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Cockroach carries many disease that can harm your family and business.

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They have been around for a long time, believe to have existed for more than 280 million years ago. Out of 4,000 percent of species only one percent are pests to man, the vast majority are harmless. The one percent that associated with man are attracted to food and dirt living conditions, and may carry germs on their feet or excrete dangerous viruses and protozoans.

They have flattened, oval-shaped, leathery bodies, with long thin antennae and strong spiny legs suitable for running. The forewings are toughened, protecting the membranous hind pairs, and at rest wings lie flat across the body, overlapping. They have large compound eyes and a large flattened plate attached to the thorax that covers part of the head.

Most adult female Cockroaches produce a sex pheromone to attract a mate, and the male often produce “aphrodisiac” secretions to prepare the female for mating. Cockroach problem in Singapore is common as the pest grows rapidly in unsanitary conditions.

They do not have a main habitat. They can survive in places as long as it has a constant food source. There are a lot of ways to prevent them, ultimately Professional Pest Control Services is your best bet to get rid of Cockroaches in Singapore.

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Lifecycle, Diet & All

Cockroach Characteristic

There’s a few types of Cockroaches in Singapore commonly found infesting Residential and Commercial property. The Australian Cockroaches are excellent fliers, they love hot and humid places and invade properties even if it’s not near any water source.

The Asian Cockroach is commonly found in South East Asia. They also prefer to stay outdoors and enter properties through open doors and windows. Since they are attracted to lights, they may also fly towards porches or entryways that have lamps.

The Cockroach Lifecycle

The Cockroach life cycle consist of 3 stages, egg, nymph and adult. Females produces egg-containing ootheca also commonly known as the egg cases. Commonly found dropped or glued on surfaces in a sheltered situation close to a food source. However, the German Cockroaches would carry it ootheca till before the baby Cockroach eggs hatch and nymph emerge.

An average of 6 to 40 eggs depending on species and during the Nymph stage, the roach will go through a series of molting. Nymphs and adults are usually similar in appearance except for the size and the typical addition of wings in most adults. 

Finally the last part is the adult stage, it takes around 100 days for the nymph to develop into Adult Cockroaches. Once this happens, they are already sexually active and ready to reproduce! The average lifespan of a Cockroaches is about one to two years, however, some species can live as long as a decade.

The Cockroach Anatomy

The Oriental Cockroach is characterised by its shiny black to reddish-brown colour. This type of species cannot fly.

Wood Cockroaches are native insects to North America. They are usually found in woodland areas. Smoky-brown Cockroach is an outdoor roach, a common problem in countries with warmer temperatures. 

A Cuban Cockroach is light green in colour and their favourite hiding places include tree, plants and shrubs. The pale-bordered field roach meanwhile, is not considered a pest. They only live outdoors and do not damage plants. 

The Cockroach Dietary

They are usually omnivores, which means they will literally eat anything. However, house cockroaches prefers to consume foods that have starch, sweets, grease and meats. Since they are not picky, they will even eat hair, books as well as decaying matter of plants or animals even dead cockroach.

Although they eat anything, they are also tough and can survive many days without sustenance. A month without food, and two weeks without water, that’s how long Cockroaches can live. Cockroach poops contains a chemical trails often can then use by others to find food, water and each other.

Learn to know when you'll need Cockroach Control Services

Signs of Cockroach Infestation

They reproduce very fast and ignoring them can lead to severe infestations that can cause diseases. Once the infestation grows, you will need to call a Pest Control Company. This is important because Experts have the knowledge to find their breeding spots and exterminate them 100%. 

Live Presence

Finding them within the dirty dishes, kitchen cracks and crevices or anywhere in the property, especially if it’s day time. 


Cockroach droppings resemble a black pepper, very tiny and often seen in grouped, commonly mistaken with a mouse droppings or ground coffee.


Egg cases house many eggs. It is a clear indication that they have started to breed.


Their presence in your area comes with a distinct musty odour that is very hard to miss. 


Randomly leaving brownish smear size about an inch long, markings on surfaces such as floor or walls indicates an infestation.


Singapore Cockroaches consume anything and leaves chew mark on food packaging or evidently house items commonly mistaken for water bugs.


When they go through their life cycle, they shed skin on an average of 5 to 8 times from a light brown to dark brown in colour.

These are just some of the Cockroaches can be found in Singapore

Types of Cockroaches

There are more than 4,00 species of Cockroaches and only one percent are pest to man, the vast majority are harmless. In Singapore however, there are three species that are usually seen:

How to identify cockroach


They prefer very warm, moist places and likes fermenting foods and commonly found in darker areas like sewage and drainage. Both adult male and female length are 1 1/2 to 2 inches long, reddish brown in colour with long wings covering their abdomen. Typically the female produces 9 to 10 egg cases and places or glued in cracks or crevices. Eggs hatch within 40 days, each case producing 10 to 14 young nymph and matures between 220 days and 400 days with an average life span of 440 days.

Germany cockroach infestation


The adults are about ½ an inch long, light brown to tan with two dark long bands behind the head Nymphs are small, dark in colour with lighter streak down its back and matures in 40 to 125 days. This species is the highest reproductive and females produces 30 to 50 eggs each time and carries their egg case till ready to hatch. Adult can live approximately 200 days, consistently mating producing six to nine egg cases throughout.

Brown-banded Cockroach In Singapore


Prefers warmer temperatures compared to German Cockroach, commonly found on appliances like televisions or refrigerators. The adults approximately ½ an inch in length, has a beige brown oval shaped body with wings protruding from its abdomen. Females are darker brown in colour with raindrop shaped body and wings that do not entirely cover the abdomen, typically have a horizontal yellowish bands. Egg cases are usually glued onto furnitures, hidden taking approximately 70 days to hatch and approximately 160 days more for it to reach maturity.


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