Pest Control for Healthcare Facilities & Medical Centres

With so much to worry about already, Innovative Pest Management Specialists can ease the burden. We focus on our area of specialisation so that medical professionals team can do the same.

Prevent Spreading Diseases

Medical and Healthcare Facilities

Innovative Pest Management understands the importance of being extra careful while servicing any Healthcare industry. We bring down any targeted infestation using chemicals that are eco-friendly safe for Healthcare environment. We approach matters with an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions to protect your patients as well as effectively eradicating the problem.

Healthcare patients in Singapore trust doctors and institutions to handle their medical care safely. Patients trust and expect to receive care from a sanitary, safe, and pest proof facility. Unfortunately, Healthcare industry faces higher risk of attracting pests due to the human traffic going in and out of the facility. You need the help of Innovative Pest Management in Singapore to keep your business protected.

With our Professional Pest Management program, we will keep pests out of Healthcare and Medical facility for good.

Common Pest Infestations

Pest Concerns In Healthcare

Singapore Healthcare facilities face similar pest risks as other Residential Homes and Commercial Businesses. However, the size of the facility, the amount of human traffic coming and going on daily. And the amount of resources, like food and water made available, significantly increases the risk of pests. 

Having a pest issue is a major health and safety concern especially for medical service industry. Some pests carry bacteria and contaminate food and surroundings due to their unsanitary lifestyle behaviours. Certain pest species can damage personal belongings and even destroy the structure of buildings. 

When pests invade Healthcare facilities, patients are at a higher risk of contracting bacteria, despite existing health problems. Some pests can infect open wounds, spreading bacteria directly to the injured area. 

If Healthcare facility gains reputation for having pest infestation problem, it can affect the trust and success of the business. The safest way to ensure that pests never run the show is with Innovative Commercial Business Pest Control services. 

Quote of the Century

Prevention is Better than Treatment

Benjamin Franklin famous quote that says “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Though he was not implying Pest Control, he certainly should have. Innovative Pest Management emphasise on prevention as the main Pest Management method for Hospitals, Clinics Healthcare Facilities & Medical Centres. We prevent pests, before they become a problem.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Benjamin Franklin

Innovative Pest Management Solutions

Assess Your Pest Management Options

Innovative Pest Management will prepare a custom made Pest Management plan specifically for your facility. We utilise the latest industry advance technology and environmentally responsible techniques. We give extra care and attention to zero tolerance areas that require a higher intensity of service. We tailor made the method of approach to the specific needs and conditions of each area.

It may vary as time goes by to ensure the best results at the lowest possible charges. We pay special attention to eliminating and sanitation services in susceptible areas. Areas such as food kitchen service, cafes, and break rooms, loading area, garbage disposal and waiting rooms.

Frequent Asked Question For Healthcare Facilities & Medical Centres


Comprehensive Pest Control service for General Hospital, Private Hospitals, Community Hospital, Care Hospitals can minimise the risk of any secondary infection. They can also reduce Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) as well as prevent health and safety hazards for your patients and staff.

Hospitals usually go through intense cleaning sessions to prevent the transmission of germs from ill patients. However, the presence of these pests can be hard to avoid due to the number of people in the premise.

From employees to patients, family members and friends, thousands of people come in and out of the hospital every single day. Doors are frequently open which provides pests and flying insects an easy access to enter the premises.

They can use entry points through medical supplies deliveries, since cartons and boxes serve as a nesting material for some pests. Kitchens where hospital food is being prepare and store attract pests from invading due to the smell.

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