Defence Against Bed Bug
Defence Against Bed Bug in Singapore
June 13, 2023
Early Signs of Bed Bugs
8 Early Signs of Bed Bugs and Home Remedies
June 13, 2023
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The Expert Guide to Prevent and Kill Bed Bugs

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Expert Guide to Prevent and Kill BedBugs

Bed Bugs are amazing at hitchhiking and this is one of the many ways on what causes BedBugs. They are commonly brought into Residential homes in a wallet, handbag, backpacks, or a luggage. They can be found everywhere around and in the bed where human contact have been for a prolonged period. Bed Bugs have the ability to crawl the distance and get into bags on an planes or trains.

Even at movie theatre, and car ride or car sharing services. Bringing the contaminated BedBug luggage bag and infested items into the bedroom, and then the Bed Bug infestation nightmare has begun. Although they are not able to fly and jump, Bed Bugs are capable to walk the distance and climb the height. They have no problem climbing on metals or wooden legs on furniture to get to a blood meal.

They hide very well in the day and travel around 5 to 20 feet from their hiding spot to find food. Once they located a potential host by detecting carbon dioxide exhaled. Bed Bugs injects the skin with aesthetics and feed for approximately 3 to 12 minutes. Most people will not wake up when Bed Bugs are feeding, but everyone responds differently to bites.

Once a Bed Bug infestation starts, there is no shortcuts to recover from it. There are plenty of Pest Control Companies and ways to control a Bed Bugs Infestation. Ultimately, Innovative Pest Control is the best BedBug Control in Singapore to rid of the problem permanently

How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Entering your Home and Commercial Property

Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs

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How to Prevent from Bringing Home Bed Bugs During Traveling?

Most people brings back Bed Bugs while traveling overseas. Bed Bugs are tiny little insects that feed on human for a blood meal. Their flat body can squeeze into cracks and crevices, luggage bags or cling on clothing, undetected. Here are some tips to how you can locate Bed Bugs when checking into a hotels or anywhere before unpacking.

  1. Upon walking into the room, take a few deep breath. You will notice a musty odour, if there is a higher level of infestation. Bed Bugs produce pheromones to communicate.
  2. Check the bed thoroughly, carefully under the blankets, bed frames, bedsheets, pillows cases, and mattress seams. Then, check the mattress and box springs and look for black spots, which could be their faeces. Look out for of blood marks around the seams or outer shell that they shed during growth cycle.
  3. You need to check all the furniture and lookout for Bed Bugs or their eggs.

Do not attempt to stay in an infested room and immediately request another one.

How to Prevent from Bringing Home Bed Bugs After Traveling?

If you are worried that you may have brought home Bed Bugs, you should inspect everything that you bring home. Items like luggage bags, wallets, and plastic bags for signs of Bed Bugs. You need to look closely for black spots, stains of blood, and shell like scattered around. If you manage to see signs of Bed Bugs you should immediately:

  • Wash every apparel you brought home with washing machine. Even clothes that you did not wear needs to be washed thoroughly in hot water. If infested item could not fit in the washer, you can either place it in the dryer. Alternatively, seal the items into a black garbage bag securely closed in an extremely cold or hot place.
  • Dry the clothes after washing by placing it into a dryer, using the hot setting.
  • Use a hand steamer to thoroughly clean your interior and exterior luggage. Studies have shown that a steamer will definitely kill the Bed Bugs and their eggs.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs on Second-hand Furniture?

Bed Bugs are not easy to identify, but they are definitely not invisible. They leave signs and marks stains you can sometimes detect if careful and observe. If you find a furniture from a promising seller that might be worth considering. Take a magnifying glass and torchlight to look for these tell-tale signs of Bed Bugs:

They may be harder to find in second-hand furniture and items. If the Bed Bugs have not been feeding for sometimes, you may not even see signs of them activity. They can live for close to a year without a blood meal. Prevent picking up Bed Bugs when buying second-hand items by not bringing them into your home.

Instead get rid of BedBugs yourself with the Bed Bug heat treatment by placing item in a huge garbage bag. Remember, the high heat needs to reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit for about three hours or so. The bag needs to be seal tight to kill the BedBugs with heat efficiently. Alternatively, if fits the dryer, slip in a dryer sheet or essential oil such as tea tree oil to repel BedBugs.

If the size of the object is bigger, put it in an empty bathtub for quarantine. They cannot escape and climb up the slippery sides, so they are contained and easily detected. For extra precaution, you can put talcum powder or wipe rubbing alcohol around the perimeter.

There are plenty of Pest Control Companies and ways to repelling Bed Bugs. Ultimately Innovative Pest Control Services is the best Bed Bug Control in Singapore to get rid of Bed Bug problems permanently.

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