Early Signs of Bed Bugs
8 Early Signs of Bed Bugs and Home Remedies
June 13, 2023
Identifying Bed Bug
Identifying Bed Bug in Singapore
June 13, 2023
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Learn More About Bed Bugs

Fact about Bed bug

Learn More About Bed Bugs Singapore

Bed Bugs

They are insects of the genus Cimex and feed on human for a blood meal at night time. BedBug bites itch and have a negative health impact. Such as red bumps, mental stress, and allergic reactions. They are tiny, brown to beige in colour and oval in shape similar to the size of an apple seed.

Their bodies tend to give out an odour and turn reddish in colour after a blood meal. Adult female can lay up to a hundreds eggs over a lifespan. The instars called nymphs sheds their skins at least 5 times before maturing. They need blood meal before shedding to get fully developed.

They can live from about in over a month and live for 10 months to a year. It is easy for them to finds a suitable spots all around your property for BedBugs. Especially in Singapore with such warm climate. Making it our responsibility to prevent Bed Bug by regularly checking the mattress and box springs and bedding and mattress protectors.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Bed Bugs Signs

Bed Bugs Signs
  • The first clear signs may be small itchy bug bites on your skin, usually occurs on arms, legs or shoulders. BedBugs often leave clusters of bites each containing 3 or more and in a zigzag pattern.
  • There will be blood marks stains on your mattress and bedding sheets. BedBug poop, Bed Bug fecal matter looks like scattered black dots about the size of • or splashes of ink stains.
  • They shed skin regularly and it looks a lot like a dried up version of the bugs themselves.
  • To rid of Bed Bugs and kill them you need to learn to find the Bed Bugs hiding spot. And locate the white, oval eggs that are about as big as an apple seed.
  • BedBugs on mattresses and bed frames are very common as they want to be close to their food source. Due time, you will sense a sweet, musty odour around your bedroom.

Best Pest Control Solution For Bed Bugs

Guide to Bed Bug Control Singapore

Guide to Bed Bug Control Singapore

Bed Bugs are known to be nocturnal in terms of their feeding activity. It is difficult to detect them even when they start feeding actively. They can be found individually but return to gather and form a nest with the rest of the other Bed Bugs. After Bed Bug bites to feed, they will relocate to where the host usual spots that include sofa, beds and furniture.

The specific areas where they can be located ranges from sockets, bedside table, luggage bags and areas that maintain constant use.

  1. Preparation Prior Treatment

The specialist will then provide you with a list of things to prepare before starting the BedBugs treatment. It is important to follow these steps correctly, or you will be wasting your money. The same things needs to be done before you treat your own home.

It is crucial to remove the Bed Bugs entirely during a treatment. If anywhere to survive they will reproduce and the Bed Bug infestation will start all over again. If you decide not to hire a Pest Control Company, these things might help you get rid of the infestation problem.

  1. Remove and Declutter

Clutters only invite unwanted pests into your house and can be extremely bad when it comes to Bed Bugs.

  • Throw away all infected papers and cardboard boxes.
  • Use plastic containers with lids to prevents Bed Bugs to hide.
  • Keep used and clean apparels off the floor.
  • Be sure that the discarded items do not spread Bed Bugs to other household.
  1. Isolating the Bed

To keep Bed Bugs off the bed you need to isolating the bed.

  • The entire bed needs to be moved 6 inches away from wall or any other furniture.
  • Place a Bed Bug interceptor cup under all the four legs of the bed. Check them daily till things are under control for at least a year.
  • Make sure that all the Bed Bugs and their eggs are carefully removed from headboards and bed parts.
  • Place the mattress and box springs in an encasement.
  • Tuck the bedsheet into the mattress to avoid them touching the floor.
  • Do not store items underneath the bed.
  1. Spring Cleaning Everything

Everything in the house needs to be wiped clean.

  • Push everything in each room towards one side of the wall.
  • Wash all items that have been soaked in hot water. And put them on high heat in the dryer for about 30 minutes.
  • Place treated items in a tight seal bag, so they do not get reinfested.
  • Remove and treat all the wall hangings and curtains.
  • Clean the bare side of the room by using vacuum cleaner and mop depending on the floor surface.
  • Take all the electronics and other items that cannot be dried in the dryer and seal in a tight plastic bags. Freeze the items for 4 days at 0 degrees or leave item in the sun for 8 hours.
  • To disassemble all the furniture and wipe clean thoroughly.
  • Once items has been thoroughly cleaned, place it on the clean side of the room.
  • Repeat until everything is on the clean side of the room.
  • Then clean the empty half of the room as above.
  • Repeat through steps for every room in the house.
  1. Reduce Potential Bed Bug Living Areas

It is important to leave no possibilities for Bed Bugs to hide.

  • Caulk around the infested are and fill any cracks and crevices.
  • Remove plug and switch covers and clean up any Bed Bugs in there.
  • Tape or caulk around the perimeter of the plug and switch covers to avoid Bed Bugs from getting behind them.
  • Repair holes in the false wall and on any chipped wall.
  • Glue or remove of all loose wallpaper.
  1. Use Pesticides

There are no organic pesticides that will kill Bed Bugs. Homeowners do not have much choices for organic pesticides that can help. If you want to use pesticides, you need to hire Innovative Pest Control. Our Specialist have the skills to handle hydrogen peroxide pesticides effectively to get rid of Bed Bug in your home.

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