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Our highly trained specialist has more than 20 years of experience. That ranks us as one of the top pest companies in Singapore. We love what we do and we are always eager to learn about the new products, advance technology and solution methods. This ensure that Innovative Pest Control solutions meets your expectations.

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Pest Control requires two main important factors, Theoretical Knowledge and Practical Experience. Theoretical knowledge allows us to better understand pest behaviours, dietary, characteristic and breeding patterns. Practical experiences come from our daily experience through our services and treatments. When both combine, we delivers quality service with effective solutions.

Innovative Pest Control Services will guide you to understand better to how IPM can help eliminate your pest problems. With the advance new technology and IPM methods applied to effectively control any infestation. Most importantly, we use environmental friendly products that will keep your residential and commercial businesses safe and pest free.

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Singapore Pest Control & Integrated Pest Management in Singapore

Innovative Pest Management is a reliable and result orientated pest control company in Singapore. Partner with us and we will guarantee the best customised plan designed specially just for you. Our pest control team of specialists puts in maximum effort into every service to exceed expectations. Innovative Pest Control company takes a non-invasive yet affective approach that is eco friendly, defending against pest problems.

Pest Control Services In Singapore

Innovative Pest Management offers a wide range of pest control services. Be it for your residential home, school, office, restaurant or even vessel. We provide a complimentary pest inspection before proceeding to fix any common pest related issues. This way, you will get a fair quote and a custom made pest control treatment solution for your pest problems.
Our Home Pest Control Singapore Services include. Ants Control, Cockroach Control, Rodent Control, Bed Bug Control, Mosquito Control and many more. As termite specialist, we offer an exclusive and comprehensive Termite Control service. This includes Termite Baiting Station, Anti-Termite Treatment and Soil Treatment.
Follow, read and view our Pest Blog and Pest Vlog for our latest pest control tips and advice. We cover a variety of pest control and preventive topics.


Safe, Fast and Eco-Friendly
  • Pre- Move In Pest Control
  • Pest Control For Landed Property
  • Pest Control For Apartment


Pest Control For Your Business
  • Pest Control For F&B Outlet
  • Pest Control For Industrial
  • Pest Control for Offices
  • Childcare and Learning Centre
  • Residential Project

Our Google Reviews

At Innovative Pest Management, we go above and beyond to achieve an excellent Customer Service. We partner to make a safer and healthier Pest Free environment. Helping customers succeed in their business while protecting people from harmful diseases. We will care for your residential homes and commercial businesses.

  • Oriental Ice Bistro
    We have been engaging their services for the past 7 years. All their staffs are detailed oriented and meticulous in their routine servicing. Premise remain pest free and in good hands. Special mention to our routine service engineer Mohamad Shah Haikal is hardworking, very detailed and professional. Looking forward to many years of cooperation ahead and reasonable pricing.
    Oriental Ice Bistro
    Business Owner
  • GinToki Sakata
    Hadi has been very knowledgeable and insightful with what he has shared. Would recommend him as also his service is tiptop!
    GinToki Sakata
    Home Owner
  • Ken A
    I highly recommend Innovative Pest and I have done so to many people who have also now used them and are also happy. When we were doing a renovation a few years ago, some termite activity was seen. So I began to look around for a pest company. Some were slow to respond or didn't reply at all. A "brand name" company responded but their solution was not appropriate and their pricing was ridiculous, would have cost 2 or 3 times the price. Fazly was very prompt in replying, fast in coming down to do an assessment and also recommended the correct treatment, which required drilling into the foundation to inject anti-termite chemicals. (more…)
    Ken A
    Home Owner
  • Wani Dd
    I would like to give my compliment to Mr. Yap Chye Koon, explain to him about what our company facing. And during the visit, he makes us understand better. And also told him that we are faced bad service from different company. So told him that we expect a good outcome. And yes, thanks Mr. Yap for really marks your words. I would like to give a compliment to your Technician Muhd Riduan Bin Yacoub. He has done a good job. My director loves the way he did for the cockroach flush out treatment. And all of us a satisfied. So far, we don't see any more crawling creature. We hope for the monthly servicing the technician will be good as Mr. Muhd Riduan.
    Wani Dd
    Business Owner
  • Yun Lim
    Adi from Innovative Pest Management was professional, and he was patient and detailed when explaining the pest issues and proposed remedy. He effectively addressed the infestation, prioritised customer satisfaction with prompt responses and transparent communication. Would highly recommend Adi from Innovative Pest to anyone looking for pest control solutions.
    Yun Lim
    Home Owner
  • P Liang
    Reached out to Innovative Pest Control for booklice issue and was linked up with Mr Yap. He was very knowledgeable, prompt and helpful - he even managed to squeeze me in his schedule quickly to inspect my house while I was overseas. He even followed up with an update after and responded to all my concerns. He also gave me advice on what I can do to reduce the booklice at home. Very honest and reassuring. I had another pest issue (ants) after where his colleague, Danial came down to assist. He was very nice and polite as well. Did what he needed to do to eliminate the pests and also took into account that I had very young children at home so he was extra careful not to spray/apply gel around the easily accessible areas. Thank you Mr Yap and Danial! You both are really genuine and kind! I would highly recommend engaging them if you are dealing with any pest issue - it's fast and effective! (I tried to control on my own but wasted time and money). Thank you once again!
    P Liang
    Home Owner
  • Candice
    I had a great experience with Yap. He was accommodating and pleasant, very willing to listen and propose reasonable solutions. He had a wealth of knowledge and was willing to share. Would highly recommend to all.
    Home Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions? Browse through our dedicated FAQS page here.

1What can I expect after contacting Innovative Pest Management?
You have either call us through our hotline or had requested a call back via our enquiry form. Any missed call will be returned as soon as we can whereas for any enquiry via email or our form, we will return back the call within 2 hours. This include both Saturday and Sunday.
2What are the steps taken after our initial contact?
We always will set up a complimentary site visit. This is to ensure that a fair and competitive non obligatory quotation will be given on the spot you.
3Why is there a need for a complimentary inspection?
Gone are those days where a service technician comes to a premise to do only spraying. We have evolve to making sure pest identification is important before we proceed to finding the correct solution to eradicating the pest at hand.
4What happen after I had sign up for a pest program with Innovative Pest Management?
All new clients are manage by our customer service team. They will be the one who will make arrangement for all the appointment. Each customer service is supported by a team of technicians and a supervisor. So rest assure, you are taken care of.
5Do I need to make an appointment every month for my pest control service?
Your account will be handle by your own district Customer Service Personnel. They will be one making the arrangement monthly for your pest service.

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