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August 17, 2023
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Pest-Proof Your Landed Property

Pest-Proof Your Landed Property Like a Pro

Landed Property Singapore

Pest-Proof Your Landed Property Like a Pro

Though you do not invite any pests into the peaceful setting of your living space. Certain types of house pest species are more likely than others to set up residency in your house. The House Mouse is one of the most common Rodent reported during a House Pest inspection. Treatment for House Mice infestation can be challenging in housing.

Due to the amount of hiding spots, lack sanitary and failure to commit in a Rodent Control Plan. If matters are not manage promptly, a small infestation can grow quickly as they breed in large numbers. Norway Rats and Roof Rats are well known to infest Landed Property.

Despite what many might choose to believe, but there is not a Landed Property that is immune to Rats. Urban living areas are more prone to infestation by common household pests. This is due to the building structure, such as sewage system, disposal practices, poor drainage maintenance, etc.

Semi Detached House, Terrace House, Cluster House, Corner Terrace

13 Common Practice to Help Keep Your House Pest-Free

Doors Brush Strip to prevent pest

1. Doors Brush Strip

One of the most neglected parts of your house can also be the primary source of creeping pest infestation. Check to make sure your doors are functioning well, if not, get that fixed as soon as possible. Bottom Door Brush Strips are cheap and helps to keep insects out and eliminate entryway for pest.

Windows Screen can prevent mosquitoes

2. Windows Screen

Check your windows for any faulty issues, especially the screens. The screen may have smalls holes, large enough for Mosquitoes to enter. Replacements are cheap and easy to install. Check the windows for holes by running your fingers on the screen.

Cracks and crevices

3. Holes in the Wall

Look for structural damages in the corners of the wardrobe and laundry room. Perform a visual Termite inspection on the exterior of the house for evidence. Patch up holes with caulk, and white cement to keep pests out. If you see Mud Trails and Termite activities, hire a Pest inspector to avoid costly Termite damages.

Water Leakage

4. Water Movement

Not only, are you required to maintain, repair and replace faulty pipes. You will need to look under the sinks and bathrooms to see if there are any holes around the pipe. If so, get a fill and fix foam and fill the hole around the pipe. It will take long, to notice the foam to expand and fill the gap.

No left over in the outdoor area

5. Clean Outdoors Space

To protect your Landed Property against uninvited pest, you need to minimise the insects that reside in your outdoor living space. Make the area as inaccessible as possible for an entry point to food source for the pest. When buying a house, it’s smart to get a Pest Inspection report to prevent expensive pest damage later on.

Regularly Vacuum in your living space

6. Regularly Vacuum

Vacuum your floors weekly to remove bugs that may have entered your home without you knowing. Clear the cobwebs in the wall corners, remove any insect droppings, and clean up any food crumbs. Keeping your house neat and well maintained will help avoid attracting them.

Allocate meal area for your pet

7. Allocate Pets Meal Space

Pets are amazing to have around the house, not just for companionship, they also keep bugs and insects at bay. Cats gets their thrill by chasing Cockroaches, Lizards and Mosquitos. While that may be fun to watch, there is definitely no way for them to get every pests in your house.

Remember to put their food in a bowl and away from the floor and clean their crumbs after every feeding time.

Fix leakage

8. Fix Leaky Faucets

A leaky faucet can pool into a stagnant water inviting Flies, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes and Ants. First, turn off the main water supply to the pipe and unscrew the faucet from the pipe. Remove all the parts such as washer, seal, etc and soak them in a bath of vinegar for an hours. Put the pipe back and turn on the water, it will be one lesser problem to worry about.

Prevent water ponding

9. Keep the House Dry

Water damage is an expensive and irritating issue to deal with. Leaks can cause moulding damages which can be risky to your health, and put a hole in the roof. Caulk around the sink and shower area to make sure that everything is draining properly. Repair if necessary so does not have any standing water bugs and insects love environment that are moist.

Sticky insect traps

10. Set Out Insect Traps

They may not be the most attractive things to look at in your house. But old-fashioned sticky traps are inexpensive and perfect to cut down some of the pest problems. They are perfect to place in location where harsh chemical insecticides can inflict damages to plants.

Keep your kitchen clean

11. Maintain a Clean Kitchen

It does not mean that you must perform a deep-clean to your kitchen every day. Simply make sure there is no food left unattended overnight that will attract them. Store food leftovers with tight seal containers, wipe spills, wash the dishes in the sink. And regularly check for food that may have rot, like fruits and vegetables.

Daily effort of maintaining can go a long way to keeping a pest-free kitchen.

Make a DIY Flytrap

12. Make a DIY Flytrap

Not only are DIY Fly Traps cheap, they are also very effective and do not need much maintenance. Fill half a cup of apple cider vinegar into the bottle and add a squirt of dish washing soap. Dish washing soap will help the trap work more effectively. It will coat the wings when they enter the bottle, making it more tougher to escape.

Innovative Pest

13. Innovative Pest Control Management

It can be rather stressful for you to deal with pests in your Landed Property on your own. Innovative Pest Control Management is one of the most reputable Pest Control Companies in Singapore. We provide a custom tailored solution to protect you and your family.

Whatever pest problem you are facing, before it gets bigger. You need to talk to our Pest Control Specialist to get an inspection completed to assess your pest problem.

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