is gone. It is definitely not the best mosquito killer method around.

Mosquito Misting

Mosquito mist system involved leaving residual on the surfaces that mosquito tends to rest. It also works as a space treatment, however, with a different approach. The whole point of a mosquito misting is to leave residual on the surfaces of their resting area.

Once you understand how mosquito finds its target, you would more or less understand what treatment will work for your property. Although mosquito doesn’t travel far from where they were hatched, they can still travel up to 5 km away. Close to their feeding time, mosquitoes will look for things that attract them to their food source. Once they have seen a target, they will find a place to rest for a few minutes before making their move. It is vital that these resting areas have some form of residual.

Mosquito Traps

The best mosquito traps in Singapore are able to emit heat and UV lights. There are some that are even able to give out carbon dioxide. These traps are mainly used indoors. There are also many factors that contribute to successful indoor trapping. The traps need to be placed at the right location and the choice of attractant must be correct. It will also take a bit of time to bring down the mosquito population.

Mosquito Repellent

Using an insect repellent can be useful to prevent any mosquito bites. Using essential oil to get rid of the itch to reduce any discomfort feeling. It is difficult to say which is the most effective mosquito repellents. The are many off the shelves that you can find. Natural repellents such as peppermint and lemongrass are popular choices as well. Try out a few different bug repellents. We always advised our clients with young children to apply some form of mosquito repellent on their children.

National Environment Agency

NEA has officers throughout Singapore conducting random mosquito inspection spot check in your property. It could be your walkway, planted pots in your corridor, office compound. Make sure you keep consumer reports or service report given by your pest control company. This can show what was done and when was the treatment last done. This could save you from getting a fine. If an NEA officer were to find any breeding in your compound, they will collect the larva and send to their laboratory. This will act as a piece of evidence. However, they will still need to determine at what stage the larva is in. They could be only in their First-in Star stage for example. To prevent any fines, get a good pest control company like us.