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4 Steps to get rid of bed bug

Bed bug cycle

Bed bug can be your worst nightmare. It is like the Walking Dead. The Zombies just keep coming again and again even after you have kill them. Same goes with bed bug, you think you have found them all and eliminate them, but they keep appearing and you keep getting bites. It can be an endless process.

Follow these simple steps to get rid of the bed bug in your home

  1. Preparation

  • Remove all bed sheet covers, pillow cases, blankets. Put them in a trash bag. Remember to seal them. Prevent any bed bug from crawling out.
  • Stand your mattress to the side of the wall, exposing your bed frame.
  • Minimize any clutters that can be found in your room or house. By doing this, you will minimize their harbouring areas and increasing your chance of eradicating the bed bugs.
  1. Heat treatment

  • Take the sealed trash bag to the laundry. Remove all of them and wash them with hot water. After they are done, put them in the hot dryer. This will kill any live bed bugs and eggs.
  • Sun your mattress. Remember to be extra careful when you are bringing them out. You wouldn’t want any live bed bug to be “dropping” along the way.
  • Treat the bed frames, pay attention to any crack or crevices, all the corners of the frames and wooden board, with a vacuum steamer. The vacuum steamer will give out heat that will kill the eggs and the bed bug.
  • Be very thorough in the treatment. You would need to treat the beds, sofa, mattress.
  1. Start looking for more signs

  • Finding their dropping is the best way to know if the infestation is heavy or not. Start inspecting the rest of the room or house. The main focal point will be where you are sleeping.
  1. Getting professional help

  • If you are a stage where you can start seeing the bed bug on the walls, wall skirting, curtains, in your wardrobe. It is best to let the bed bug expert to treat you home. They will be able to easily find the right treatment and understand the signs of the bed bug better.

How Innovative Pest Management can solve your bed bug problem in shorter time and yet more effective way?

  • Our bed bug expert will start the preparation for your home such as removing the mattress, advising you on clutters to throw or keep, educating you on what need to be wash with hot water.
  • Using a two steps process in treating the affected area, drenching and misting your room and house. Learn more here.
  • Additional steaming treatment is available.
  • Understand the number of treatments you need, with treatment done in the correct time frame to break their egg cycle.

Innovative Pest Management provide a details plan for your bed bug control . Call us at 6100 5266 or email us at admin@innovativepest.sgfor a free consultation.

Fazly Ahmad
Fazly Ahmad
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