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Innovative Pest Control guarantees result in the shortest time possible. We identify the type of Termite and proceed with the best Anti-Termite Control Solution in the market. Be it prevention or eradication.

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Soil and Corrective Termite Treatment (Pre and Post Termite Control In Singapore)

Termites infestation can cause serious property damage which can jeopardise the integrity of the building structure. This will compromise the safety of anyone in the property from the Termite making your property an all-you-can-eat buffet. Apart from that, repair works are can be costly. It is best to have a preventive measure in place.

Soil and corrective Termite Treatment is a preventive method to avoid Subterranean Termites from infesting. A pro-active step is always recommended for your property as this will save you money in the long run. Innovative Pest Control is specialised in Anti-Termite Treatment Procedures, we customise our Termite Treatment Solutions for your individual needs. Do not wait for an infestation to happen, inspect your property and get started.

Post Treatment For Termite

Steps For Anti Termite Corrective Treatment

What is a Corrective (Post–construction) Termite Treatment (Corrective treatment)

Post–Construction Anti-Termite Treatment meaning, the interior, exterior and other vulnerable areas of the property is treated to provides a total protection to the buildings and forms an Anti-Termite entry point zone.

How does Post-Construction Termite Treatment site preparation work?

  • At the expansion joints, holes will be drilled a size of 18mm through the perimeter concrete slab using a heavy-duty Rotary Hammer Drill.
  • A Rate of 5 litres of water emulsion, Termiticide Chemical Treatment will be injected with a pressure pump into the holes.
  • Once the chemical emulsion sets in, the holes will be patched up using coloured cement or pebble bits to match the general appearance of the floor-surface area.

Why does the Corrective (Post–Construction) Termite Treatment work?

Termites cannot detect the anti-termite treated zone, so once they enter, they will immediately be affected.

Cable Detection Anti Termite


First Step

Using a cable detection device to check for any potential cables or piping.

As the treatment required using a drill to penetrate the ground about half a metre deep, underground detection is required.

  • Ground are being inspected for any cables or pipes
  • Marking is done to for areas that can be safely drilled
Anti Termite treatment


Second Step

Drilling through the tiles till the drill bit reach the soil.

Holes will be drilled, half a metre deep to reach the soil area.

  • All holes, Ø18mm in size, will be drilled approximately one feet apart around the perimeter of the building. Forming a barrier
  • Holes will be about 2 feet away from the building
Injecting anti termite termiticide


Third Step

Lateral injector will be slotted in the drilled hole on the concrete ground. 

Pressure injector injecting 5 litres of anti termite chemical.

Before and After Post anti termite Drilled Hole


Fourth Step

Patching up the drilled hole using similar colour 

It will normally take a few weeks before the patched hole will be dry up fully and blend in with the actual tiles colour.

Pre Treatment For Termite

Steps For Anti Termite Soil Treatment

What is a Soil (Pre-construction) Termite Treatment?

Soil (Pre-construction) Termite Treatment is done during the planning and construction of the property. This process involves treating the soil underneath the building structure.

How does Pre Construction Anti Termite Treatment work?

A non-repellent Liquid Termiticide is used to treat the soil. This will kill the Subterranean Termite once in contact and ingestion. The Termiticide has a slow-acting substance that allows the Subterranean Termite to come into contact with the rest of the colony, this “Domino Effect” will lead to the elimination of the entire Termite colony, thus protecting your property.

Why Soil (Pre-construction) Termite Treatment effective?

Soil (Pre-Construction) Treatment is a pro-active approach to any Termite infestation. The soil will be treated with Termiticide and will create a barrier to stop any termite intrusion. This is a common practice adopted by the Bureau of Indian Standards, once an architectural draft is finalised.

Anti Termite Soil Treatment


Soil area is being drench with Termiticide before projects begins. Using a powerful spray with high pump pressure to ensure that every part is evenly treated with the Termiticide.

Anti termite soil treatment


A black polythene sheet is then immediately use to cover the treated area. This protect against the rain and able to ensure that the chemical does not go through a degradation cause by the sun.

Rodding Treatment

Any soil area, which can usually be found at the backyard, side of the property and the front area are treated with drenching or rodding. Termiticide will be injected to the area to prevent any termite intrusion.

Check out the video below: Termite mound being treated. For more videos, check out here.

Frequent Asked Questions About Anti Termite Treament

It is the size of a ten cent coin.

Anti termite coring

Although this is extremely unlikely will happen, a termite baiting system program will commence free of charge. This process will take about 2-4 months.

Please find the before and after photos

Before and After Post anti termite Drilled Hole

We will schedule 2 sessions of inspection using thermal imaging device to throughly check your property. The session will be 1-2 weeks apart. Once we have confirm that no subterranean termite activity is found, we will proceed to commence on the work.

5 years protection against any subterranean termite and the list below.

  • A through termite inspection
  • Cable detection inspection
  • Soil or Corrective treatment
  • Biannual inspection
  • Re-treatment if there is any subterranean termite intrusion
  • 5 years warranty. (Warranty is transferrable)

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