November 2, 2018
Rodent infestation in a restaurant

5 steps for rodent control in your restaurant

5 steps for rodent control in your restaurant In the food and beverage industry, getting rid of pests like rodents, rats and mice is of critical importance. It can make or break your business. When customers find a rodent in your premises, regardless if it’s dead or alive, it can
June 12, 2018
rats infestation in singapore

Oh Rats

Rodent scourge is on the rise, and seeing rats in the day is a sure sign of infestation: Experts by : Ng Huiwen They live around us, thriving on the scraps of food left lying around in homes and shopping malls, typically in the dark of the night. But in
June 12, 2018
Rat control in singapore

Rats infestation in Singapore

1,000 more rat burrows detected in Singapore Over 85 per cent found in housing estates by town councils Noor Ashikin Abdul Rahman Marian Govin Jun 02, 2016 06:00 am Some 1,000 more rat burrows were detected last year in public areas compared with 2014, said the National Environment Agency. The
May 27, 2018
Pest control for restaurant

4 Tips before getting your F&B Pest Control Contract

1. Don’t wait till your renovation is over to start getting the required document or contract Pest control contract is one of the requirement in order for you to get your F&B license. Plan early, get a few quotations, look for one that provide the best value ( not the