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Know the difference between a wasps and hornet, it can potentially save your life.

Hornet and Wasp

Learn More About Hornets and Wasps

Hornets and wasps in Singapore are capable of stinging multiple times if they feel threatened, resulting in allergic reactions. Seek medical attention if blood pressure drops or shortness in breath occurs. Wasp and hornet killer stings can be life-threatening to grasshoppers, caterpillars, and other smaller insects. These solitary wasps can be especially aggressive when defending their nests.

The asian giant hornet, European hornet and bald faced hornet are the three species to take caution. They get equally as aggressive when provoke. These carnivorous insects have a diet that includes sugar from ripe fruits, insects, honeydew, and tree sap. Difference between a wasp and hornet sting is difficult to tell.

To pinpoint the correct species a crucial step. A few type of treatment methods available to tackle wasps and hornets in Singapore. Getting a Professional Pest Control Services is your best bet to rid of your problem permanently.

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Lifecycle, Diet & All

Hornet and Wasp Characteristic

They can create a constant nuisance and chaos on your outdoor events. From identifying to eliminating, learn everything you need to understand about the pest. Learn how to identify them correctly, it is easier to tackle any stinging pest problem

Learn to Know When you Will Need Hornets and Wasps Control Services

Signs of Hornet and Wasp Infestation

Unfortunately, hornet and wasps lives in their own nests, and may lead to large infestations. Locating and identify the infestation early can make it easier to handle and rid of the stinging insect.

Watch out for these signs:

Live Presence

Seeing one or two hornets or wasps does not necessarily indicate an infestation. Potentially just them passing through. But if you see several of these pests in your home it could mean an infestation.


If you have seen a nest on your premises, it is possible that you are facing an active infestation. They normally build their nests in areas such as toilets, cabinets, and wooden closet doors. Yellow jackets are well known for building under ground nests, so keep a close lookout for holes nearby.


The paper wasp and hornet chew on wood mixed with saliva. They will likely take wood from objects found on your premises. You will notice tiny holes in trees, wooden cabinets, or the exterior home.

Buzzing Noise

Like various other flying insects, hornets or wasps too makes noise as they take flight. You will hear the loud buzzing sound escaping your ears even before seeing them. Do not attempt to use a wasp and hornet spray without proper identification, as it will make matters worse.

These are the types of Hornets and Wasps commonly found in Singapore

Types Of Hornets and Wasps

Lesser Banded Hornet

They are aggressive and have a powerful sting that can cause a severe allergic reaction. Their nests looks like a bell-shaped that is made with overlapping paper.

Greater Banded Hornet

They are large and distinctive, with an orange head and black-banded orange abdominal. Like any other wasp, they defend their nest colony if provoked.

Yellow-Vented Hornet

They are black and yellow with marking at the end of the abdomen. In Singapore, they are slightly light in colour and considered least defensive species.

Pear-Tailed Potter Wasp

They have stingers use to kill common insects and when defending their nests. Their thorax are longer stretched to the abdomen part.

Banded Paper Wasps

They are territorial and attacks people with their stings causing a lot of pain. Like all venomous animals, they produce a fatal anaphylactic reaction for some.


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