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June 13, 2023
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Learn More About the Different Group of Ants

Learn More about Ant Characteristic

Learn More About the Different Group of Ants Characteristic

Ants are tiny insects commonly found throughout the world. They live in organised Ant colony, working cooperatively, carrying labour, defending war, and sometimes capturing slaves. Ants belong to the Hymenoptera order, that also includes bees and wasps. Ants have been around for more than over 100 million years ago, and perhaps evolved from wasps.

Ants exist throughout the entire world and particularly thrives in hotter and humid environment. They have travelled foraging for food to the tropics, to areas as cold as the North Pole, mountains, and Sahara deserts. They have made Ant nests from many different materials, like dirt, sand, wood, and even leaves.

They are normally yellow, brown, red, or black in colour. Only a few have a metallic shine for colour. Ants are of three different parts, the head, the thorax, and abdominal. The head is always larger and the abdominal is slim and oval.

Their six legs are attach to the midsection and the thorax joint to the abdominal area by a tiny section. The mandibles is the most important tool for most Ants, used for biting, crushing, cutting, fighting, and hunting. An Adult Ants consume liquids into the back of their jaw storage pocket. Solid food will normally go into the pocket, where a stronger saliva digest it down.

Different body parts of Ants varies and depend on the way the kind of species habitat. Harvester Ants have shorter, bigger, crushing jaws to break into seeds. Leaf cutters like Weaver Ants have mandible with sharp saw edges to shred leaves. The mandible of the amazon Ant are sickle like a curved tool to kill other insects instantly.

Most Ants have the same kind of eyes called ocelli located at the top of the head. Most useful feature than the eyes are the paired antennae, which gives them the ability to sense and smell. The antennae have two pointed rods that sways constantly from the head as the Ant manoeuvres. Each has a joint at the midsection and bends like an elbow.

With the antennae Ants are able to recognise its nest and the members from its colony. It can immediately single out intruder from other colony by its smell. Ants are able to interact with each other by tapping on antennae. Nursemaid Ants clean the Ant stage eggs and larva pupa and adult are aid with their antennae and their tongues.

Only the Males Ants and Queens Ant have winged, and used only once to attract Ants during on their mating. Most Ants have simple stings, and instead of stinging they gives out vapours of formic acid. Other Ants, like Bulldog Ants and Fire Ants, have mighty powerful stings located at the tip of the abdominal area. Ants breathe through little holes called spiracles, along the sides of the abdomen and the thorax.

The Ant Colony

Learn more about ant colony

The most fascinating trait of Ant behaviour is sociability, they do not work alone. They dedicate task in a colony caste, such as Adult worker or soldier. The main social group is the colony, which forms the nest.

The nests of an Ants varies in shape and material used. Most Ant spent their entire Ant life cycle in the nest with Ants population approximately more than a million. Some Ants dig passageway in the ground and some locate their nests under rocks, in trees, or in logs. When Ants get hungry, it strokes a worker antennae to bring a drop of liquid from the crop.

Workers bring food to feed the Queen and other Ants in the colony. The female Ants are task with lining batches of Ants eggs, caring for the Ant larvae until they reach adult stage. Ants occasionally have conflict amongst their own species or with members of other kind. When threatened, by another colony an Ant war can break loose.

Ant warfare is an organised, aggressive battle using physical attacks, like biting or stinging. Some are capable to release chemicals to subdue the enemies. Ants always work together by holding their enemy down and destroying them. They will even go the eggs and larvae of their enemies and then raise them to be slaves.

The Ants problem and dispute have led to a long lasting feud for years between different colonies. Ants have various methods of defence, some biting or spitting out a liquid. Others may use their stings to shoot formic acid while some runs when attacked or “play dead.” Some Ants sound signal by rubbing their legs along their abdominal to warn other in their colonies.

On top of being excellent communicators, Ants also have an amazing sense of direction. They can locate their way to their nest by solely vision and smell. They align themselves with the position of the Sun and memorable landmarks, like trees. Some Ants are able leave scent pheromones trails to aid other Ants.

There are 409 types of Ants species in Singapore. Only 5 types of Ants in Singapore are commonly causing nuisance. There are a few types of method available to tackle an Ant infestation. Innovative Pest Control Services is your best bet to get rid of Ants problem permanently.

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