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Getting your F&B Pest Control Contract
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May 27, 2018
Termite Singapore
4 Reasons Why Termite Baiting Is More Effective For Subterranean Termite
May 27, 2018
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Top News: Infestation of Cockroach in Cars Singapore

Germany cockroach infestation

Top News: Infestation of Cockroach in Cars Singapore

Having infestation cockroach in car Singapore is common and a nightmare for drivers that has katsaridaphobia. They will sneak up on you while you drive, causing you to react, which can be risky. Not doing car fumigation services can also be a health risk. Normal for cockroaches to infest cars, and can be rather challenging to rid of roaches.

Cockroaches tend to hide and breed in air conditioning vents or nooks and crannies of the car seats. They look for food sources, moisture, and warmth, making a car the perfect breeding spot for these creepy crawlers. In this blog, we will share the reasons for roaches infestation in cars and the common entryways they get into your vehicle. Discover effective methods to eliminate and prevent cockroaches in cars in Singapore.

Whether you have recently encounter cockroaches in your car or decide to take extra preventative measures. Ultimately, this guide will provide you with the information to keep your vehicle free from pests.

Eliminate the Sources that Attracts Roaches

Why Do You Have Cockroaches Inside Your Car?

Most people would think pest problems starts from their residential homes, but pest like cockroaches prefers to be in areas where people are. When they manage to enter your car, cockroach will adjust to thrive, transforming your car into their sanctuary. Basically they search for any location that has food, water, and shelter. With all the requirement met, they can quickly multiply to infest your car.

Not only limited for cockroaches, other pests like ants, bed bugs and even rodents can make your car their new nesting ground. Unfortunately, cockroaches can hide well and infest your car quickly in the hundreds. The severity of an infestation depends on a few things, including the weather. Some pests cannot survive the heat and prefer indoors, while some seeks the warmth weather with the endless food supply.

Important fact, as long as they find shelter and food source, they can make any place their new home, this includes your car. Even the small cockroaches in the car can survive extremely hot as well as cold temperature. Once they enter the cars, they will start thriving rapidly. But the most important question is, how did they enter the first place?

Be Aware of Your Surrounding Especially While Stationary

4 Common Ways Cockroaches Enters Your Cars

Cockroaches and other pests are opportunists that will venture into any opening they find to access into your car. Here are some common entry points these pests will invade your car.

Wind Down Windows

Windows are the most common way, especially flying cockroaches to make their way into the car. Especially true if you left your car parked in one spot near garbage bins for an extremely long time. If you cannot avoid parking in these unsanitary location, always be sure to roll up the windows.

Items You Bring

Cockroaches are able to survive in many harsh condition and hitch rides to relocate. Their main objective is food and will get into homes through luggage bags and suitcases. In furniture or electrical appliances, carton boxes and even paper bags. While carrying these items into the trunk of your car, they will access and make your car their new home.

Tiny Openings

A common way for cockroaches to get in is by tiny entryways from the engine that give them access into the vehicle. Including the cracks and gaps between the sunroof or windshield, opening gaps along doors, or rust damage undercarriage.

Dirty Garages or Parking Spot

Having a clean garage and deciding to leave your car window down to allow air to circulate, probably fine. But in a dirty garage, it is inviting for a cockroach infestation into your car. A dirty parking slot with lots of dried leaves, spills, or trash is the ideal place for cockroaches to make a habitat to reproduce. If you leave your windows down, they will eventually move into your car.

Areas They May Hide and Seek for Shelter

Where are the Cockroaches Hiding in Your Car?

The key to eliminate cockroaches from your car is to locate their hiding spots. To begin the search, look for traces of food crumbs in your car and areas they may hide and seek shelter. Apparently, there are various locations in the vehicle where you can find food crumbs. These spots are usually great for hiding that allows these pests to thrive in your car.

Pests like roaches like to hang out inside or under car seats, where food falls and collects. From trash, crumbs, plastic wrappers, paper, dirt, and whatever else brought in from outside. They can wind up in between the backseats and seat or the floor mats. These are the usual spots where food crumbs might fall into, which most people do not realise.

Sometime, blankets and pillows left in the car can provide a warmth and a breeding ground for roaches. Cockroaches and most pests makes a nest in areas that is provides both dark and warmth. They will hide in the interiors gaps of doors, under the floor mats and in your car ventilation and seats. Some other common hiding spots includes the stereo system, glove compartment and storage units by the center console.

For some reasons, car doors provide a perfect home for pests. They provide an ideal hiding spot for cockroaches and plenty of room to lay their eggs. People tend to leave food leftovers or trash in the pockets, which makes it an accessible food source for cockroaches.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

7 Steps to Kill and How Get Rid of Cockroach in Car Singapore

If you are facing cockroaches infestation in your car and want to rid of them as quickly as possible. Being patient is important to achieve positive results to your do-it-yourself pest strategy. Here are the details for techniques and methods that you need to follow closely.

Properly Inspect the Car Interior

Thoroughly inspect the interior of your car for sign of cockroaches and other pests, keep a lookout for their eggs and larvae. Focus on their preferences for hiding spots, and check all the tiny gaps and in between the seat cushions and fabrication. Use a torchlight to inspect the storage compartment and doors, where they might potentially hide. Check to find for dead cockroaches, as well as foul odours and droppings that look like coffee grounds.

Clean Your Car Regularly

Avoid eating in the car and take out all trash, food packages, hair strand, and crumbs as these are all food sources for cockroaches. Declutter and remove items like blankets and objects that cockroaches and other pests can hide and start breeding. This step is easy if you clean your car regularly by hand and throw away as much trash as you can daily.

Vacuuming Your Car

Vacuuming your vehicle will help rid of any food scraps that may not be visible, such as hair, and other organic matters. An important step to clear of the microscopic food sources you might not see that attract cockroaches. To thoroughly clean the carpets in your car, first remove the seats if that is possible. Get into every nook and cranny, giving extra attention to the seams area where food accumulates.

If the seats or areas you need to access in out of reach, try using a long nose vacuum tool.

Eradicate Cockroaches in Car

Using Innovative Pest Control treatment to kill roaches is the most crucial step. Alternatives, you can kill cockroaches, the larvae, and eggs with off the shelves products that are available. Do-it-yourself does not guarantee a permanent solution and can be dangerous for you and your family. Make sure the car is clean to avoid breathing in any harmful aerosol.

Get Your Car a Steam Clean

Steam cleaning is the most effective way to remove bacteria and dead pests from the interior part of your infest car. After killing pests with chemicals, it is important to rid of any leftover residual. If you are doing it yourself, research thoroughly the detail so your hard work does not go to waste. A must to use the proper tool to steam clean the air condition vents to rid of any pests that reside there.

Eliminate Unpleasant Odour

Pests, especially cockroaches give out an unpleasant odour and stinks. Steaming will eliminate the odour, and place an ozone generator inside the cabin to execute the job. The gas will help rid of any unpleasant lingering odour and at the same time kill bacteria or viruses.

Keep Cockroaches Out

Preventing cockroach infestations from arising in your vehicle is the best method to keep them away. Have a regular pest inspection for your vehicle and check for any signs of infestation. When you spot any type of pest, do not delay to get the matter resolved.

You can click here to read more about our interview with The Straits Times.

Frequent Asked Question

Car "Fumigation" is best way as the cockroach tends to harbour inside all the hidden area. What happen during the "Fumigation" is that the chemical is able to get to the hard to reach places. It is a non residual treatment thus, it is safe to use.

Pandan leave repel cockroach. So what will happen is that cockroach will avoid going to the area where pandan leave is placed. Unless you want to fill up the whole car with pandan leave, it is best to get it treated the right way!

The whole process will take about 30-45 mins. It is done at your own convenience.

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