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Singapore provide flies natural habitat. Being a tropical climate, Singapore stays hot and humid throughout the year. They are among the most common pests found in Singapore and some, like the house flies, known to carry nasty bacteria that may lead to serious illnesses. The bacteria are transfer by their saliva from wherever it has picked it up from. It’s easier to understand that thus is recycling saliva at its best!

Life cycle

Fly life cycle is normally divided in 4 stages that consist of egg, larva, pupa and adult.
The life span varies by the different type of flies.
They tends to grow faster and live longer in Singapore due to the warm conditions with moderate food.
A female house fly is capable of laying hundreds of eggs in batches.


They have a wide variety of food, including human food, animal food and carcasses, garbage and excrement. They are associated with filth and by no doubt these pest disgust us. They collect pathogens on their legs and mouths. These pathogens are then transferred to food on tables or counters when a fly lands again.

Type of Flies commonly found in Singapore

  • House Fly
  • Flesh Fly
  • Bluebottle Fly
  • Drain Fly
  • Fruit fly

Signs of Fly infestation

Regular sighting of flies and noticing an increase in their activity may be of greater concern.

Flies usually leave behind little, small dark clusters of spots behind. These are quite visible especially when there’s a whole lot of them.

The presence of maggots which are small, white, worm-like larval flies is a clear indication.