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Rodent Control

Any kind of pest infestations can be annoying and causes inconvenience. For Residential Property, having pests can be alarming, especially when you have children. Meanwhile, for Commercial Property, having pests can be bad for business, especially if it is a Rat or Mouse infestation. This is because they transmit diseases like leptospirosis, lassa fever, salmonellosis and Rat bite fever.

Rodents in Singapore is one of the most common pest problems. The island is reputable for being clean. In some areas, bin centres and refuse chutes that are not properly managed will eventually attract Rats and Mice. Additionally, Rat control should be fast and effective.

So, the key to a successful Rodent control program is finding their harbouring areas. You need to act fast and get matters under control. Since rats reproduce rapidly, this prevents the rodent population from expanding and moving to another area. Ultimately Innovative Pest Control Services is the best Rodent Control in Singapore to get rid of Rodent problems permanently.

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Basic Rodent Control Tips

Domestic pet Rats can only live for 2-4 years, the longest living rat in captivity live longer for 7 years old. Wild Rat lifespan are usually short due to predation, disease, and lack of adequate food, water, and veterinary care.

From birth to adult, average Rats take about three weeks to mature and begin fending for themselves. Rodents reaches sexual maturity in about 5 weeks. The Female Rat start mating to produce and start the Rat life cycle over.

You can stop infestation from happening in your property by knowing how to prevent them. Here are some tips to avoid rats:

Seal All Entry Points

Rats can enter your homes through openings in your doors and windows. Make sure all places that can provide them entry.

Maintain Cleanliness

Sanitation plays a big role in preventing Rats from infesting. Garbage cans are to remain covered at all times with clean surface. Make sure to dispose of rotten food properly as the smell could invite unwanted pest.

Avoid Clutter

Dispose empty boxes and unused cardboards as they can provide shelter for rats.

Remove Food and Water Sources

Food and water are critical for Rat survival. Make sure to invest in airtight containers for leftover foods.

Traps & Glue Boards

Purchase off the shelve traps and baits are also an effective Rodent Control measure.

Try These Out First

Do-It-Yourself Rodent Control Remedy

Aside from hiding potential food sources for Rats, buying glue boards and cages are popular options for Rodent Control. However, knowing where to correctly place the traps is another matter.

That’s why getting a Professional Pest Control Company’s service is important. They can stop the Rat population from multiplying fast and eradicate the infestation.

Moreover, Rodent Control Specialist are equipped with knowledge through years of experience. They can easily identify the signs before coming up with a Rodent treatment plan to get rid of your infestation.

Nevertheless, you can also try to do home remedies to repel rats. For example:

Pepper and Cloves

Sprinkling this near holes and openings, it will prevent rats from entering your property. That is because pepper and cloves irritates a Rat’s nose

Potato Powder

Is effective to repel Rats by placing it around your premises and they will follow the trail and it eat. Once it enters their body, it will swell up within the intestine and kill them.


Ammonia has a suffocating smell that Rats will avoid. Simply spray it on small cotton balls and place near areas where you see them.

Onion and Garlic

These vegetables are not only smelly for humans. Putting slices of onion and garlic cloves at the entry ways helps to fend them off as Rats despise the odour.

Water and Peppermint Oil

We like the smell of peppermint as it gives us the refreshing aroma. Just like onion and garlic, they find water and peppermint unappealing.

While these remedies may help you get rid of Rodents. Do note that the most important aspect of Rodent treatment is preventing reoccurrence. Once the source is eliminated the Rodent population will be controlled.

Learn About Rodent Treatment

Rodent Control Treatment

The first step of our Rodent Control Program is identifying the types of Rodents in your area. Some of the most common species found in Singapore includes the Norway Rat, Roof Rat and House Mouse.

Whether rat vs mouse dropping identification is critical step in determining the type of Rodent and measure of activity. This will enable us to solve your Rodent problems faster. We will spend a big part of our treatment time understanding and finding their pathway.

Check out the video of Rodent found in false ceiling recorded by our infrared camera. Rodent not just found on the ground but can also move through false ceiling. Watch more video here. 

Steps To Solve Your Rodent Problem

Get A Pest Control Program


Inspection & Identification

A big part of our work involve conducting a thorough inspection in your premise. This allow us be able to identify any current pest infestation or potential pest issue that you might face.

The inspection is conducted either by:

  • Visual Inspection or
  • Thermal Imaging Inspection
  • Infrared Camera
Gel baiting cockroach control


All Rodent baits and traps will be placed at strategic locations without underestimating the size of the infestation. Our focus areas include areas where water, food or harbourage is potential.

Rodents have oily hair leaving smudge marks where they travel. Our expert will gather all the relevant information before coming up with a customised Rodent Control Program.

  • Rodent Stations – protects baits from moisture and dusts. They will also serve as protection for children and pets as well as contamination.
  • Snap Traps – the Rodent will be trapped when the bar comes down and snap when the bait is triggered.
  • Glue Board– this is coated with very sticky adhesive. The material is made from plastic trays or cardboards.
  • Rodent Pellet – is an effective pesticide. It is designed to kill Rodents such as Rats and Mice, adult or young rats. It helps attracts them by using a substance smelling like peanut butter.


A big part of our work involve conducting a thorough inspection in your premise. This allow us be able to identify any current pest infestation or potential pest issue that you might face.

Our reports system will:

  • Hardcopy- A hard copy will be given to you at the end of the session or;
  • Softcopy- An E-Report will be emailed to you directly. This allow you to be at work and yet know that the pest issue is being taken care of.

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Dedicated Point of Contact

Your own personal admin will be handling your scheduling, feedback and pest related issue.

Dedicated On-The-Ground Pest Supervisor

Your own pest supervisor will be handling any re-infestation pest issue.

Quality Check

Our operation manager will be heading to your premises for quality control check during the duration of your contract.

Call Back

Same day call back without any charges. For urgent matters, we will be in under 2 hours. That is our commitment.

Document Related Issue

All soft copy service report is updated in a dedicated server while a hardcopy will be filed up and placed in your premise. We have the know how to help you in any kind of licensing, from SFA Food Stall, to AVA catering, to passing an Audit and even shipyard and vessel pest clearance.

Pest Identification & House Keeping

Our local technician will be on hand to provide training on pest identification and the housekeeping status in order for your premise to be pest free.



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