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April 24, 2023
Learn More About German Cockroach
May 1, 2023
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Learn More About American Cockroach

Sign of American cockroach

Learn More About American Cockroaches

The American Cockroaches Singapore’s #1 Public enemy

Besides Megaloblatta Longipennis and Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, American Cockroach is the biggest Cockroach is well known all over the world. The name of this species is misleading. It is likely to originate from North Africa and Middle East. It has become popular in Singapore and many other places.

During the adult Cockroaches, lifespan period of approximately 1.5 years, the female deposits 50 or more cockroach egg cases (oothecae). Each containing approximately 16 eggs that hatches after 45 days. They do not carry the cases protruding from the body like the German Cockroach eggs. Instead they are glued on area where it’s warm and close to a food and water, preferably the kitchen cabinets.

The baby American Cockroach called Nymphs life lasts from 11 to 14 months. Approximately 2 inches in length, red to maroon brown and lives outdoors scavenging on trash. Its oval body flattened makes it easier to squeeze into tight places and often mistaken with the Oriental Cockroaches.

The adult American cockroach has well developed wings that can take flight. Cockroaches are not well-known for their flying abilities. Most species prefer dark, heated areas such as basements, sewers, and dumpsters. In contrast, some creatures can fly quickly and with great strength.

Although they are found in residential properties, in cooler temperature they thrives inside warm warehouses, kitchens, bakeries, groceries stores and buildings. Researchers have shown that Cockroach allergens can cause a lot of allergic reactions in younger children. They were even shown to cause asthma attacks. The allergens compiles and builds up from excessive deposits of droppings, secretions, cast skins, and dead roaches.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

American Cockroach Signs

Biggest Cockroach

Cockroach Burrow

Adults and nymphs can be found in a various places. In Singapore, they are commonly found in giant burrowing cockroach tunnels or large warehouse buildings. cockroach infestation are often found around accessible sewers, close by garbage bins, and near reservoirs.

Cockroach control at home

The smaller species of cockroach nymphs prefers dark hidden spaces, kitchen sink, water pipes, and drainage. In the kitchen cabinets, they are usually found in the corners, high on the wall ceilings or deep in water drainages.

Cracks and crevices

The big Cockroach are commonly congregated in open spaces instead of small cracks and crevices and rather be in damp locations. If indoors, they prefer darker areas, moist areas like drainage and crawl spaces. Other likely areas indoors would be around bathtubs and sewers.

Outdoor hiding places

Outdoors, the American Roach can be found in high moist area, shaded areas like garden bricks, hollowed trees, burrows, and drains. Sometimes, they can be found on the roofing gutter water movements drainage. Normally, they will live outside but will still wanders around inside the property, in search for food and water.

There are many ways to kill Cockroaches. Ultimately Professional Pest Control Services is the best solution to get rid of Cockroaches in Singapore permanently.

Best Cockroach Control Solution For American Cockroaches

Guide to American Cockroach Control Singapore

American Cockroach Control Singapore

Insect Baits:

Cockroaches may enter your home from the attic due to trees or dirty gutters, water movement drainage. Combat Cockroach baits are an excellent choice for getting rid of roaches in crawl spaces and hard to reach places.

Boric Acid:

For controlling of minor Cockroaches infestation, boric acid tends to be more effective. Roaches gets in contact with boric acid after crawling over treated surfaces. The spec of powder is so small that it will become stuck to the insect. Over time, it will be digested as the cockroach cleans its legs and antennae.

Essential Oils:

Essential oils are a great do-it-yourself natural roach repellant. Mix peppermint or lemongrass essential oil with a bit of water then spray it when roach activity is present. This remedy does not kill roaches but will make them go away temporarily.


The smell of lemons is refreshing for us, for Cockroaches it’s repelling and they avoid getting near to this scent. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to the mopping water. The scent won’t be overpowering in fact hardly detectable, but will send roaches away.

Baking Soda:

This method is the fastest, easiest ways to get rid of roaches but definitely messy. Baking Soda is probably stored conveniently in your pantry. Dice finely some onions and mix them with baking soda to make a do-it-yourself roach bait. Put the substance in a bowl near roaches.

The roaches will eat it. The gas in their stomachs will cause them to explode.

For the best results, hire Innovative Pest Cockroach Control to get rid of your infestation once and for all. Professional knows how to identify, locate and eradicate the Cockroach infestations. Safely and effectively, without putting your kids, pets, or household and business at risk.

Frequent Asked Question about American Question

They have 3 stages.

Eggs to nymph and lastly adult.

Yes. Lizard eat many insects. Cockroach is one of them.

Bathroom provide them with the moisture they need and it is usually warm and humid. This give them the prefect place to harbour.

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