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5 Steps to Rodent Control for Restaurants ( Updated 2023)

Rat pest control

Rodent in Restaurant

Singapore Food Agency (SFA) conduct random checks on food industry to maintain high hygiene standards. Restaurant pays a high price for any pest infestation found and can lead to demerit points, fines or even suspension. Following the steps below can help you attain the hygiene standards and comply with the pertinent policies. Maintain and follow the regulations to be successful in the food service industry include a regular Pest Control program.

An infestation in your restaurant is definitely one problem every owners want to avoid. Pest problems can create a negative impact towards the success of a restaurant, for both a short and long term basis. Common pests running around the kitchen where food are prepared is not something anybody wants to worry about. However, a few things must be maintained regularly in order to avoid this from becoming a reality in f&b establishments.

In the food and beverage industry, it is of great importance to get rid of pests like Rodents, Rats and Mice. It can either make or break your business and reputation. When a customer finds a Rodent in your premises, regardless dead or alive, the impact can be disastrous for the restaurant. Enduring Rats infestation can be a reflective of a restaurant poor hygiene practise neglecting food safety.

Dangerous Diseases Spread by Rodents

Rodents are destructive pests that can spread disease, contaminate food, and destroy businesses. Rodents carries a few types of Rat borne diseases that can potentially lead to serious illness and unfortunately even death. Transmission of diseases usually occurs by contacting with infected Rodent waste that includes faeces, rat’s urine, dead rat and nesting material. Some diseases spread by insects that travel on these Rodents are fleas, ticks or mites.

Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome is a very rare viral disease that can seriously damage your heart, lungs and other organs. 40% of all cases are fatal as the virus damages your heart muscle and tissue. It causes your blood vessels to become weak, blood clotting and internal bleeding may happen.

Rat bite fever symptoms includes fever, skin rash, headaches, vomiting, rash and muscle pain. It is usually spread to a person by a bite from a Rodent who is infected. Even when no bite or scratch occurs, a person who handled an infected Rodent can be infected.

Plague is also a serious disease that is caused by the bacterium, Yersinia Pestis. It is usually spread plague after being bitten by a Rodent flea that carries the plague bacterium. Can be spread by a person who was handling a Rodent infected with plague.

Here are some important steps on Rodent Control for F&B outlets. Ultimately Innovative Pest Control Services is the best Rodent Control in Singapore to get rid of Rodent problems permanently.

Clean your restaurant

Thoroughly Cleaning the Kitchen

Thorough cleaning does not mean to only sweep and mop regularly. This includes detail cleaning of grease from the kitchen stoves, scrubbing off the smallest crumbs and scrapings food. As well as mopping and wiping off spills the floors and counters tops. These are potential food source that attract Rodents and other unwanted pest.

If pests cannot find or have an easy access to food source, then they will stay away from your restaurant.

Discard Trash and Garbage Properly

Discard Trash and Garbage Properly

Research have shown that Rats are highly sensitive to smells, thus, it is important for your garbage to be properly sealed. The leftovers food scraps that are discarded are enticing to Rodents and it is important to remove them quickly. This can be achieved by securing all trash containers and dumpster with covers. Piling or overflow of garbage should always be avoided by ensuring that trash are emptied regularly.

If possible, you should position the outside trash and garbage containers away from premises entrances to avoid Rodent entry. Under an Integrated Pest Management Program, Innovative Pest Control company will ensure that this is highlighted during Pest Control Service.

Proper storage of food

Storage of Food Supplies

In a restaurant, it is impossible to completely remove the food and water that Rodents need to survive on. The storage for your food supplies and other ingredients should be kept secured in air tight labelled containers. Food storage cabinets should be effectively sealed to keep away Rodents from entering. Pay special attention to food spills that settles in crevices or along the baseboard and water should always be kept dry.

Wipe off any liquid spills immediately and make sure countertops and floors are dry at the end of each business day.

Declutter your restaurant


Prevent clutter, clear out boxes, papers and unused items regularly. Rodents look for places to nest for shelter and needs to be near food source and water to eventually breed. They multiply rather quickly. Remove unnecessary items from your storage where clutter can gather to prevent overcrowding and maintain tidiness.

Repair entry point

Maintain Repair and Improve

Rodents can enter into restaurant through tiny cracks and holes along door frames. They can easily squeeze into tiny holes as small as a 50 cents coin. To prevent Rodent from entering, it is important to seal any gaps, crack in your wall and pipes surrounding for leaks. Immediately repaired to prevent Rodents from entering your place.

Trying to control a Rodent infestation on your own is a difficult task, especially to achieve a positive result. Innovative Pest Control Specialist is highly trained in serving restaurants with the best resources to solve your Rodent infestation problems.

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