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Flies Control

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Sanitation is an important part of flies control. Once the source is eliminated, only can the treatment be effective. Innovative Pest Management uses a wide range of treatment to control your flies infestation.

Basic Flies control tips

Flies need a moisture to lay their eggs. Keeping your area dry is very important.
Areas that you should take clean up include:

  • Drainage area
  • Floor trap
  • Areas that has condesation such as beer tap, fridge, sink
  • Rubbish bins

Do-it-yourself flies control remedy

Fly traps are commonly bought by those with a fly infestation.

Getting an fly control program

Our first step will be to find the potential breeding spots. Once this is identify, different method is being used to control the infestation.


Proper inspection, both indoor and outdoor, allows us to understand the infestation level. We will zero in on the root of the problem and target the main harbouring area.


Identifying the types of fly allow us to use the appropriate treatment needed to control the infestation.


Liquid insecticide

  • Residual Insecticide
  • Direct elimination


  • Fly traps 


  • Residual space spray