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Cockroach Control for Commercial Building

Cockroaches are pest feared by many people. There are definitely more valid reasons to avoid Cockroach infestation in your Residential and Commercial property. Cockroaches are by nature unhygienic pests that spend time in filthy places. When they do, they pick up pathogens on their bodies that spreads on the surfaces that they crawl on.

Once they enter the premises, they will contaminate food kitchen counter top areas, leftover food, bathroom surfaces, and many more. It is definitely possible to control Cockroach infestation. However, there are many important steps needed to be in place. Obviously, hiring a reputable Pest Control Company to get the Cockroaches infestation under control is key.

Identifying the Type of Cockroaches

This is the most important step before the treatment. After identifying the type of Cockroach, Innovative Pest Control Specialist can locate the main harbouring areas. And strategies the kind of treatment and chemical to use that best fit to eliminate the problem. Based on years of experience, commercial buildings are usually infested by American Cockroach.

Pest Inspection

Cockroaches live in a colony and the “nest” is where they lay their egg casings. How do you find the Cockroaches “nest” in commercial building premises? Most of the American Cockroaches species can be found hidden in the sewage before making their way up into the building. The German Cockroaches prefers Residential homes and Commercial businesses kitchen environments and bathrooms.

Treating the targeted areas that are linked to the Cockroach “nest” is key to controlling them.

Cockroach Control Treatment

There are many ways for treatments to be done for American Cockroaches. Such as fogging the bin chutes, roach nests, placing granular baits at the affected area. And the residual sprayed around perimeter of the premises will kill the Cockroaches. All these methods are effective to get rid roaches and kill roaches infestation.

It is essential to hire a Pest Control Company that uses different chemicals periodically. This will ensure that the pests are eliminated effectively. If this is not done correctly, the Cockroaches will build a resistance against the chemical. And to control them will be very challenging in the future.

Prevent Cockroaches

What is Cockroach Attracted to?

Cockroach eating

There are several ways that can be taken to prevent entry of Cockroaches and other unwanted pests:

What is Cockroach Attracted

  • A check list will be provided to maintain a proper housekeeping and ways on how to keep Cockroaches out.
  • Always check incoming delivery for sign of pest and refuse to accept those that have any evidence of contamination.
  • Declutter carton boxes, old newspaper etc. (Boxes has starch in them and can be food source for Cockroaches)
  • Regularly repair and seal holes, cracks and crevices through which may become an entry points.
  • Avoid Cockroaches accessing to food and water source by regularly cleaning of food spills. By cleaning up grease and food scrap from floors, counter tops, and surfaces.
  • Maintain the garbage areas as food and water molecules attracts roaches and if it possible, distance it away from the property. Fix the leaky pipes, and maintain a clean drainage close to the sewage area.
  • Wipe down and clean the microwave oven and microwave door after every use to avoid Cockroaches in the office. Cockroach in microwave oven doors is a common problem and you should not miss wiping it out.
  • Notify Innovative Pest Control Services if you see Cockroaches or any other pests at an early stage to avoid severe infestation.

Do-It-Yourself vs Specialist Pest Control Company

You may have found Bedbugs, CockroachesAntsTermites or some other unwanted pest in your property. One thing for sure, you will have to deal with them before the infestation gets worse. Some people have proven that Do-It-Yourself methods works while some insist on hiring a Specialist. How to decide between Do-It-Yourself and Specialist Pest Control, which is the best option?

The answer depends on the pest infestation problem.

Finding Cockroach nest

Scale of the Infestation Problem

Any infestation is already considered a big problem and to decide what to do about it. You will need to put into consideration your infestation scale. Spotting a few Cockroach in your property, a Do-It-Yourself plan can do the trick.

There are several methods to deal with this type of infestation that includes traps, of the shelves pesticides and homemade mixtures. And as long as you position them correctly, they should be effective. Do-It-Yourself solution do work for a short period of time, recurring of the pest issue will happen.

If they keep coming back, it is definitely time to hire a Specialist. If there are large scale of pests infestation, it is too late to resort to a Do-It-Yourself method.

Positively Convenience

Do-It-Yourself control can is as easy as buying one product from the supermarket store. Sometimes, you do not have to leave the property to attempt a Do-It-Yourself hacks. Having professional handle the infestation and getting a positive result with not recurring pest problem is convenient too.

Safety Matters First

Do-It-Yourself Pest Control products contain chemicals and implementing these products wrongly or excessively can put your safety at risk. Hiring a Specialist will reduce the risk factors. If you plan the Do-It-Yourself method ,you can control which chemical enter your premises. Some Do-It-Yourself insecticide method uses all natural products like essential oils, white vinegar and baking soda except boric acid.

Positive Result Guaranteed

It depends on which brand or manufacturer you get products from, Do-It-Yourself may not give good guaranteed results. Ultimately, Innovative Pest Control Services will provide positive result and assures you of your pest problem solutions.

Get Rid of Pest Effectively

Do-It-Yourself methods are usually effective for a smaller scale pest infestation problems. You will need a Specialist for an effective Pest Control Service when dealing with a larger scale of infestation. One of our targeted sector are Industrial Building. Ultimately Innovative Pest Control Services is the best Cockroach Control in Singapore to get rid of Cockroach problems permanently.

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