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Flies can transmit 65 diseases to humans, including typhoid fever, dysentery, cholera, poliomyelitis, yaws, anthrax, tularemia, leprosy and tuberculosis

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Flies Control

Flies are often associated with dirtiness. That is actually true. Sanitation is an important part of flies control. So when you suspect an infestation happening in your property, an action must immediately taken to get rid of flies.

The reason being is that flies are carriers of many bacteria that causes diseases. Some include cholera, typhoid fever, and even tuberculosis.

Understanding the fly species, and their life cycle are vital for a successful pest control. Once the source is eliminated, only can the treatment be effective. Innovative Pest Management uses a wide range of treatment to control your flies infestation.

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Basic Flies Control Tips

It’s natural to worry about pests infesting your homes. After all, they cause a lot of inconvenience. Not to worry! Here are some ways to stop flies from invading:

Close Entry Points

Install screens or nets on your windows and pet doors.

Turn Off Lights

Flies have positive phototaxis. Meaning, they are naturally attracted to lights.  

Cover Leftover Foods Properly

Containers with tight lids will be your best friend against flies who like to attack your food!

Keep Dry

If leaving food around is cannot be avoided, ensure that it is stored in tight containers to stop ants from smelling it.

Dispose Trash Regularly

The smell of rotting garbage will lure flies around your property so ensure that you take it out once it’s full.

Try These Out First

Do-It-Yourself Flies Control Remedy

Preventive measures are only there to try and “prevent” pests from infesting. Of course, it will not be 100% guaranteed as not everyone are experts. When that happens, you can turn into home remedies and try to solve the issue on your own.

There are actually many popular do-it-yourself solutions. For example:


If you are keen on planting on your garden or backyards, herbs and flowers like basil, marigold, lavender and bay leaves are great examples of fly repellants. Afterwards, you can use it for cooking too!


Some people dislike the strong odour of ginger. Apparently, it works for flies too! Make a ginger spray by mixing ginger powder and water.

Cider Vinegar & Dish Soap

Pour the vinegar in a mason jar with one drop of dish soap. Next, cover it with a plastic wrap. Then, poke a few holes at the top. The scent of vinegar will attract the flies while the soap with get them stuck.

Hair Spray

This is one of the easiest home solution for flies as most already have this in their bathroom. Just spray it on flies! It will slow them down once their wings get stuck.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

This is specifically effective for fruit flies. For starters, boil a water. While it is still hot, add 10 drops of the oil. You can use this mixture to spray on them.

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Flies Control Treatment

Ants control is one of the most popular pest control package. Especially for homeowners, understand that ant eradication is possible. They will find that the moment ants start infesting in the rooms, they are facing serious pest issues.

From what we have experienced, homes with young kids are more prone to having ants issues. The reason is quite obvious. Kids tend to make a mess while eating. The smallest crumbs can attract these ants. 

Our first step in ant control program is identifying the ants before finding their nest and harbourage area. We will start by following their trails. Worker ants lay down a chemical pheromone trail along their established routes to and from a food source. For most cases, nests are often found in crack or crevice. Treating the nest and harbouring area will end the infestation. Once all these are established, we will apply the right ant treatment applications to combat the ants. 

Check out the video of a ghost ants infestation feeding on our highly recommended eco-friendly ant gel

Steps To Solve Your Fly Problem

Get A Pest Control Program


Inspection & Identification

A big part of our work involve conducting a thorough inspection in your premise. This allow us be able to identify any current pest infestation or potential pest issue that you might face.

The inspection is conducted either by: 

  • Visual Inspection or
  • Thermal Imaging Inspection
Gel baiting cockroach control


A big part of our work involve conducting a thorough inspection in your premise. This allow us be able to identify any current pest infestation or potential pest issue that you might face.

These are some of our methods: 

Liquid insecticide

  • Residual insecticide
  • Direct elimination


  • Fly traps


Residual space spray



A big part of our work involve conducting a thorough inspection in your premise. This allow us be able to identify any current pest infestation or potential pest issue that you might face.

Our reports system will:

  • Hardcopy- A hard copy will be given to you at the end of the session or;
  • Softcopy- An E-Report will be emailed to you directly. This allow you to be at work and yet know that the pest issue is being taken care of.

What Can You Expect

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Dedicated Point of Contact

Your own personal admin will be handling your scheduling, feedback and pest related issue.

Dedicated On-The-Ground Pest Supervisor

Your own pest supervisor will be handling any re-infestation pest issue.

Quality Check

Our operation manager will be heading to your premises for quality control check during the duration of your contract.

Call Back

Same day call back without any charges. For urgent matters, we will be in under 2 hours. That is our commitment.

Document Related Issue

All soft copy service report is updated in a dedicated server while a hardcopy will be filed up and placed in your premise. We have the know how to help you in any kind of licensing, from SFA Food Stall, to AVA catering, to passing an Audit and even shipyard and vessel pest clearance.

Pest Identification & House Keeping

Our local technician will be on hand to provide training on pest identification and the housekeeping status in order for your premise to be pest free.



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