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Bee Control

Bee control Singapore

Bee attacked is very rare in Singapore. Bee swarms are harmless unless they perceived a threat. During the rainy season, beehive could end up near human habitat. Bees maintain a crucial role in the environment. They produce honey and pollination of plants.

It is normal to feel scared seeing bees flying around. Stay calm and don’t try to remove the nest on your own. Take precaution and keep your distance. Contacting a local pest control company like us or even a local beekeeper. The professional handle it. We can efficiently remove the hive.

Type of bee

MALAYAN BEES – Are native of south and southeast Asia mainly in the forested area. Also known as the Giant Honey Bees or Apis Dorsata. Indigenous people use this species as a source of honey and beeswax.

BUMBLE BEESThis is a common type of bee which lives in large groups. Twice the size compare to the Honey Bees. Distinct yellow and black combo stripes.

HONEY BEES – Live in colonies of 50,000 or more, produce honey and help to pollinate plants. They have yellow and brown body stripes.
They can only sting once. Most common bees found.

CARPENTER BEES – Build their nest by boring through wood laying their eggs. Only the female sting and do this more than once. They are an inch long with bluish-black colour, the male is solid black.

SWEAT BEES – These bees are attracted to human sweat thus the name. They play a crucial role in pollination like other bees. Their colony are small compared to the size of the hive. Sweat bees may be green, red and yellow.

AFRICANIZED KILLER BEES – They are like normal honey bees, have the same amount of venom, produce honey and wax and will protect their hive. The difference is in their behaviour with psychological makeup makes them more aggressive. They easily provoke and attack in greater numbers. A person can end up with a 100 stings.

Bee Removal

Remove outdoor mess to prevent bees from nesting outdoor. Put away lawn equipment and appliances found in the gardens to avoid from honey bees using to shelter for the hive.

Sealing entry point – Bees can gain entry to building or object that contain hole that is a quarter of an inch or larger.

Treatment application to the scout bees – deter them from informing the swarm of the potential nesting spot. So the swarm move to different location.

Remove traces of honeycomb – scents left on honeycomb can attract newcomers if your home previously occupied by honey bees.

Bee Stings

Bees role in pollination and producing honey can also become a threat to people when hives found near or inside home. Certain species of bee can pose danger to human if sting in large numbers when provoked. The sting has the potential for an allergic reaction, resulting in anaphylactic shock. This is a serious medical condition attention that can even cause death.

What not do if you spot a hive

When strong wind and rain destroyed their habitat they will seek refuge in a dry space to rebuild their hive. There are cases where pest control attends to a beehive on high rise apartment. They can build a hive near the window or balcony. With less forested area in Singapore and many high rise apartment it is normal for this to happen. Attempting to remove it on your own will result in an attack.  Get pest control services for bee removal. They can assess the situation and come out with the proper course of action, safely and effectively.


● A bee colony can split into a new hive at residential or commercial premises.

● Bees can nest in the ground with shallow and simple hole in the soil.

● They can have a single branch or multiple branches expanding their nests by creating underground mazes.


Make sure to get children and pets away from the hive. They can be playful and provoked the bees unknowingly. Bees can be unpredictable in nature so eradication is necessary for safety reason. It is necessary to identify the bees because they can be mistaken for wasp nest which requires different treatment. Let the pest control professional do proper identification and with proper course of treatment. Do not approach the hive it will defend its nest. An attack can lead to death so best to let a professional handle it.


After eradicating the colony it is important to remove the hive. It will remove dead larvae which will stink. It will also prevent new colonies from occupying the abandoned hive. Once the hive is empty, you may knock it down from the tree. It is important to remove wax hives from your wall because it may melt and cause damage.


Bees often build hive near to food source and are attracted to strong sweet smells. Placed cut pears and mangoes into a bag about 15 to 20 feet away from the hive. Keep moving the bait a few feet away from the hive every few days. Continue this process until the bees stop visiting the original location and set up hive close to the bag.

Another method is to fill a basin with sugar water and place near bees. The bees will be attracted to the water and drown.


Bees not only attracted to sweet smell but equally to repulsed by pungent smells. Sprinkle garlic powder around the bees. It will generally avoid the area. By using citronella candles will scents will drive the bees away. Effective in forcing colony to relocate when the candle is burned close to the hive.

Cucumber peels is another natural form of repellent. Bees find the scents repulsive.


By mixing vinegar and canola oil in a quart of water and place in a spray bottle. Spraying it on the bees will make it difficult for them to fly, but they will suffocate. Using sprays however you must attack the bees directly.


Bees can only be eradicated by removing the hive which requires professional help. The pest specialist requires proper training and equipment to deal with the situation. They to wear proper protection to approach the hive. Improper handling could end up with injury or even death.


Chemical spray will be used by Pest Specialist to destroy the bees. They are designed to a specific species so the choice of chemical is crucial. Pest technician will destroy the nest and any openings after killing the colony.

Please do not attempt removal on your own. At Innovative Pest Management, we are ready to handle any pest situation. We are equipped to handle all sort of pests at any time and location in Singapore. Call us at 6100 5266 for assistant or email us at