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Protect your pets from fleas and ticks that can cause health problems. From allergic reactions to serious tick-borne illnesses.

Fleas and Ticks

Learn More About Flea and Ticks

Fleas are tiny, wingless pest that live on animals by feed their blood. Ticks are much larger than fleas, and have eight instead of six legs. They have mouthparts that allows them to pierce and inject their saliva into the animal skin. Ticks carries various disease such as lyme disease, spot fever, and tularemia.

Ticks and fleas are the most common parasites. They find hosts from both animals and humans for a blood meal nutrient. If left untreated, the insect bites can be painful causing an allergy reaction and transmit disease. The similarity sharing the same parasitic behaviour and tiny size, they are from two different insect species.

When fleas lay their eggs on your pet, some may fall and hatch on carpets, beds, or any other furnitures. The new breed of fleas may target you or your pet, feeding on your blood, and lay many more eggs. Many kinds of topical treatment are available to solve the problem. Ultimately, Innovative Pest Flea Control Services is your best chance to rid of fleas and ticks in Singapore.

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Lifecycle, Diet & All

Fleas and Ticks Characteristic

Unfortunately, they are more active during warmer days means activities like eating out, beach days may be the root cause. The chances are higher during a day outdoors in the park or even for a stroll around the neighbourhood. Pest control prevents them and saves you and your pet from the itchy bites and annoying infestations.

Learn to Know When you Will Need Fleas and Ticks Control Services

Signs of Fleas and Tick Infestation

If these pest have not made any direct appearance, but want to take caution and be ahead of an infestation. It can affect not only your pets, but also the people in your homes as well. A few signs that indicate they have made you or someone you love a host.

Live Presence

When they find new homes, it is possible to spot them on areas where your pets are usually around. For example, their kennels or the bedding where they sleep.

Itching Pet

Fleas and ticks prefers to feed on animal hosts. If you notice your pet scratching their skin, Excessive licking or scratching, it maybe infected.


A flea bite is much itchier compared to a mosquito bite. You will develop rashes or hives if your skin is extra sensitive. Tick bites are not that itchy and harder to detect, they will only leave red bumps on your skin.


You will find tiny black specks on your pets or dog's skin, fur or bedding. They are flea dirt, a mix of blood meal and faeces.

These are the types of Fleas and Ticks commonly found in Singapore

Types Of Fleas and Ticks

Dog Flea

Despite its name dog flea ctenocephalides canis, this type of flea bites in Singapore can infect both cats and dogs. It has a flat body, giving it the ability the move easily on its host’s body. Additionally, the spine project backwards and this helps them hold on to the animal during grooming. Fleas on dogs are common and require flea treatment to carefully remove it from your pet.

Flea comb is one of the most popular method to detect fleas and remove the fleas from the pets fur.

Cat Flea

The cat flea Ctenocephalides Felis is a common parasitic insect that host the domestic cat. The reddish-brown and their hind legs are incredibly powerful that enable them to run and jump on hairs and furs. Size-wise they are at least 0.1 to 0.3 centimetres long. After feeding on a host, their colour can turn reddish-black.

Dog Tick

Both male and female of dog ticks have similar characteristics. They are reddish-brown in colour and have flat as well as oval bodies often confused with bed bug. They are usually indoors, often found in dog cages and rarely, it will bite humans. Unless there are no other host suitable for a meal found nearby.


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