Prevent Mosquito Bites and Breeding
The Expert Guide to Prevent Mosquito Bites and Breeding
May 12, 2023
Identifying the Aedes Aegypti Mosquito
May 19, 2023
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Learn More About Aedes Mosquitoes in Singapore

Fact about Mosquito

Learn More About Aedes Mosquito

Aedes Aegypti Mosquito

With the help from an Integrated Control Management against the population of mosquito species and dengue outbreak. We take into account its ecology and the public health concerning the disease transmission. An Integrated Control Management requires the involvement of National Environment Agency NEA, local authorities, private partners, and local communities.

Public awareness helps prevents aedes mosquito breeding and authorities regularly implement insecticide can reduce risk the transmit of dengue. With limited success rate, because of the lack of awareness within communities, coordination and implementation. NEA Environmental Health Institute approach with releasing of males wolbachia-aedes adult mosquito. The suppression strategy will reduce aedes aegypti mosquito populations.

It shows an 88% fewer cases in dengue cluster areas. Most species of mosquitoes can easily locate a suitable breeding spot around property for dengue mosquitoes in Singapore. Making it our responsibility to maintain and reduce breeding sites for aedes albopictus.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Signs of Aedes Mosquito Infestation

Learn Aedes Mosquito Signs

Stagnant Water on Your Property

Areas with stagnant or standing water will easily attract mosquitoes to breed and start their lifecycle. The adult female prefer to lay their eggs in clean stagnant water as it offer an undisturbed location to survive in. Some will even lay their eggs in damp dirt soil after it collects rain water, this will help the eggs hatch.

Annoying Buzzing Sound

These type of mosquitoes produces an irritating buzz sound similar to various other flying insects. The buzzing sound is usually in a higher pitched noise compared to other flying insects. Although people may not see them, mosquitoes are most likely to linger and bite at night.

Found in Shaded Areas 

Aedes mosquito active time are about two hours after the sunrise and a few hours before the sunset. If you live in locations that provides a lot of shaded or dark areas. These are prone to dengue infected aedes infestation sites. Apply insect repellent and wear long sleeves and long pants, covered apparel to avoid prevent mosquito bite.

Hovering Around Fruits in Kitchen

As mentioned that the male mosquitoes tend to feed on nectar or sweet things. Although that is their source of food, the females too can feed on sweets. If you notice mosquitoes flying over fruits or any other kind of food in the kitchen, they are a clear signs of an infestation.

Seeing Them During Daytime

These species of insects ruin the night as they typically hunt for blood meal when the sun sets. However, when an infestation occurs in residential or commercial property, people can find them during evening and daytime too. Use mosquito netting during sleep as a dengue prevention measures and a good night undisturbed sleep.

Evidence of Aedes Mosquito Bite

Uncommon for the male mosquito to bite people as they only feed on nectar or sweet things. Only the female mosquito will feed on blood meal and known to be the number one culprit especially for aedes mosquito bites. They need blood to produce eggs. If you are encountering multiple mosquito bites, it is definite that your property holds a breeding spot.

Itching and Scratching at Night

At night is the common dengue mosquito time to bite and not everyone notice even after multiple bite happens. The dengue mosquito bite swell are irritating, itchy and most time causes inflammation. You may not notice when you are getting infected mosquito bites but you will realise when you start scratching.

Area With Higher Humidity

As mentioned before, mosquitoes thrives in location with stagnant water and no secret that water brings pests. They typically inhabit forested areas that offer them a higher humidity level. Not only does Singapore offer the humid weather they love and adapt well to. It also offers mosquitoes the hot temperatures and this attract them.

Don’t be a victim to dengue fever, the symptoms of dengue, fever, joints, muscle and abdominal pain is just unbearable. Instead contact us today to set up a free inspection for your property.

Best Mosquito Control Solution For Aedes Aegypti Mosquito

Guide to Aedes Aegypti Mosquito Control Singapore

Aedes Mosquito Bite

Aedes Aegypti Mosquito Control

The methods to exterminate mosquitoes in your premises are similar and no difference between dengue mosquito vs normal mosquitoes. In fact there are various ways to approach for the level of infestation. From non-invasive to a firm approach to a higher level of intense infestation problem within a larger perimeter.

Mosquito Traps

Our mosquito trap are effective an eco-friendly tool to control all kind of mosquito species and flying insects. The design of the sturdy plastic mosquito trap can be place anywhere outdoor or indoors and in any environment.

Essential Oils:

These solution may not be a 100% as effective as common pesticides or mosquito repellants. Try mix a couple drops of lavender or eucalyptus oil with water and pour into an empty spray bottle, shake before use.

Insect Zappers: 

Safe for the indoors use insect zappers can kill mosquitoes upon close contact, a great way to fend off minor infestation. The item is not costly and runs on low voltage.

When finding a solution to mosquito infestation problem, you will need to call Innovative Pest Control Services Specialists. We provide the highest quality treatment products against dengue virus, yellow fever, zika and more. If not handle correctly, the chances of reoccurrence is high and it will create a major nuisance.

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