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Cockroach carries many disease that can harm your family and business.


Learn More About The Cockroaches

The cockroach is a type of insect that have been around for over 280 millions of years. While only one percent of the 4,000 species are pests to humans, the majority are harmless. These pests that are associate with humans, source for food in unhygienic locations. They can carry germs and excrete dangerous viruses and protozoans.

Most adult cockroach are oval-shaped, leathery bodies with long, thin antennae and strong, spiny legs that are perfect for running. Their tough forewings protect their membranous hind wings, and when at rest, their wings lie flat across their bodies, overlapping. They have large compound eyes and a flattened plate attached to the thorax that partially covers their head.

Most of their adult female produce a sex pheromone to attract a mate. The males often release “aphrodisiac” secretions to prepare females for mating. They multiply in population quickly in unsanitary conditions making them a common problem in Singapore.

These pests do not have a specific habitat and can survive as long as there is a steady food source. While there are various methods to prevent roach infestations. Getting a Professional Pest Control Services is your best option for eliminating and prevent cockroach infestation in Singapore.

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Lifecycle, Diet & All

Cockroach Characteristic

A few types of cockroaches in Singapore, commonly found in both residential and commercial properties. One such type is the american cockroach periplaneta americana, known for its excellent flying abilities when they develop wings. They adapt well in humid environments and even invade properties that are not near any water source.

Frequently found in the food and beverage industry are the german cockroach blattella germanica. They prefer staying indoors, hence the reason you find cockroach in your home often. They enter properties through open doors and windows. These small cockroaches prefer to be in the dark unclean area, and can cause food poisoning and allergic reaction.

The Cockroach Life cycle

The life cycle of a cockroach consists of three stages: egg, nymph, and adult. Females produce an ootheca, also known as a cockroach egg case. Commonly found dropped or glued onto surfaces close to a food source in a sheltered area. However, they carry the ootheca until the eggs hatches and the baby roaches emerge.

On average, there are 6 to 40 eggs per ootheca, depending on the species. During the nymph stage, the roach will molt several times. Nymphs and adults generally have a similar appearance, except for size and the addition of wings in most adults.

Finally, when the roach will reach the adult stage, which takes around 100 days from nymph to adult. At this point, they become sexually active and ready to reproduce! The average lifespan of a cockroach is one to two years, although certain species can live up to a decade.

The Cockroach Anatomy

Their body consists of three segments: head, thorax, and abdomen. With a long pair of antennae, they are able to detect smells and vibrations. The antennae are connect to the head, which has the brain, mouthparts for eating, and compound eyes. The oriental are shiny black to reddish-brown colour and a type of house cockroach species that cannot fly.

Wood cockroaches, insects native to Unites States North America, typically inhabit wooden areas. The smoky-brown cockroach are an outdoor species, commonly found in warmer climates. Cuban cockroaches are light green in colour and tend to hide in trees, plants, and shrubs. However, we do not consider the pale-bordered field a type of roach pest because they reside only outdoors and do not harm plants.

The Cockroach Dietary

They are usually omnivores, which means they will literally eat anything. However, the oriental cockroaches prefer to consume food that contain starch, sweets, grease and meats. Since they are not picky, they will even eat hair, books as well as decaying matter of plants or animals even dead insects.

Although they eat anything, they are also tough and can survive many days without sustenance. A month without food, and two weeks without water, that is how long adult roaches can live. Cockroach feces contains a chemical trails often use by others to find food, water and each other.

Learn to Know When you Will Need Cockroaches Control Services

Signs of Cockroach Infestation

If left unchecked, rapid reproduction can result in severe infestations, leading to potential disease risks. When faced with a growing infestation, it is crucial to contact a pest control company to rid of the cockroach problem. Their expertise in locating breeding areas and implementing thorough extermination ensures a complete eradication.

Watch out for these signs:

Live Presence

Discovering these critters lurking in dirty dishes, kitchen crevices, or any corner of the property, particularly during daylight hours.


Cockroach droppings are small like black pepper and often found in groups. When you find roach dropping do not mistaken them for mouse droppings or ground coffee as they can be quite similar.


Egg cases serve as homes for numerous eggs, signalling the beginning of breeding.


You definitely will not miss their presence in your area, as it brings a strong and unmistakable musty odour.


If you notice random inch-long brownish smear markings on surfaces like floors or walls, it may indicate an infestation. The roach feces and urine are what makes of these marks.


In Singapore, the cockroaches species have a reputation for consuming anything, leaving chew marks on packaging and household items.


When they go through their life cycle, they shed skin on an average of 5 to 8 times from a light brown to dark brown in colour.

These are the types of Cockroaches commonly found in Singapore

Types of Cockroaches

How to identify cockroach

American Cockroach

These insects thrive in warm, damp environments and have a preference for fermenting foods. Often found in dark places such as sewage systems and drains. About 1 1/2 to 2 inches long and have a reddish-brown colour with long wings that cover their abdomen. American cockroaches are the only flying cockroach in Singapore with wings that allow them to fly short distances.

The female typically lays 9 to 10 egg cases, which is places or glues in cracks and crevices. The eggs hatch within 40 days, and each case produces 10 to 14 young nymphs. It takes between 220 and 400 days for these nymphs to mature, and they have an average lifespan of 440 days.

Germany cockroach infestation

German Cockroach

Adults measure approximately ½ an inch in length, light brown to tan with two dark bands behind the head. Nymphs are small, dark with a lighter streak on their back and take 40 to 125 days to mature. This species have the highest reproductive and females produces 30 to 50 eggs each time and carries their egg case till ready to hatch. Adult can live approximately 200 days, consistently mating producing six to nine egg cases throughout.

Brown-banded Cockroach In Singapore

Brown-Banded Cockroach

Prefers warmer temperatures compared to German Cockroach, commonly found on appliances like televisions or refrigerators. The adults approximately ½ an inch in length, has a beige brown oval shaped body with wings protruding from its abdomen.

Female insects are dark brown with a raindrop-shaped body and wings that don’t fully cover the abdomen. They usually have a yellowish bands across their abdomen. The eggs stick in furniture, hide for about 70 days to hatch, and take about 160 more days to grow up.


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