About Us

Innovative Pest Management is one of the most loved privately-held boutique pest control companies in Singapore.
The company specializes in residential & commercial pest services such as
F&B pest control, bed bug control,
general pest, and termite control.

It has earned and maintained a reputation for quality service and customer satisfaction. It is one
of the most advanced and sophisticated pest control organisations in Singapore.
In 2020, Innovative Pest are licensed and certified to conduct any
COVID-19 disinfecting treatment.

Our passion and expertise..

We love what we do..

At Innovative Pest Management, We love what we do and we strive to solve your pest problem.

Our approach to Pest Control in Singapore is unique because we persevere to end your pest problem permanently, without simply managing and masking the symptoms.

All pests evolve with time. – Which is why what worked 2 years ago, may not work today.

… And after being in the field for over 10 years, we have gained an intimate understanding of this truth, which has lead us to develop our unique system, which consistently allows us to keep 12 steps ahead of them.

Managing Director
Fazly Ahmad

Quick Response

When you have a pest problem, we get that you want it taken care of quickly. No call will be left unattended and we promise same-day inspection will be done from our team.

Faster, Green Innovation Solution

We change the way pest control is carried out in Singapore by smartly integrating green biological, environmental, physical, chemical and robotic management tools. And because of this unique approach, we can bring total-balance to your environment, in lesser time.

There’s More At Stake

When we partner with you, we go the extra mile to ensure that your home and business are pest-free because there’s more at stake, than making an extra dollar.

When you partner with us, Pests are kept at bay effectively, while you are freed to go on with your daily life because we take ownership of the pest problems plaguing you.

Every job is different

We take pride in what we do, and we will find the best method to controlling and eradicating your pest problem even if it means doing more than what we should.

We customize our pest package to suit your budget and to get it solve in the shortest time possible.


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We love to talk ” Pest”. Let us know how we can help you. From getting your F&B Pest Contract to sharing your home with creepy crawlers. Let us know. Nothing is too big or small for us.

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