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Signs of Termite Infestation in Singapore

Termite impacts are costly, damages account for billions of dollars all over the world. Getting Professional Termite Control Services  is the best way to get the infestation solve. Termites are not pest that can be effectively controlled with do-it-yourself measures. If you live in an area prone to Termites, it is very important to have regular Termite Inspections.

Drywood Termites are insects that live deep inside wood and are difficult to detect. Subterranean Termites are well-known to be the most destructive amongst other Termite species. Their hard, saw-tooth jaw work like shears, able to bite into extremely small fragment of wood. Overtime, Termites eat wood and can collapse an entire building, meaning financial impacting for a Homeowners and Businesses.

6 Warning Signs of Termite Infestation in Singapore

  1. Termite workers can travel the great length of a football field to search for food. If you are facing Termite problems nearby to your home. High possibility that the Termites are in your walls and any other wooden structures.
  2. If the wood surfaces or structures has multiple tiny holes. Look evidently attack by carving knives and rough to the touch or bubbling paint. Those are certainly signs of Termite damages, that they have been working that location.
  3. Translucent discarded wings, shed insect wing indicates of a Flying Termite Swarm, those wings can be termite swarm wings. When a termite colony matures, it sends out termite reproductive group. That are also known as Alates or Termite Swarmer, to start a new colonies.
  4. They build distinctive tunnels made out of small piece of wood, soil and saliva. Usually referred to as “Mud Tubes” or “Mud Trails” to safely reach food sources. It also protects the Termite colony from the dehydration at the same time traps moisture to survive.
  5. Termites in doors and windows usually creates hollow sound or faint clicking noises made by the Soldier Termites. They do this by banging their heads against the wall as an alarm for danger. This echoes through the entire colony to prepare for attack.
  6. Termite droppings are signs of termite in drywall commonly found at the affected wood, often mistaken for saw dust. Workers and Soldiers Termite are entirely blind and uses their straight antennae and chemical signals called pheromones to manoeuvre around.

Why You Should NEVER Try to Treat a Termite Infestation on Your Own

If you suspect that have a termite infestation. You must prioritize for it to be taken care of as quickly as possible. This prevent further damages to your property.

You may attempt to treat it with do-it-yourself methods or home remedies. But termites especially, are pests that need Professional Pest Control to fully eliminate the entire colony to avoid recurrence.

Not only sourcing to do-it-yourself methods for termite are unlikely to eliminate the entire colony. Badly damage wood structure by termites can be dangerous for your family.

Instead, the ultimate choice is always to engage a Certified Pest Control Company. With the best knowledge and training necessary to Termite Infestation problems.

Innovative Pest Pte Ltd is a Certified provider, to not only monitors for termite activity 24/7. We protects your Residential and Commercial property against these dangerous pests all year long.

Whether your property is currently facing Termite problems. Or you want an early prevention with our Anti Termites Treatment, Innovative Pest can help.

Drywood Termite Signs

The feacal pellets ( Dropping ) can be found at the affected wood. Don’t mistook them for saw dust. They are more consistent with the same size, colour and shape.

Do And Donts

  • Monitor where the faecal pallets are coming from, provide pictures to have a proper identification of the species from our Specialist.
  • Be sure to keep the windows and doors closed when you see the shed wings. To avoid the swarmers to start a new colony in your premises.
  • During identifying the pest problem, do not mistaken The Alates swarmers for The Ants swarmers as matters could escalate.
  • The Termite Frass or Termite Pellets (Termite Droppings) can be found at the affected wood. They are more consistent with the same size, colour and shape and commonly mistaken for saw dust.

Subterranean Termite Signs

The mud trails are a clear signs of a subterranean termite infestation.

Do And Donts

  • The Mud Trails are a clear signs of a Subterranean Termite Infestation. Refrain from touching it as this could result to the Workers to find another route to access to food source.
  • Spraying insecticide or pesticide on the mud trails will not reach the core of the problem and cause a greater problem. Recurrence are prone to happen.
  • Do make sure you stay away from the infested area, as a defence mechanism they will bite. To protect the colony and their nest from harm’s way.
  • There are a lot of preventative measures and skill required when dealing with Termites. Ultimately Professional Pest Control Services is your best bet to get rid of Termite in Singapore permanently.


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