Anti Termite Treatment in Singapore | Pre & Post Termite Control Program

Termite Soil and Corrective Treatment

Soil and Corrective termite treatment (Pre and Post Termite Control In Singapore)

Soil and corrective termite treatment are prevention measure to having a subterranean termite infestation. Taking a proactive step is always recommended for your property. Let Innovative Pest Management inspect your property and advise you on how to get started. 

What is a Soil (Pre-construction) Termite Treatment?

Soil ( Pre-construction ) Termite Treatment is done during the planning and construction of the property. This process involved treating the soil underneath the building structure.

How does Pre-construction Termite Treatment work?

A non-repellent liquid termicide is used to treat the soil to kill the subterranean termite by contact and ingestion. The termicide has a slow-acting substance that allow the subterranean termite to come into contact with the rest of the colony. This “Domino Effect” will lead to the elimination of the colony and protecting your property.

Why Soil (Pre-construction) Termite Treatment work?

Soil (Pre-construction) treatment is a pro-active approach to any termite infestation. The soil will be treated with termicide and will create a barrier to stop any termite intrusion.

What is a Corrective (Post–construction) Termite Treatment (Corrective treatment)

Post–construction Termite Treatment happen after concrete slabs are laid on the ground. The perimeter of the property is treated to form an anti-termite zone.

How does Post-construction Termite Treatment work?

  • Drilling holes of 18mm diameter through the slab using heavy-duty “Rotary Hammer.
  • Injecting five liters of termicide at the dilution rate into the holes.
  • Patching up the holes using cement with a colored cement mix to match the general appearance of the floor-surface

Why Corrective (Post–construction) Termite Treatment work?

Termites cannot detect the anti-termite treated zone, so once they enter, they will immediately be affected.

Rodding treatment

Any soil area, which can usually be found at the backyard, side of the property and the front area are treated with drenching or rodding. Termicide will be injected to the area to prevent any termite intrusion.

Check out the video below: Termite mound being treated

What will you get from Termite Control Prevention Program

  • A through termite inspection
  • Cable detection inspection
  • Soil or Corrective treatment
  • Biannual inspection
  • Re-treatment if there is any subterranean termite intrusion
  • 5 years warranty. (Warranty is transferrable)

5 years protection against any subterranean termite

All Termite control prevention program will be covered for 5 years against any subterranean termite intrusion. We will do a re-treatment for any intrusion. Rest assure knowing that your subterranean termite infestation is at the hand of capable and experience pest controllers.

Anti- termite treatment in singapore

Using our power sprayer, we will dretch the soil before using a black sheet to cover the treated soil.

Anti Termite Corrective Treatment

Holes are drilled one feet apart and as close as possible to the perimeter of the building

Anti Termite corrective treatmen

Rodding is done here