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We have a broad knowledge and experience treating food establishments of any size. Reach out to the Specialists at Innovative Pest today for a One Stop Solution for your F&B Pest Control Plan today.

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When you get a Pest Control Contract for Food and Beverage outlet with Innovative Pest Management. We will focus on what matters the most, your business. We will share that responsibility with you and treat your business like our business. As business owners, keeping the property clean is a priority, more so when you own a F&B establishments.

Keeping it pest free is very important, especially because you serve food to people. Here at Innovative Pest Management, we do not just offer Pest Control Services for Residential Homes. We also cater to Commercial Pest Control, including food industry businesses in Singapore. We provide Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Pest Control for Cafes, Restaurants, Bar, Bistro and more.

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You might be looking to move into a bigger home for your growing family. Perhaps looking for a better neighbourhood or be closer to your children school, pest are out searching too. Pest wants to be safe, secure, warmth, and kitchen with abundance to choose from. You might the one fulfilling it for them.

They will not ask your permission to steal a corner in the kitchen or nest in your walls. You need to ensure your new home is pest free to sleep peacefully knowing that you have kept bugs at bay.

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Pest infestation can ruin your reputation. It takes time to build an image, gain trust and credibility. For instance, when health inspectors enters your restaurant for a surprise visit, and finds pest. You could potentially lose everything in just a blink of an eye.

Food safety is very important, and having pests issues mean food may be compromise. And contaminated food may result to food poisoning. This can have a negative impact towards your business. We understand this well, and that is why we have a team of “non-working” Supervisors.

Their main job is to get to your premises soonest possible and attend to any of your pest problems. We are well known for being faster than a fast food delivery man.

Our services include:

  • Immediate Response to your Call
  • Random Quality Check scheduled to maintain our high standard. We will provide you with the QC report alongside an image attachments, to help understand the pest issue better.
  • FOC Follow-Up Session

Since your trade of business is mainly food, it will attract a lot of common pest like Flies, Rodents and Cockroaches. And due to the abundance of food sources, they will attempt to seek shelter in your establishment. Therefore hiring a Restaurant Pest Control Specialist with the proper knowledge about the best treatment solution methods is important.

You can get demerit point or even a suspension from operating your F&B outlet. It could potential have a lasting impact on your reputation. Read here to understand more.

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