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Booklice Control

Most people are not familiar with what Booklice or how this tiny insects look like. They are many type of Booklice species. From head lice to true lice that are known to attacks and infects most children scalp and hair. Booklice do not bite human and animals and is named as such because they are usually seen among old books.

Booklice feeds on the starchy materials that is typically used for book binding. They also like to feeding on insect fragments, mold and fungi. They like places with high humidity. As the high moisture allows the mold and mildew to grow faster and feeding on mold gets easier.

A booklice lifecycle will take 110 days from egg to adult. They are tiny and can grow into half an inch in length and is usually flatly shape. There are plenty of Pest Control Companies and ways to prevent them. Ultimately Innovative Pest Control Services is the best Booklice Control in Singapore to get rid of Booklice problems permanently.

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Basic Booklice Control Tips

Although Booklice do not necessarily cause any harm but a large infestation can even contribute to allergies. They can also be annoying and cause inconvenience. Fortunately, there are preventive measures you can take to avoid it from happening. For example:

Reduce Moisture

Booklice thrive in areas with high moisture. Proper ventilation in areas like bathroom and basement to reduce the humidity can do the trick. Start fixing moisture problems around the home with a proper ventilation.

Check For Leakage

Repair leaking pipes that can contribute to damp conditions. Lower the humidity level at home using your air conditioner or a dehumidifier to avoid their development. Cracks and crevices are crawl spaces under plants on opening windows. These can be areas for their food sources if mold growth is found.

Book Storage

Storing book properly by keeping them away from the ground at home or office. You can also buy items that can help absorb moisture like silica and diatomaceous earth. Booklice on walls shelves is commonly seen to reach for food sources. Storage of food and books should be placed in plastic containers instead of carton boxes.

Clean Up

Dispose of old books and all moldy articles and wipe the shelves and cabinet regularly. Remove clutter paper products that you do not need such as old newspaper, cardboard, and empty carton boxes.

First Try These Remedies

Do-It-Yourself Booklice Control Home Remedy

New houses are not the only places that face Booklice problems. They are so tiny and can live anywhere from barks feeding on mosses to damp woods in the outdoors. It is very important to make your premises as unattractive to fend off this tiny pest as possible. Primarily by eliminating the moisture level in where they thrive and the molds which they feed.

These are methods available to eliminate a booklice infestation in your property:

Removing Infested Items

This is the simplest trick to get rid of Booklice. Throw away everything that have been infested or freeze it for a day or 2, if the item is valuable. Reduce their food source by cleaning thoroughly with enzymes, regularly clean the areas to free of molds and mildew.

Buy A Dehumidifier

They require moisture for survival and so installing a dehumidifier to remove moisture can kill them. It is recommended to use a dehumidifier or air conditioner to keep your property’s humidity under 50 percent. The fans can also help to increase the air movement and flow.

Talcum Powder

Talcum powder is a great natural way to dry out areas, ensure that you avoid pets from encountering it. Sprinkling talcum powder around potted plants, old books, and papers but avoid using it around food areas. They despise the talcum powder and this method will instantly get rid of them.

Soapy Water Wipe

Mix water and dish detergent for a simple Booklice Control. Use this solution to sponge and clean your bookshelves, cupboards and the most invaded areas. After its dry, wipe again with warm water until there is no traces of soap.

These D-I-Y home remedies are handy if the Booklice problem is not severe. The best Booklice Control Company in Singapore is still Innovative Pest Control. Getting a Professional to solve your pest problem is a wisest choice for long term solution.

Steps To Solve Your Booklice Problem

Get A Booklice Pest Control Package

Even with prevention tips and home remedies, a complete elimination of booklice is not 100% guaranteed. Thus, hiring a Professional Pest Control like Innovative Pest Management is still your best bet. Read more to find out ways to we can help and treat your Booklice problem.


Inspection & Identification

A big part of our work involve conducting a thorough inspection in your premise. This allow us be able to identify any current pest infestation or potential pest issue that you might face.

The inspection is conducted either by:

  • Visual Inspection or
Gel baiting cockroach control


A big part of our work involve conducting a thorough inspection in your premise. This allow us be able to identify any current pest infestation or potential pest issue that you might face.

These are some of our methods:

  • Liquid insecticide
  • Residual Insecticide 
  • Direct elimination

Booklice Misting

Booklice Misting treatment is a residual spray treatment that enables a wide coverage of surface areas. When this happens, they will be affected once they start moving to the sprayed surfaces



A big part of our work involve conducting a thorough inspection in your premise. This allow us be able to identify any current pest infestation or potential pest issue that you might face.

Our reports system will:

  • Hardcopy- A hard copy will be given to you at the end of the session or;
  • Softcopy- An E-Report will be emailed to you directly. This allow you to be at work and yet know that the pest issue is being taken care of.

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Dedicated Point of Contact

Your own personal admin will be handling your scheduling, feedback and pest related issue.

Dedicated On-The-Ground Pest Supervisor

Your own pest supervisor will be handling any re-infestation pest issue.

Quality Check

Our operation manager will be heading to your premises for quality control check during the duration of your contract.

Call Back

Same day call back without any charges. For urgent matters, we will be in under 2 hours. That is our commitment.

Document Related Issue

All soft copy service report is updated in a dedicated server while a hardcopy will be filed up and placed in your premise. We have the know how to help you in any kind of licensing, from SFA Food Stall, to AVA catering, to passing an Audit and even shipyard and vessel pest clearance.

Pest Identification & House Keeping

Our local technician will be on hand to provide training on pest identification and the housekeeping status in order for your premise to be pest free.



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