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Identifying the Type of Cockroach ( Updated 2023 )

How to identify cockroach


Cockroaches have changed little during the 400 millions years they have been around. Most species are from the tropical or subtropical origin. They are not categories as social insects, they are gregarious or usually occur in large groups. They tend to feed on literally anything of nutritive value.

Cockroaches are amongst the most common pests for Residential and Commercial establishments. Their uninvited presence in our premises are a nuisance. Approximately 4,000 existing species of cockroaches in the entire world, only a few of these cockroach adapt and inhabit man’s dwellings.

The most commonly found are the American Cockroach, Brown-banded Cockroach and German Cockroach. By far, the most common infestation is the German Cockroach.

How to Identify a Cockroach?

Cockroach life cycle have simple metamorphosis: Egg, nymph and adult. Female reproductive system produces eggs ootheca or eggs capsules.

Each contains eggs arranged in parallel rows opposite each other. And may also contain as few as 4 to approximately 60 eggs depending on its species. However the German cockroach carries their eggs protruding on the back until 24-48 hours before hatching till the nymph emerges. Some other species retain the egg capsule, incubate it and give birth to their live baby Oriental cockroaches.

It is advisable to identify the type of house Cockroach species correctly. As Cockroaches vary in their food preferences and living habits. The American Cockroaches prefers living in habitat like food warehouses storage, basements or steam tunnels, and sewers. And prefers fermented foods, and enters via sewers or occasionally by human vessel migrations.

If the drains (sewers) and outside areas are inspected often. For American Cockroaches, or German Cockroaches infestation problem is reduced.

How to Identify German Cockroach?

German Cockroach

They have a light brown or grey-brown colour and typically distinguished for its two dark, parallel stripes on its back. They can live up to a year and is very common because of its fast-breeding capacity. A female cockroach can produce around 25 to 30 thousand nymphs.

The mother adult roach usually carries its eggs cases which is oval-shaped until they hatch. Thus making this species difficult to eliminate. German roaches are the main culprit of infestations found in restaurants, cafes, and food outlets in Singapore. 90 percent of all Cockroach related suspension cases reported by the National Environment Agency are due to these roaches.

How to Identify American Cockroach?

American Cockroach

The largest amongst the four can grow up to 3 inches in length. They are also called palmetto bug in some part of the world. Part of the Cockroaches are brown to reddish-brown colour and has light yellow edges on their shield or pronotum. In some countries, it is often mistaken for Wood Cockroaches or even Australian cockroach.

Both the male and female American Cockroaches can fly, which makes them more terrifying. The average lifespan of a Cockroach can be up to two years. That is how long cockroaches lives. And are more common in places where there are stocks of food such as bakeries, restaurants and grocery stores.

Roaches are commonly found on the ground. Homes with crawl spaces are more prone to roaches entering the house. They don’t hide their Cockroach eggs well enough and this allows Pest Control to zero in on their harbouring area.

How to Identify Brown Banded Cockroach?

Brown-banded Cockroach

They are smaller than the German Cockroaches and usually thought of as its young or is even called a baby roach. You can usually find both of them living together under one roof.  It can be distinguished for their light yellow bands across their bodies.

They usually leap or spring when bothered. But the male brown-banded cockroach can actually fly. As their main food diet is starch, it is very common to find them in offices. A pest control treatment for them involved a lot of gel baits.

How to Identify Oriental Cockroach?

Oriental Cockroach

Dark brown or black in colour. They are distinguished by their glossy or polished bodies and are easily recognized by their exposed abdominal segments. They are not capable of flying and often feed on decomposing or decaying organic matter.

They are commonly seen in cesspits, drainage system, and damp locations. Sometimes under dampened sofas or humidified furniture as well as pipe and leaky faucets. They can live up to six months.

Baby Cockroach or Nymph

During the first stage of their life cycle, they are normally white in colour. The nymph will go through several stages of moulting before eventually looking like a cockroach, changing colour during each stage. Different type of cockroach is different in size and shape.

One mistake people make is assuming that a German adult Cockroach to an American Cockroach nymph due to its size. This is the reason why getting a Professional Pest Control Specialist will solve your Cockroach infestation fast.

Frequent Asked Questions

Not only their uninvited presence in our premises are a nuisance. They are known to carry many kind of different diseases causing allergic reactions. Children are more likely to get an asthmatic attack due to this. In general, a cockroach can spread up to 30 types of bacteria.

Different types of Cockroach have different preferences. However, near water and food source is a must. The kitchen and bathrooms fit the bill.

For example, the American roach prefers dark and wet areas. In Singapore, we can easily find them in the sewage, floor traps, rubbish chute and drains. They can find many entry points to get to your property. Typically for a condominium apartment or an HDB unit to get an American cockroach infestation, it has to come from a floor trap or a rubbish chute. Public sewage has pipes linked to a building. This is how an American cockroach can enter your home.

Another common way is through the rubbish chute. It is common to find a pest control company fogging rubbish chutes to eradicate them. Though this will kill many of them, a handful will escape by entering your rubbish chute.

The German roach, on the other hand, is normally brought in to your home. Carton boxes and grocery bags are just some of the ways that could transfer them to your home. Restaurants, bars and cafe, are more prone to having a German cockroach infestation. It has a preference for warmer and drier spaces, will look for cracks and crevices to harbour and can be also found harbouring in appliances such as coffee maker, meat grinder and cabinet hinge.

Anything and everything as they need food and water to survive. They can go without food for one month and without water for one week. They are attracted to food that emits a strong smell. Pet food and even cheese are two such foods.

Innovative Pest Management consults and solves homes and business that faces cockroach problem. Our Cockroach Control is effective and safe.

Ultimately, we want to get rid of the Cockroach for you. With an innovative mindset to get rid of your Cockroach infestation, using boric acid just doesn’t cut it anymore. Using eco-friendly baits and insecticide, we will solve your issue in no time.

Call us at 69090988 or email us at admin@innovativepest.sg

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