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Get Rid of Flies in Restaurant with Flying Insect Trap Station

UV Light Fly Trap Station

Innovative white fly trap makes capturing flies and other flying pests simple and easy. With UV light, adhesive board and an unnoticeable design. The product makes a great effort of 24 hour non-chemical to control flying insect pests. We will place it 5 to 6 feet above the ground and the fly trap will do the rest with an attraction range of 1,800 square feet.

Easy to use with a user friendly design

Energy saving – Low power source required

Durable and sturdy, easy to install and maintain

Best solution to prevent flies such as house flies, bluebottles flies, drain fly, fruit flies and moth flies.

Industries standard solution, proven effective and efficient

Scientific proven field data have shown immediate killing of flying pests

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Flying Insect Repellant Fly Trap

UV Light Fly Trap Station Most Trusted Applicator

Targeted pests: Flies Insects

Usage in: Restaurants, Clinic, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Office Buildings, Residential Homes and Bakeries

Application: Place the fly trap station in the designated area and plug the cord into a socket

Pet safe: Yes

Dimensions: 19 Width x 11.5 Height x 5.5 Depth in inches

Coverage Area: 1,800 square feet

UV Power: 25 watt

Voltage: 115 volt

Colour: White

Material / Construction: Metal

Parts Includes: Disposable 4 x 16 inch adhesive panel

Flying Insect Repellant Fly Trap

Are UV Light Fly Traps Station Effective?

Insects are well-known to flying towards lamps or any other means of outdoor lightings at night. Base solely on natural phototactic and scientific evidence. The UV insect light traps are primarily use for outdoors to control the fly situation. We use this method base on the reactions of flying insects towards the light as a “clean” method for pest control.

The fly trap uses zero pesticides, creating positive reviews and results for many years now. The UV light attracts flying insects, eventually get trap on the adhesive glue board or zap with a pan that catches the dead insects. No matter the type of flying species, flies are always a nuisance. They create a serious problem in the food and beverages industry.

It bothers customers and ruin dining experiences. Proven research shows that flies and various flying insects cannot resist the allure of light. Using a UV light fly trap attracts flies and many other bugs inside trap on glue board. The ultimate tool for fly control.

The Expert Guide to Controlling Flies

How do you Keep Drain Flies Away from Your Home?

Identify the breeding ground of the flies and determine what attracts the flies. If fruits attract flies, removing the food source can prevent them. It requires effort and consistency to rid of drain fly problem completely.

Flies infestation happens when a source is accessibly available. Once we manage the source of the problem, we will resolve the problem. Fly problems can be troublesome, especially if you are not sure what started it. Feel free to call an Innovative Pest Control specialist if you feel defeated.


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