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Defence Against Ants in Singapore- Part 2
July 14, 2023
Expert Guide to Prevent Ants and Home Remedies
The Expert Guide to Prevent Ants and Home Remedies
July 14, 2023
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6 Signs of an Ants Infestation

6 Signs of an Ants Infestation

If you notice any of the following signs of an Ant infestation, get in touch with Innovative Pest Control today!

6 Signs of an Ants Infestation

Singapore’s warmth, humid climate provides the perfect environment for Ants to thrive. And since it is common to find Ants almost anywhere in Singapore. It is important to identify the type of Ant species correctly when you are facing an infestation. Over the counter Ant sprays and Do-It-Yourself natural Ant repellent treatments are not enough to rid an infestation.

Innovative Pest Control Services have the knowledge throughout the years of experience. Our Specialist can easily identify the signs before coming up with an Ant treatment plan to rid of your infestation problem.

1. Ants Roaming Around Inside or Outside your Premises.

Ants Roaming Around your Premises.

Active Ants sighting are the first and early sign of an Ant infestation. Seeing Ants roaming outside your premises, it will not be long till they get into you home. If you locate more Ants than usual while gardening, or seen large groups of Ants outside. There is a chance that you dealing with an infestation.

The larger Ant colonies from outside will eventually find their way into your premises. It is very crucial to rectify the issue to avoid the Ants population to expand. Seeing Ants inside your premises is an alarming concern as this means the Ant colonies outside are thriving. Until you can efficiently and effectively treat the outdoor Ant infestation, you will notice the Ants keeps coming back.

2. An Ant Trail call Pheromone

An Ant Trail call Pheromone

Even with the help of Mosquito repellents, you may still get the itchy, painful feeling from the Mosquito bites. How to get rid of the Mosquito bites and itch while you are at home?

You may consider applying a small amount of apple cider vinegar. You may try to put a slice of raw sliced up onion to the bite and treat it. This provide relief and guard the area from getting infected.

Have you experience or seen Ants literally marching in a line? This normally means that you are currently dealing with an ant infestation problem. They will be marching through your premises on a trail. The trail also known as a pheromone scent trail that will lead them to a promising food source.

It is important to treat the Ants in a manner that brings Ant bait back to the colony.

3. Outdoor Ant Mounds or Ant Hill

Ant hill

If you located a large number of Ants outside your premises, you are already facing with an Ant infestation. It may not be a big deal having a small or big Ant Mound as long as they are remain outside. This means there are hundreds or not thousands in the Ant nest waiting to find an entry point to your home. An average Ant lifespan for the Queen Ants can be up to 30 years, and workers about 1 to 3 years.

Act fast to eliminate Ants in house before they become a bigger problem.

4. Ants Crawling on Food and Leftovers

Ants Crawling on Food and Leftovers

What do Ants eat? Have you seen a big number of Ants on food that you have accidentally left unattended? Exposed food for a long period of time is a huge target for Ants. Seeing them hovering food that you left for a short period is a big sign that your premises is heavily infested. Maintaining a clean home is one of the best method to preventing them from returning.

If you have pets in your home, we recommend to keep a lookout on their pet food bowls.

5. Scattered Insect Wings or Flying Ants

Scattered Insect Wings

If you are seeing flying Ants around or inside your home, you may be wondering if they are dangerous. It is an important warning sign to identify if they are the type of Ants to worry for. Seeing flying Ants means there is a mature nest close by, either outside or inside your premises. When an Ant colony matures, it means it is near maximum population for the colony.

They will reproduce by send out flying Ants to start an Ant life cycle and a new nests. If the Ant you are seeing is a carpenter Ant species, you are potentially in trouble. Many residential homes and commercial businesses have claimed to see old Ant wings in dust or debris. It may be a sign of an Ant infestation however, they could be dealing with termites.

If you want to have a peace of mind, get in touch with our Specialist for an onsite inspection.

6. Ants Nest in Your Tree

Ants Nest in Your Tree

It is very common for Weaver Ant and Carpenter Ants to live and nest on trees. Regularly check for branches over hanging the roof of your premises. It could be a potential way for the Ant to enter your home. Weaver Ants, Carpenter Ants and Fire Ants bites to defend their nest hence to rid of these Ants require skills.

It is important to know that these Ants species are both territorial and extremely aggressive. Do not attempt to repel Ants with home remedies such as white vinegar or cotton balls soaked with essential oils. Instead, you should contact Innovative Pest Control, the best Ant Control in Singapore. We will get rid of your Ant problems permanently.

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